Friday Picture Show Week 39


She loved the games they played. The chase. The hunt. She was his little red, and he, her Wolf. She could hide, but he would always find her.

It would start off slow. A grope in a dark corner. A whispered word, sweet, naked and dangerous.

Sometimes Tyler could make Annabelle flush as crimson as if she were wearing a cloak of scarlet. Ferocious eyes devouring her.

He wore no sheep’s clothing.

She knew one day he would destroy her. Seduce Annabelle to her slaughter. Eat her alive until there was nothing left.

“C’est pour mieux te tuer, mon enfant.”

(Translation of French: “The better to kill you with, my dear.”)

Judge Jeffery Hollar said:

Though there were several tales that chose to pursue a variation of the Little Red Riding Hood motif, I enjoyed the way Rebecca incorporated all of the classic elements of that tale, not in a literal but in a figurative manner. It lent the story a bit of tongue-in-cheek humor while retaining its more serious tone.

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