He was a force to be reckoned with, the stern set of his jaw and blazing look in his eyes reminding her of the control he could brandish when he wanted to.

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The Missing Piece

The Missing Piece

Tonight, they’re strangers in the dark. And the night is about to get even darker…


Miranda loves her children, her job, even her marriage. But with her days a blur of constant interruptions, dirty diapers, and food-stained clothes, it’s been too long since she’s felt beautiful or wanted.

That’s why she’s sitting on a hotel bar stool in a little black dress, waiting for him.

Her thighs are pressed together in anticipation, but nerves are silly. They’ve done this before. Gotten away with it before. And if she’s apprehensive of what’s going to happen once they get to the room, that’s silly too. Because she knows she’ll welcome his commands on her knees…just like the first time.


Liam enters the hotel, wedding ring off, ready to pretend he’s never met the woman at the bar. Just like last time.

In the years since he left his beloved Ireland to build a life, a home, a family, he became unrecognizable—even to himself. Only now, in this woman’s arms, does he feel anywhere close to whole again.

Tonight, he’s laying everything on the line to fulfill a fantasy so taboo, she could barely utter it in a trembling whisper in the dark. He knows he can give it to her. But can he be dark enough, cruel enough, to satisfy them both?


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