Sinful Sunday Flash Fiction Week # 42 Results

The results are in! Here’s what judge GeekChic had to say!

Thank you all so much for writing this week! It was amazing to be able to read all of your wonderful entries based on these two prompts. I was blown away by how different each person’s take on them was, and I’m in awe of all of your talent. I decided to judge anonymously, so that I wouldn’t be swayed (subconsciously or not) by seeing a friend’s name at the top. It was a tough decision for me regardless, because you all did such a great job.

The first Honorable Mention goes to FemmeMal – I thought this entry was just so much fun. Such teasing banter between these two. And sex on a card table is hot. I’d definitely say they both won. 😉

The second Honorable Mention goes to QuinnLark – This entry was quite sexy. I love this line: “Her sex appeal is tangible.” I’d definitely love to read more about these two!

Third Honorable Mention goes to Twilly – She is a dirty, dirty tease. Wow. Seems as though she knows exactly what she’s doing to him, poor guy. I really enjoyed this one and want to know all the things. Who is he to her? Who is her husband? What happens next?!

And the fourth Honorable Mention goes to Eve Meyrick – I kept re-reading this one, picking up on different things each time. She’s so smooth and seductive. Having him bound before her and teasing him relentlessly was just so hot. I love that he disobeyed and spoke out of turn. Great use of the prompts!

The Runner Up this week goes to EveryDayBella – The imagery in this one really drew me in. I felt like I was there, watching this woman. I found myself leaning toward the screen and somewhat disappointed that I wouldn’t get to see the rest of the show. Amazing job!

And the Winner this week is Lellabeth – This one was so exciting to me. I was kind of on the edge of my seat, waiting to see what would happen next. “You deserve better.” Gah! I need more of this story now, please. 🙂 Wonderful job of pulling the reader in and excellent use of the prompts!

Thank you to all who participated this week! Again, you all have amazing talent, and I’m honored that you shared it with me. Thanks to Rebecca for hosting this bit of Sunday fun!

Great job, Geekchic! Virgin Awards also go to KrystelH and Nuttyginger. The winners may now grab their badges! Thanks to everyone who participated, and see you all next week!





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