Sinful Sunday Flash Fiction week # 45

Welcome back!  I can’t believe we’ve had 45 weeks of sin. Today’s judge is last week’s runner up, Louise Clark!

Sinful Sunday #flashfiction week 45 judge

Louise Clark is a Non-Canon Twilight fanfiction author who strives to “think outside of the box.” She loves including lesser-known characters in the Twilight universe in major plots of her stories. She is writing her first piece of original fiction, which began as a flash entry to this very contest. (It’s Week 39 if you’re wondering.) 😉
Louise has been married for fifteen years. She and her computer geek husband have two children, the oldest a high school freshman and the youngest in fifth grade. She’s also employed full-time as a supervisor in the food service industry at the local university, where her team was number one in the nation three years ago.

If you’re unfamiliar with the usual Sinful Sunday Flash Fiction contest rules, please check them out.

The photo prompt is meant for inspiration, but you must use both prompts in some way. Have fun with it, and synonyms are accepted! (If you use a word other than the synonyms listed, please include that information after your entry.) The word minimum is 100, maximum 200, and don’t forget to include your word count and twitter handle!


Word Prompt

FlingA casual or brief love-affair; a brief romance. Synonyms: affaire-d’amour; affair-of-love; amourette; dalliance; flirtation; intrigue; liaison; love-affair.

Photo Prompt:

 Sinful Sunday #flashfiction week 45 prompt


Disclaimer: The author does not claim to have taken any of the photographs used as prompts. All imagery was found in the public domain via Tumblr.

Get those steamy thoughts going! You have until midnight EST to get your flash fiction in!


  1. AnnaLund2011 says:


    That feeling never does get old, with a hand working its way up a thigh, over ass, into a costume. Nope. Never gets old.

    The warm sand under me, your touch inside me. We are hiding in plain sight, and I don’t think anyone sees what you are doing. I turn to kiss you, and I can feel the heat of the sun on my back. All is good in the world.

    I move into your hand, welcome it, make room for it, widen my stance on this beach; I accept you in me, even though I hardly even know your name. All I know is the curve of your ass turns me on like nothing else ever has. Your hand is welcome. You are welcome.

    Thumb hitting the exact right spot inside, index and middle fingers pinching, bringing me to a soar. You know what you are doing, it’s been minutes, and I’m already right there.

    My knees dig into the sand below me, and the soft towel eats my moan.

    The two guys further down the beach throw us a look, then their eyes move on. They have no idea.

    A summer fling will chase my winter darkness.

    Word count: 200, on the nose
    Twitter handle: @AnnaLund2011

  2. She is coconut and salt, the battered paperback we’ve passed back and forth all summer, sand in my shoe. She is “Is it getting late?” and “Let’s blow this pop stand.” She is my song on the radio. She is touching me.

    Her touch is easy, just the lace of foam against the shore.

    How can our time together be measured in weeks?

    She is the end of my sentence. The splinter of sorrow in my heart. Her bag is already packed.

    I am a held breath, suspended. I am staying.

    Any minute, she will slap my ass and tell me it’s time to go to work. But, we worked our last shift together yesterday, cleaned the ice cream maker and boarded the window. I lick my sun-chapped lips and she drifts, up up up the back of my thigh.

    My eyes are open when we kiss. I try to keep them open, to memorize the slant of cheekbone, the curve of eyebrow, but I can’t.

    She is a riptide. I am flung underwater, tumbling upside-down. I forget how to swim, but the slide of her tongue, the slip of her fingers, draws me back.

    “Come with me,” she whispers.

    200 Words

  3. Discordia says:

    For the first time ever, she went on vacation alone. Just her, some books, the sea, and sky. To lick her wounds after losing her latest lover in a humiliating ending that played out in front of their friends and a restaurant full of strangers.

    She didn’t plan to meet Aimee, didn’t plan to end up with a pretty blonde in her bed; willing and eager to help her forget her past. The week was a blur of stolen kisses and touches under the scorching sun, sweaty, salty nights tangled in the sheets of her beach bungalow bed. It was trying things she’d never tried before, feeling things she’d never felt before, being someone she’d never be brave enough to be otherwise.

    It healed the crack in her soul and the ache in heart and by the time they kissed goodbye she was at peace. She went home, calmly packed her things, and said goodbye to her former lover without malice.

    It was just a fling; it wasn’t love or the start of a new relationship. But years later, in bed with her wife, she’d think of Aimee and fondly remember the taste of salt on her skin.

