Tuesday Tales Week 55

Confluence “Decide.” Her lips are still wet from Mark’s kiss. He is a beacon Davis is drawn to, lungs still breathing out his breath. “If your answer is no, we walk out that door. Go have lunch. Be friends. If it’s yes, then you forget him, forget anything but me.” Davis’ pulse rushes – a […]

Five Minute Fiction Week 112

Week 112 Finalist I climbed into the back seat beside the blanket and pillows, stacked up high enough to reach the car ceiling. The whole floor was packed with Adam’s things as well, as was the  passenger seat and the trunk. Four years of memories, compressed into a Honda ambling on the side of the […]

Menage Monday Week 41

“When?” The word is spoken almost silently, on the tails of her shudder. She should know by now she shouldn’t speak at all. Her back pressed to the wall, arms stretched above her head, pale skin reflecting the bright lights of Vegas below us, I shouldn’t let her say anything, but I do. “When what?” […]

Fifty-Five Word Challenge Week 20

  It was pointless to bring the flowers. She wasn’t coming. Their rendezvous was supposed to be hours ago. Bryant left the orchids on the bench, starved of water, wilting, like his heart. They were the only thing letting Rachel know he’d been there at all when she got to their spot, twenty minutes too […]

Five Minute Fiction Week 111

The shrieking winds were dying down, the sharp lashing of rain against grass and pavement calmed. Mom looked up from the radio, a smile of relief on her tired face. “It might be safe to go outside now,” Dad said to me. “Do you want to look?” I nodded, slipping my small hand into his […]

Thursday Threads Week 31

“I wish we could stay here,” Jeannie murmured. Tom only looked down at her in reply, a dip of his chin to where she lay with her head cradled in his lip. But Jeannie wasn’t looking at him. Her eyes were trained on the halo of blue arcing over their heads, and the paper-thin clouds […]

Five Minute Fiction Week 109

Week 109 Finalist “It’s called a Koru,” I tell Melanie. Her little fingers wrap around the delicately carved bone. “Aunt Cara sent it from New Zeeland?” I chuckle at my daughter’s pronunciation, but I don’t correct her. Not today. “Yes, she did. She had this plant sent, too.” I show Melanie the fern, and then […]

Friday Picture Show Week 35

  A whisper of wind. Cold. A forewarning of winter. Barren trees. Fallen leaves swirl on the ground. Lifeless and lost, like her heart. She’d never know he sent the postcard, never know he’d tried to reach her. His last words lay trapped in a twig’s cruel embrace, lost from the postman’s satchel and carried […]

Thursday Threads Week 30

Music wafted up the stairs. Pachabel’s Canon. The warm breeze that carried it was colored with the scent of hibiscus and rain. Rain on her wedding day. Wasn’t that supposed to be good luck, somehow? She clutched the bouquet in trembling fingers, wet palms clinging to it instead of the gauzy film of her gown. […]

Menage Monday Week 37

Hands “What the hell is that?” “Jonathan, language!” Merilee’s mother hissed. “So good to see our tuition money is going to something useful.” Her father’s grumbling was something Merilee was used to. After four years of galleries and exhibits they’d attended, her older brother Sean was finally graduating. She’d always loved Sean’s hands – so […]