She’s spent much of her life afraid. Every day, she fights her demons.

But now there’s his finger under her chin. His smile, insistent. Making her brave in the face of things she’s scared of.

He slays the monsters in her head with orange juice, jokes and desire.

He tells her, “You can do this.” And oh, the look in his eyes when she does. That gratitude that she did, for him.

It’s that which compels her to kneel for him. Not their perfectly-matched kinks. Not the husky timbre of his voice. The bliss of his touch. It’s the shelter he provides that allows her to show him the most vulnerable parts of herself.

He inspires her to change. To rise to the occasion. To become the best version of herself.

She knows she gives him strength, too. She’s a whirling dervish of determination, and that motivates him. Lends him the courage to try to transform his world.

Sometimes it’s hard to be away from him. The silence can be deafening when his closeness is what she craves. It scares her still, but she’s learning that no measure of time or distance matters—

She has his heart.

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