Book Lovin Mama’s: My Favorite Sidekick

I’m on the BookLovin Mama’s today, talking about my favorite sidekick characters, and His Contract!

As a former Walt Disney World cast member, I’ve always loved Disney films. From the music to the fairy tale endings, they’ve always made me smile, but the best characters in my opinion were the sidekicks. Whether they’d befriended the hero or heroine, or were on the side of the villain, Disney sidekicks provide the comic relief. They’re the ones who add humor when it’s needed, bringing light to the dark moments. And my favorite sidekicks of all time are Iago and the Genie from Aladdin.

Why are those two great? First off, they’re sarcastic. Nearly every comment out of Iago’s mouth is mocking in some way, and the Genie’s dry humor is an excellent addition to every occasion.


Next? they’re loyal. Faithfulness and dependability when things get rough is the thing that makes sidekicks awesome, and these two have it in spades. Even when Jafar is off his rocker, Iago sticks by his side.


And when Aladdin is getting way too deep into his fake prince business, Genie tries to get him to do the right thing.


Lastly, they always give great advice. A sidekick is the character the protagonist trusts to keep him or her in line. The Genie encourages Aladdin to be who he is on the inside despite the costume…


… and while Iago is talking about himself here, we know he still supports Jafar one hundred percent.


These two also provide a fantastic balance in the movie; the Genie is inherently good, even when he’s asked to grant wishes he’d rather not, and Iago is so deliciously bad. Sidekicks, or secondary characters, are an essential part of every story, romance included. They bring to the table something the main characters can’t, and help guide the hero and heroine when they’ve lost sight of themselves. In His Contract, both Jack and Lilly have friends who fill those roles, and my favorites are Jack’s best friend Patrick, and his brother, Brady.

Patrick is the man-whoring chauvinistic pig you love to hate, and his crass opinions on dating provide a lovely contrast to Jack’s melancholy. A year after losing his wife to cancer, Jack is still consumed by grief, but both Patrick and Brady push him into socializing again. Brady is Jack’s younger sibling, and like a hyper yellow Lab, he is lovable, overly-enthusiastic about pretty much everything, and just wants to see Jack happy.  Both of them are unerringly loyal, and when things heat up between Jack and Lilly, Patrick is the friend Jack turns to for advice. His sarcastic nature brings Jack out of his darker moments.  Jack’s sidekicks provide the balance you need in a tormented love story, and will of course, soon have stories of their own.

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