    Word Count: 198

  4. “Lizette,” I whispered softly into the air between us. She was my first woman – my first lesbian fling – and I was addicted.

    This wasn’t what daddy sent me to France to experience. His plan had been that I would learn about a new culture, maybe pick up a new language, and come home refreshed and ready to go to take my part in the bakery business. How was I to know that the master baker I was being mentored by would also mentor me in the art of the féminin affaire-d’amour. The way she would paint me with freshly whipped buttercream frosting before licking it from my salty skin, made me ache for her.

    “Magnifique,” she would hum against me. “Come for me, mon chat.” Because that’s what I was – her cat, her pussy – I would eagerly rub myself over her until we were both sweaty and coming in a trembling heap of shaking limbs and panting moans.

    I felt her hand slip under the edge of my bathing suit as we lay on the bed, where we’d landed after stumbling in from the beach. “You have my love, Anna,” Lizette spoke softly. For her, this was nothing casual.

    Words: 200

  5. Krystel H. says:

    She laid there next to me, enticing me with her thin one-piece bathing suit. I Desperately wanted my fingers to find their way under the thin material, crossing a boundary that really shouldn’t be crossed.

    We’d been friends since High school. Even had a few drunken kisses between each other during college, but nothing more.

    Would she be okay with a one time thing between us? A fling? Would it ruin it all? Would I want more in the end?

    I had crushed on her for so long.

    I felt lips caress my check as the strings holding the top of my bikini suddenly become loose, no longer covering my breast.

    She kissed her way up my jaw. “Touch me.” She whispered.

    I shakily brought my hand up her left leg, dragging it slowly, letting a finger glide along her inner thigh until I reached her swimming suit. My fingers slipped under the thin material, across her ass and down to where I can feel her wet and wanting.

    She let out one of the most delicious moans as my fingers explored her deeper, further.

    It may just be a fling to her, but I’ll cherish this moment.

    Word count: 199
    Twitter: @myheroin1

  6. The warmth from the sun spread across my back. Turning my head slightly I drank her in. The smile that danced on her lips was contagious.

    She poked a finger into my side, testing just how cooked I was. Mischief filled her eyes as her finger slid down my skin, leaving goosebumps behind. Her fingers toyed with the edge of my suit before pulling away.

    I laughed. Of course she wouldn’t do it.

    “You don’t think I could do it?” She whispered huskily, leaning into me.

    “Not in a million years,” I challenged her.

    Get face burned red as she turned away from me angrily.

    Shaking my head I turned out towards the water, the air smelling of salt and sand.

    I gasped when the feel of her cool lips passed against my shoulder. This time her fingers brushed against the fabric for a moment before plunging beneath them.

    “You are just so tempting,” she growled before our lips crashed together.

    The waves crashed down around us as she dragged me beneath the surface.

    The next day I would return to my life, never to forget my love-affair in the sand.

    Word Count: 194

  7. I’m a rare one. I own my home, right here on this beach. Most of the houses here are rentals. And in summer, every week someone moves out, and someone else moves in.

    Today is when the blonde and brunette moved in next door. This afternoon is when I first saw them on the deck of their rented house, soaking up some sun. I’d guess they were twenty somethings.

    My eyes had fun watching them. They were face up. I watched the brunette untie her top, uncovering her knockers. My eyes weren’t the only part of me having fun watching.

    Especially when the blonde slid her hand beneath the brunettes tiny bikini bottom, right between her legs. The brunette started squeezing her nipples between her fingers. After a while, she squeezed her legs together.

    They rolled over, face down, and the brunette slid her hand beneath the blonde’s suit. The blonde spread her legs, and her hips began to slowly shift up and down. She kissed the brunette. Every so often, her hips stopped moving, then started moving again.

    Eventually, they went inside, leaving me wondering what it would be like to have a week long fling with them.

    199 Words

  8. Jami Denise says:

    Jealousy. That’s how it began. She had him, the man I’d waited for since I was sixteen. I’d craved his love, begged for it, and she’d stolen it.

    She couldn’t have known. She didn’t know me, or him, back then.

    Even I had to admit she was wonderful. Big brown eyes hidden by blunt blonde bangs and an infectious smile.

    Off on his board, he was oblivious to the budding flirtation on the sand. Coppertone and roaming fingers, soft velvet and slender curves.

    Our tongues touched, discrete and carnal. Her hand slid down my back, cupping my pussy and slid her finger inside.

