Beware the Ides of March


“A soothsayer bids you, beware the ides of March.”
– William Shakespeare, Julius Caesar

I’m dreading the fifteenth of March, and not just because it’s my husband’s birthday and I haven’t figured out what to get him yet. Mid March is my self-imposed due date to have my query letters and submission information ready for my recently completed novella.

Although I’ve been writing for years, this will be the first time I’ve attempted to get anything published, and to be quite honest I’m petrified. I know part of the process is feeling the sting of rejection, not just once or twice but many, many times. While cognitively I’m preparing myself for this reality, emotionally I’m scared about how it will affect me. I’ve told myself that I need to develop a thicker skin, but as mid-March approaches and I still haven’t done more than state at the list of houses I want to submit to, I find my courage waning as fast as the icy grip of winter outside my windows.

I need to get past that, especially since I’ve been in my own personal winter for quite some time now, doubts and fears dragging me down. But spring is a time of renewal, a time to shed an old skin and begin anew. I’m ready for buds and blossoms. To hear birds chirping. To see the glow of sunlight last long into the evening. And that’s right around the corner, coming on the tails of the ides of March. So I guess it isn’t so much a time to fear…that is, unless you’re Julius Caesar.

Wish me luck, everyone, and happy spring.

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