Five Minute Fiction Week 101

Week 101 Finalist

Everything is so damn right awkward now.

In fact, it’s worse than awkward when I see you enter the dining hall, strolling in amongst the other students who are tired and caffeine-starved and feeling not at all as awkward as I do.

Can they see it on my face? Do my baggy sweatpants and t-shirt have the words ‘one night stand’ stamped all over them? It wouldn’t surprise me if they did, and were written in the same bright red color that I’m certain flashes across my cheeks right now – right at the very second you see me.

Your lips curl up into that smile, the one that lured me in halfway across a lecture hall so many months ago. Did you know then that I was hopelessly in love with you already, just from one sexy, full-lipped grin?

You pick a tray up from where they’re stacked by the fruit stand. My feet scuff along the floor as I walk toward where you are, stumbling forward like a zombie, or someone under some Harry Potter-esque trance.

You lay your tray down on the steel beams and I watch your fingers trail over the fruit basket, remembering the way they trailed across my heated flesh last night. Do you know already how desperately I want you again? How my heart is already in your hands for the taking, if you’ll only accept it?

And the bizarre way we left things when you walked out my door just before dawn leaves me wondering what on earth you’re going to say as you turn my way.

“The spots on the banana are really purple,” you say, that smile turning into a wide grin.

And then I know that everything is going to be all right.

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