Sinful Sunday Week # 35 Results

The results are in! Here’s what judge Dani Richards had to say:

Runner Up is Domysticated. I loved the dichotomy she hinted at — the love/hate of true, unbound passion. The almost addictive quality of the characters’ need for one another was compelling. In just 179 words, I’m already intrigued and want to know more. Nicely done!
My first place pick was Shari Slade’s piece. I adored the fantasy aspect of the piece, how she took the photo prompt and gave it a completely different setting: a tattooist’s chair. The brief dialogue was perfect, and I loved the way Shari captured the strange, intense intimacy of getting a tattoo: “He mops my blood, soaks up my secrets.” I want to know MORE about these two. I want to know everything about them both, and that’s quite a feat in exactly 200 words. I’m impressed. Sign my up for the sequel, Shari!



Congratulations also to virgins Selma Wolfe, Patrick Stutzman and Miami True!

The winners may now grab their badges! Thanks so much for participating, and see you all next Sunday!



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