Sinful Sunday Flash Fiction Week # 41 Results

The results are in! Here’s what judge Eileen had to say!


It was such an honor and privilege to be the judge for this week’s Sinful Sunday contest! I have to admit that I was both excited to be able to read all the awesome entries, and nervous at having to pick the winners from the pool of amazing writers. I think what I loved most while reading all the entries was how they ranged from smokin’ hot and sexy to quirky and humorous, all from the same prompt and picture. Everyone did such an incredible job. It was an agonizing decision. (Rebecca? Remind me never to be judge again. Thanks.)


Honorable Mention goes to Louise Clark. I loved her take that the three lovers in the photo were in fact “actors” in an adult movie, or as I like to call it “research”. My favorite lines were:


“The one behind her kissed her shoulders slowly and reverently before working his way up her neck and to her soft, plump lips. It was unusual to not meet before shooting, but the director wouldn’t have it this time, citing spontaneity was key for the scene.”


I love spontaneity! Great job Louise! 🙂


Honorable Mention also goes to Gingerandgreen. Most of the Sinful Sunday entries I’ve read have been uber sexy and hot. This one totally took me by surprise with its ironic twist of a threesome gone wrong. I loved the dark humor in the lines:


“I was literally dripping. But…” “What?” “They were staring into each other’s eyes.” “Sucks to be you.” “Yeah.”


So not what I was expecting and such a wonderful surprise. Great job Gingerandgreen 🙂


Runner Up goes to Eve Meyrick. The sensuality of the phrases. The sugary sweetness of the frosting on one lover’s lips. The imagery was as delicious to savor as it was beautiful to read. My favorite lines were:



“I lay on top of Anthony, my arms outstretched, and his cock buried deep inside me. Just as I breathed life into my response of ‘yes’, Jason pressed the tip of his cock against my ass and slowly inched his way in me -”



Gah! This entry made me crave a three-layer cake, both literally and metaphorically. Awesome job Eve 🙂


The winner, however, was GeekChic12. From the shortened, staccato lines, to the intense and vivid imagery, the overall effect of this entry had me entranced. I re-read it several times, each time drawn to a different part. My favorite lines, though, that seemed to draw me in time and time again were:



“Gasping. Whimpering. Moaning and begging for more. Hands are everywhere. Stifling, sweltering heat. The fire ignites low in my belly and spreads, incinerating me, to the tips of my fingers and toes.”



Such intensity and heat. Such incredible passion and raw physicality. I simply loved this entry. It makes me wish I’d written it myself. Fabulous job GeekChic12 🙂


A huge thanks to Rebbeca Grace Allen for hosting the contest and allowing me to be a part of it this week. I loved (reading all the entries) and hated (the pressure of picking the winners) every moment of it. ~Eileen


And the virgin award goes to HotterSalvatore! Thanks for judging, Eileen! Great job!

The winners may grab their badges! Thanks to everyone for participating! Until next time, stay sinful! 😉






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