Seven Seven Seven

While those words may make you think of the Friends episode where Monica explains the erogenous zones to Chandler (get your mind out of the gutter!), right now it pertains to the post Mark Ethridge tagged me in: Go to either page seven or seventy seven of your current work in progress, go to line seven, and post the seven lines that follow. I was also tagged in the same post by Christy Parker back in July, and only posted it on Facebook. So, since I’ve got two WIP’s, here’s one from each!

Heal These Wounds:

What is it about him? 


He’s now confirmed that he’s forty-one, so it must have been his older, more commanding presence that made her act that way. It makes sense now, actually. There was nothing more to it than that. He was concerned by her behavior, and merely offered his advice. Anything more that passed between them was just her imagination. A man his age wouldn’t be interested in her.


The Duality Principle:

She knows what he looks like from the description Jamie gave her, but is surprised to see that it has barely done him justice. Connor is easily six foot four, with chin-length dark brown hair he’s unsuccessfully attempted to comb neatly back, but it’s curling up under his ears. He looks down from a broad, stocky frame that could be well-built, but is hidden under a boxy buttoned-down shirt and khakis. Clean shaven, he is boyishly handsome with a chiseled jaw and a dimpled smile. There’s a sprinkling of freckles on his cheekbones, and dark brows line his inquisitive, bright blue eyes. And a Droid phone is attached to his belt loop in a sturdy case worthy of a Storm Trooper.

He’s good looking – his face is nearly perfect, actually, model-like in its beauty – but Gabriella can already tell from his shy grin that he’s another cookie-cutter, nerdy boy who is going to bore the crap out of her.


I hope someday soon you’ll get to read more of these! For now, it’s back to writing!

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