Excerpt – The Punishment Doctrine

The Punishment Doctrine © 2016 Rebecca Grace Allen

“And tonight, we get to…celebrate.”

“Celebrate,” Rafe repeated.

A slow nod. “Uh-huh.” Mikey’s eyes became heavy-lidded, and the simmering, underlying tension that always existed between the three of them made its way to the surface.

It changed the direction of Rafe’s thoughts too. Charged him up. Brought that deviant part of him to the surface. Because no matter what had happened in the last few days, he and Mikey were going to take Krissy together tonight. They were going to become a sweaty, tangled mess of bodies and hands and mouths, and have what they’d wanted for so, so long.

Screw it all. If Rafe was damning them to hell, Mikey and Krissy were coming willingly, and tonight he was going to fuck and get fucked until the three of them couldn’t walk. Until he smelled like sex and his skin was drenched in the proof of their sin.

Their food arrived, and the server handed Rafe a lobster bib, the front of it printed with instructions.

“‘How to eat a Maine lobster,’” Rafe read with a delighted grin, making a conscious decision to throw off his guilt for a while and have a little fun. “‘First, twist off the claws.’ Oh, this should be fun.”

He started following the step-by-step process described on the bib, cracking each claw with a nutcracker once he’d pulled it free.

“‘Insert a fork where the flippers broke off and push.’ Well then.”

He took the tiny fork supplied with his dish and pushed it into the tailpiece. The thrusting movement caught Mikey’s attention. He paused mid-chew, the color on his cheeks rising. Rafe repeated the motion, driving the fork in deeper and pulling it leisurely out. Krissy giggled softly, and Mikey shifted in his seat.

“‘The small claws may be placed in the mouth,’” Rafe continued to read. “‘The meat sucked out like sipping cider through a straw.’”

He plucked off a claw and brought it to his lips. Krissy’s stare grew glassy-eyed as Rafe hollowed out his cheeks, sucked, and swallowed.

“That is good.” He pinched off another claw and offered it to Krissy. “Want to try some?”

She nodded eagerly, allowing him to feed her. Rafe couldn’t help but notice how Mikey stopped chewing entirely as Krissy wrapped her pink, full lips around the food. She glanced at each of them, a bashful smile dissolving into a look of utter satisfaction.

Rafe’s skin blazed with heat. He wanted to tease them. To rile them both up in broad daylight. To be mischievous, as if he were in Puck’s role all over again, defiantly taunting a young couple with his roguish desires.

“Want a taste?” he asked Mikey.

“Not of the food,” he muttered, and Rafe chuckled.

By the time they got to the hotel, Rafe’s skin was buzzing. Mikey was silent other than the words he spoke to the hotel clerk, and Krissy could barely keep still. Rafe put a hand on the back of her neck, shushing her quietly and playing with her hair while

Mikey received the key cards. When they finally stepped inside their room, dropped their bags, and closed the door, she was a live wire, crackling with need.

Mikey moved to sit in a chair in the corner. He and Rafe made eye contact, exchanging knowing looks. They’d talked about this moment in private texts, wanting to keep Krissy in heady anticipation until they were just about to begin.

Rafe placed his hands on Krissy’s hips and steered her toward the bed.

“Mikey asked for something special first tonight, sweetheart.”

She glanced up at him before her gaze fell on Mikey. “He did?”

“Mmm-hmm.” Rafe kissed her throat. “Tell her, Mikey.”

Mikey took a breath, then said, “I want to watch you two. To have you pretend I’m not here, and do what you’d do before you met me. When you’d sneak into each other’s rooms late at night.”

It was hard to believe Mikey had ever been uncomfortable with his desires, the way his eyes blazed.

“What do you say, Krissy?” Rafe asked. “Want to help me make Mikey’s fantasy a reality?”