Five Minute Fiction Week 104

“You see? It’s all gone!” Tim seemed almost frantic. Truly, Shari could see that he was right, but honestly, the man needed to stay calm.

She examined the evidence with a clinical eye. The plate had nothing left on it but traces of its previous contents – a verification of Tim’s complaint. “You are certainly correct. It is all, indeed, missing.”

“I had it all out on the table. I went to the cabinet to get some crackers, and when I got back, it had all disappeared! It’s the second time this week!”

“Indeed.”Shari surveyed the room. “It must have been a particularly bold criminal to have committed such a crime.”

Tim put his hands on his hips and sighed. “Well, what are we going to do about it?”

Shari looked calmly over her shoulder to where her private investigator sat in the corner. “Don’t worry. I’ve got my best guy on the job.”

“You think he’ll be able to catch the one who did this?”

Shari knelt down and ruffled Rumpus’ fur, receiving a loud thump of his tail against the floor in reply. He was concentrating, staring at the tiny hole in the wall the mouse had scampered through.

“I’m sure of it,” Shari said, sharing Tim’s smile.

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