Fifty-Five Word Challenge Week 16

She laid down the money and clutched her hands to her chest. Ten dollars she had saved and scraped together to discover if the days ahead would be better. The old woman peered into the crystal glass. She sighed, sliding the money back across the table. “Take it. You will need it more than me.”

Fifty-Five Word Challenge Week 14

Rowan tread into the wood again when autumn turned to the withered shadows of winter. Leaves the color of fire quivered under her footfalls, wafting silently with the aroma of burning cinnamon – the peculiar scent she always carried. Rowan spread her hand beneath the ray of sunlight, knowing nothing would happen. This time, something […]

Five Minute Fiction Week 105

She thought he’d already taken all her possibly could from her. She was wrong. The book had been sitting on Ally’s shelf for longer than she could remember. A book full of words and memories she shut out like so much sunlight in the dark, dilapidated corners of her mind. She’d bought it years before […]

Friday Picture Show Week 33

  Balloons They were so beautiful – so colorful, shiny and bright. So real. It made Maddy think if she tried hard enough, she could hang onto those colorful strings and fly away. Away from the maggots in the kitchen. From the sweltering heat of her bedroom, where the sheets were never clean. Those balloons […]

Menage Monday Week 36

  “So, Angela and I are going skiing this weekend.” “Oh yeah?” Sam replies through gritted teeth, not even bothering to pretend to be interested. Brett’s nervous small talk is really pissing him off. “Yeah. She thought it might be fun.” Brett taps his finger against the arm rest, a staccato beat that drills through […]

Thursday Threads Week 27

She follows him off the bus, dragged behind by an invisible tether. She catches his eye long enough to see him smirk. That grin, that wicked stare – she thought she was finished with them, that they would never wield that power over her again. And yet, here she is. She only agreed to come […]

Five Minute Fiction Week 104

“You see? It’s all gone!” Tim seemed almost frantic. Truly, Shari could see that he was right, but honestly, the man needed to stay calm. She examined the evidence with a clinical eye. The plate had nothing left on it but traces of its previous contents – a verification of Tim’s complaint. “You are certainly […]

Friday Picture Show Week 30

Nine Eleven They stand around the makeshift memorial atFourteenth Street. No one is allowed further downtown than that. The sky is black, murky. Everything smells like ash. Everyone around him is terrified. He stares into the flickering flame of the candles that sit among bouquets of flowers, and pictures of lost faces. The flowers in […]

Friday Picture Show Week 29

“Let me see, pet.” Trembling, she treads into the bright room. Careful not to look beyond the path of her toes along the carpet, she only sees His polished shoes before she turns and kneels. “Pull your hair back.” She lifts the silky waves over her shoulder. He makes a noise of disapproval, her blood […]

Thursday Threads Week 25

“Betchya can’t catch me!”  Jessica squealed, tearing off down the lawn. Dane sprinted after her, arms and legs pumping. “Betchya I can!” Their sneakers ripped through the carpet of reds, oranges and yellows that had fallen free from the trees that morning. The sky was a crystal clear azure above their heads, the telltale remnants […]