Coming soon: my first full-length novel!

I’m excited to announce that I’ve signed my third contract with Samhain Publishing for my first full length novel, The Binds that Heal. It’s book one in my Boston BDSM series, and I’ve been working on it since 2012. I’m so excited that it’s becoming a reality!

It’s about Jack Archer, a 44-year-old law professor who’s spent years balancing his professional life with the one of dominance, surrender and trust he privately shares with his wife. Cancer steals her from him, and when she dies, her final wish is for him to find love again. Unable to move on, his grief follows him everywhere, until he meets Lilly.

Once a shining star at Northwestern’s School of Law, twenty-eight year old Lilly Sterling has abandoned her dreams of becoming a lawyer, as well as the dangerous world of pleasure and pain she once knew. Now she’s a paralegal at one of Boston’s most prestigious law firms, far away from the dark secrets of her past. All she wants is to start over again, the scars she still bears proof that life wasn’t for her. But meeting Jack awakens the desires that still linger, and when Lilly accidentally addresses him as “Sir,” they both realize what has drawn them together.

Get the full blurb in the My Books section, and look for it in 2015!

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