    “Has a woman ever touched you before, Jolleen?” she whispered in my ear.
    My hips wiggled, signaling her for more as I shook my head.

    “He whispers your name in his sleep, Jolleen. He has pictures of you, I saw them. I wondered about you.”

    I was panting, so turned on and afraid at the same time. Her words banged around in my head like a marble dropped off a ten-story building. He thought of me… and so did she.

    “I want to fuck you, and you want him. Do you want us… to fuck you?”

    word count : 199
    Twitter: @JamiDeniseO

  9. “Relax,” she whispered in my ear, her tongue slipping over its shell.

    Kisses peppered across my exposed skin.

    Anticipation hung heavy in the air. “I’ve never… I mean…” I stuttered.

    “I’ll go easy on you.”

    Her face came toward me, her gaze flicking to my tongue as I licked my lips. She groaned, and I couldn’t help but smile smugly to myself. I was turning her on.

    It was different. Good different. Softer, smaller lips that moved gently against mine. There was no insistent push or pull. So patient and tender.

    Shakily I reached up and placed my hand on her hip.

    “Feel me,” she sighed.

    Her hands dove into my hair, cradling me as she coaxed me to open up. Her tongue was like velvet against mine; so smooth and sure yet reverent. She kissed me like no man ever had. Slowly, our movements faded to short, silky pecks. Her hands moved to caress my cheeks, pulling her from me. I whimpered at the loss. I could taste her; sweet like honey. My eyes flickered open and met her gaze.

    “Are you okay?”

    I bit my lip and smiled. “I kissed a girl, and I think I liked it.”

    Word Count – 200

  10. Lisa Bilbrey says:

    A fling — a one-time. But somehow the days shifted into weeks, and I still found myself kneeling between her legs, sliding my hands up her creamy thighs.
    She begs me to touch her, taste her, to make her come.

    I do.

    I can’t resist her pleads for more. She owns me, and based on the sexy smirk tugging at the corners of her soft, pink lips, she knows I’m hers.

    The tips of my fingers reached the edge of her red swimming suit and she whimpers. I did that. Me — the mousy girl from next door made her plead for my tongue, my fingers. She may own me, but I made her to orgasm just by touching her.
    Sliding my hand beneath the flimsy material, my fingers traced the outside of her heated opening. She bucked her hips toward me, and I smiled. I controlled her; brought her to the brink only to pull back before she can come undone for me.

    Titling her head back, she looked over her shoulder at me. “Please.”

    And I gave her what she wants.

    A fling. She was just supposed to be a fling.

    Word count: 191

  11. “Hold down the fort, girls, we’re going swimming.” Finn says as he and Daniel jump over the rail. Olivia doesn’t even spare them a look as we lay sunning ourselves. I know for certain that Finn’s has plans to fool around in the water. Finn knows I’ve always longed for a fling with Olivia. I think he’s silently daring me to go for it.

    “Five bucks says Finn has Daniel’s dick in his hand in less than five minutes.” Olivia tries to look shocked, but I can see she turned on at the thought.

    Without another word, I lean in to her and kiss her sweet lips just as my hand slips under the tiny material that covers her. Gently, I rub along her outer lips and press lightly on her clit.

    Olivia moans into my kiss. I take this as encouragement and slip two fingers into her slick body. She wet, really wet.

    “Took you long enough, I thought you’d never touch me,” she pants.

    As I roll her over I catch a glimpse of Finn and Daniel in the water. Finn winks at me as I climb across Olivia’s body and pull her suit down.

    Dare accepted!

    199 words

  12. Tinsley Warren says:

    I snuck out of my father’s restaurant, through the backdoor and ran down the dirty alley. It wasn’t that dark yet, so I didn’t get that normal creepy feeling I did when I made the familiar journey to J’s house.

    I saw her bedroom light on and knew I couldn’t walk through the backdoor. Her parents would not approve of the ‘fling’ we were having, as they called it when she brought it up. So instead, I scaled the drain pipe and practically threw myself through her window.

    She was sitting on her bed, and looked up at me with the same look she gave me that first night together.

    The night on the beach.

    After a day of teasing touches, and skimpy bathing suits, I remembered how I felt so brave when I snuck my hand into her bathing suit and found her wet for me. I thought I couldn’t excite anyone with my plain features. But she proved me wrong as she let me bring her to climax with my fingers, as her eyes locked on mine.

    She gave me the same look of adoration she gave me now.

    “What?” She smiled.

    “Thanks for loving me.” I said.

    Words: 200

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