MenageMonday Week 35






There it is! See? I told you!”

“No way! You really didn’t make it up?”Brandon’s voice is full of awe, face pressed against the glass.

“What is that?” Marissa nervously eyes the sign racing by.

“Bloody Basin Road!” Mark cackles.

“What happened there?” Marissa lip quivers, eyes widening.

“It’s where annoying little sisters get dropped off when they act like babies.”

Boys.” The warning comes from the driver’s seat, low and ominous.

“Fine!” Mark huffs, watching the exit fly past.

Brandon grins. “What do you think really happened there?”

“We got ya open, now ya floatin’,” Alicia’s head moves to the beat, earbuds firmly in her ears. “So you gots to dance for me.”

“Alicia, do not sing that!” Sally barks over the racket of the boys’ stories and the beginning of Marissa’s tears. She turns to David for support, but he keeps his eyes on the road.

“It’s Mary J. Blige, Mom. A Family Affair is a good song.”

“I don’t care. Stop singing or you’ll lose your iPod for the rest of the trip.”

“Who needs Bloody Basin Road?” David grumbles. “We’re about to have a fight to the death right here in the car.”


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