Friday Picture Show Week 33



They were so beautiful – so colorful, shiny and bright. So real. It made Maddy think if she tried hard enough, she could hang onto those colorful strings and fly away.

Away from the maggots in the kitchen.

From the sweltering heat of her bedroom, where the sheets were never clean.

Those balloons could take her someplace where her clothes weren’t shredded and worn. Where her belly didn’t ache for just a little more food.

“Maddy, now!” her mother barked.

She wiped her face, chalk mixing with the tears on her cheeks and turned away, leaving her balloons and hope behind.

Judge Patrick Stutzman said:

This entry, though similar in scope with many others’ escapist theme, had power behind it. Unlike the others that had a measure of hope at the end, this one followed “the road not taken” by having the protagonist’s hope evaporated in its final statements. Reading it evoked a strong feeling of melancholy within me. Excellent work!

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