Happy Book Birthday, Hunter Pains!

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To celebrate today’s release, I’m taking over Laci Paige’s 24 Hours of Kink group on Facebook, so if you’re not a member, get over there and join! For now, here’s a juicy Hunter Pains scene for you. If this doesn’t get you one-clicking, I don’t know what will!

No one stopped Roxy on their way into the building or up to one of several floors housing the offices of Cavanaugh Realty Trust. She was commanding—in her element as she sauntered past reception and said she had a meeting to take.

She closed the office door, leaned against it and smiled.

“No little velvet dress,” he mused, moving in to fan open her coat.

“I could arrange it. If that’s your thing.”

“We’re here to work on your things.”

“I like knowing your things.”

One slip of his finger and he could curl underneath the fabric, caress her soft skin. Hunter stepped in close, hovered his mouth over her neck.

“You’re my thing,” he whispered.

Roxy shivered, then grabbed his lapels and pulled him flush against her. “It’s not fair, how badly you make me want you.”

He wasn’t spinning higher off those words. He wasn’t. “This wouldn’t work very well if I didn’t.”

“And I suppose you think this is working well.”

Always fighting him. He smiled at her. “I do. Because I know what you need.”

“And what’s that?”

She tried to tug off his coat, but Hunter held her still, shoved her back against the door. “You need to combat me first. To be told what a brat you are. You’re like me. Sex isn’t enough for you. You need your mind fucked. You need me deep in your head, twisting things around. You need to feel more than just pleasure. You need a fight or you’re gonna get bored.”

Hunter Pains is up for pre-order

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