Sinful Sunday Flash Fiction Week # 43 Results

The results are in! Here’s what judge EveryDayBella had to say!

These we’re so good! I loved them all and picking was hard. Thank you everyone for beautiful words! I simply love the era that these are set in and they made my little heart stutter.

Honorable Mention: Twilly: I loved the use of language in this one. I felt like was really there and you didn’t lose descriptive power in the process. Wonderful job.

Honorable Mention: SassyK: Poor Charlie is on over his head I think. I loved the connection between this two though. She was still very much a ragtime girl and he was naive but not stupid. Fantastic job!

Runner Up: Quinnlark: This is business and you didn’t shy away from that fact. I loved the tease and the haggling over money. Then there was his ending declaration and I may have gasped out loud. I wouldn’t mind reading more of that 😉

First Place: Krystel H: There is nothing better than a smokey speakeasy and the atmosphere in this one enraptured me. The slow tease had me on the edge of my seat and then he finally took over. Awesome job!


The winners may now grab their badges! Thanks to everyone who participated, and see you all next week!




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