Menage Monday Week 49

Honorable Mention. Judge Cara Michaels says:

Rebecca, your story tugged at my heart strings, big time. How sad to have your night of bliss ripped away by reality and morning-after regrets.

“You okay?”

Meredith lowers herself onto the cheap velour hotel blanket. Her thighs ache with the unfamiliar sensation of overuse, her skin tender and raw. She begins to brush the hair off Rick’s forehead, but snaps her hand back when he lurches to the side.

“They weren’t kidding when they called that shit Skull Splitter.” He searches clumsily for his glasses on the nightstand, knocking over several empty bottles of cheap ale. “My head is killing me.”

“What can I do?”

“You got any aspirin?”

She nods and stands, retrieving her purse from the dresser.

“Listen, about what I said last night…” Rick trails off. She doesn’t need him to repeat the words. She hasn’t stopped hearing them since he kissed them into her flesh.

I love you. Leave him. Be with me.

“I didn’t really mean it.”

Meredith can’t meet his eyes when she hands him the little while pills.

“Let’s get this place cleaned up,” she says. “We have to check out by eleven.”

She turns away, hoping Rick doesn’t see the tears that slip down her face as she gathers the lonely bottles and dumps them in the trash.


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