Coming Soon: The 12 Days of Christmakwanzakah Blog Hop

I’ve been invited to participate in The 12 Days of Christmakwanzakah Blog Hop, hosted by Julia Kelly and Alyssa Cole! From December 8th to December 19th, more than a dozen of your favorite authors are publishing free short stories about the winter holidays. You can expect fantastic stories from contemporary, historical, M/M, NA, and YA authors. Here’s a little sneak peak at mine, a sexy little Chanukah snippet with a yankee girl and a southern boy playing strip dreidel. (It’s a thing, I swear.)

“Jewish poker.” Ty smiled. “Sounds like fun.”

Sarah’s stomach did a wild flip-flop at the sight of his sleepy, lopsided grin, the same way it did when they’d met. Rockefeller Center on New Year’s Day, she’d fallen ass-down on the skating rink. With her back iced over and the wind knocked out of her, Ty had appeared in her field of vision, all boyish features and messy dark hair, sensual lips hidden by his scruffy beard as he asked, You all right, miss?

It was the linguist in her that fell for him first, star-struck by the way he drawled over the ‘i’ in right, the vowel prolonged for no apparent reason but to send a shockwave of heat through her.

My story goes live on December 16th. Check the full schedule below for links to the other fantastic authors, and happy Christmakwanzakah to you all!

December 8
Falguni Kothari
Julia Kelly

December 9
Audra North
Alexis Anne

December 10
Kate McMurray
Lashell Collins

December 11
Amber Belldene

December 12
Mary Chris Escobar
K.M. Jackson

December 13
Lindsay Emory
Rebekah Weatherspoon

December 14
(RECAP DAY – No authors scheduled)

December 15
Lena Hart
Jenny Holiday

December 16
Alyssa Cole
Rebecca Grace Allen

December 17
A.L. Parks

December 18
Alexandra Haughton

December 19
AJ Cousins
T.J. Kline

The 12 Days of Christmakwanzakah Blog Hop Schedule

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