Menage Monday Week 36


“So, Angela and I are going skiing this weekend.”

“Oh yeah?” Sam replies through gritted teeth, not even bothering to pretend to be interested. Brett’s nervous small talk is really pissing him off.

“Yeah. She thought it might be fun.” Brett taps his finger against the arm rest, a staccato beat that drills through Sam’s brain. “You guys ever gone?”

“Nope.” Sam drops his head back on the seat’s headrest, his eyes pinching shut with a wince. He doesn’t want to think of his wife, or how he’s going to explain where he’s been today.

“Hey, how do you think all those footprints got on the beams?” Brett asks. “Like, where’d people get the idea to do that? Seems like an unlikely inspiration to me.”

The question makes Sam’s eyes fly open and flit to the ceiling in a rare flash of curiosity. When an engine roars beside them, he realizes he’s missed the garage door opening. The target is already on the move.

Shit! He could kill Tyler for sending Brett along with him.

“Just shut the fuck up, okay?” Sam throws a mask at Brett, slips his own over his head and grabs his gun.


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