Praise for The Duality Principle

With the days counting down to the book birthday of The Duality Principle, I’ve been so excited to see it getting some really great reviews. Makes me think this whole writing thing might work out after all!



Allen’s debut is an utterly charming, delightfully dirty little tale that shouldn’t be missed. Her engagement with her brainy heroine’s secrets is beautifully honest and the addition of a troubled, refreshingly earnest bad boy makes this a memorable read. She offers readers a much-needed memory of carefree summertime…


Verdict The Duality Principle explores the naughty side of prim and proper Gabriella. It is a short and easy read, with plenty of action in unconventional places. Hot and spicy, this romance was written for all of those readers who like both the good—and the very bad


In The Duality PrincipleRebecca Grace Allen introduces us to one of the sweetest reformed rakes ever. The heroine, Gabriella Evans, is a PhD student who knows exactly what (and who) she wants out of life. And it’s not who her snobby parents want, but she has tried to settle for men who are acceptable to them. The problem? As well mannered as they have been, none of them are able to give her what she needs in bed…or in the park, or maybe someplace else out in public…

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