Sinful Sunday Flash Fiction Week # 46


Sinful Sunday #flashfiction week 46 judge

Tinsley is a little new to the scene and actually got her groove back for writing on this very site. Her friend Quinn encouraged her to flash and she’s been hooked ever since. She’s working on improving her writing skill, especially her sinful writing! Her goal is to write something longer than 10,000 words and for her to like the end result!

If you’re unfamiliar with the usual Sinful Sunday Flash Fiction contest rules, please check them out.

The photo prompt is meant for inspiration, but you must use both prompts in some way. Have fun with it, and synonyms are accepted! (If you use a word other than the synonyms listed, please include that information after your entry.) The word minimum is 100, maximum 200, and don’t forget to include your word count and twitter handle!


Word Prompt

Virgin: A person who has never experienced sexual-intercourse. SYNONYMS: canned-goods; cherry; first-timer; innocent; jewel; hymenally-challenged; inexperienced; intact; unplucked; undamaged goods; undeflowered.

Photo Prompt:

 Sinful Sunday #flashfiction week 46 prompt

Disclaimer: The author does not claim to have taken any of the photographs used as prompts. All imagery was found in the public domain via Tumblr.

Get those steamy thoughts going! You have until midnight EST to get your flash fiction in!


  1. Melissa Findley says:

    You claimed I had missed an integral part of childhood never having built a blanket fort.
    You said you were going to pop that cherry for me.
    I, being the smartass I am, asked if it was going to hurt.
    You, being the easy going man you are, just smiled & shook your head.

    We stacked cushions high,
    We stretched & secured the sheets over them,
    And crawled in.
    And laughed,
    And laughed.

    The light in your eyes as you shared childhood memories,
    The way you listen intently to mine.
    Suddenly, I realized it.
    It hit me like a punch.
    I know my face gave me away,
    The look of surprise,
    Then the more than likely creepy grin.
    As I just blurted it out,
    “I love you.”
    Your responding grin, slightly creepy as well,
    Took my breath away.
    Your reply,
    “I love you, too.”
    Launched my body into your lap.
    Made my lips crash into yours.

    And now as we sit,
    In a blanket fort,
    With our children,
    Those same feelings,
    Hit me again,
    Watching you
    With them.
    My eyes meet yours,
    And our matching grins,
    Tell me you do, too.

    191 word count

  2. “Sweet cherry pie,” he murmurs just before running his tongue up my slit.

    Then over my clit.

    Ho…ly… shit.

    He hums and sucks while I moan and buck.

    I’m no poet, but fuck.

    I can’t believe my luck.

    The hottest boy in school currently has his beautiful head between my legs.

    He said he needed me good and wet before he could slide inside.

    He’s succeeding.

    My white sheet billows above us as he climbs up my body with a hunger in his lush green eyes, the likes of which I’ve never seen.

    I asked him to take my virginity before we graduate. I don’t want to go to college all hymenally-challenged.

    But I never expected this.

    “I’ve wanted you for so long, Bella,” he whispers reverently as his fingers glide over my collarbone and then down between my breasts, making me suck in a ragged breath.

    “Y-you have?”

    He nods and leans down to plant the sweetest kiss in the history of kisses on my waiting lips.

    He’s hard against my thigh, and I know this will hurt.

    “Are you sure you want me like this?” he asks.

    “Yes, Edward. Now. Please.”







  3. @QuinnSkylark
    words: 185


    I am an innocent.
    My flower is my own
    Unopened but ready to bloom under the right attention and adoration.
    And he shows me that proper care.
    He is the sun in my life and
    The cultivator of my dreams and my desires.
    And when he lays me down on the lush grass
    In that field of bluebonnets,
    He kisses my freckled skin with his full lips.
    I feel the thrill of anticipation coursing through my blood
    And pooling in a secret place.
    He is preparing me for pruning
    Alas, before any flower can grow to fruition,
    It must experience the sting of trimming.
    So, when he feels I am ready,
    And he slips the tip of himself through the silky folds of my petals,
    He distracts me from the sharp burn
    By whispering how fragrant I am,
    How he dreams of my aroma,
    How it’s better than any rose he’s ever known.
    When his fingers touch and rub and circle me,
    I shake and squeeze and pull,
    Desperate to take him deeper into the heat,
    Until we fall together under star-dotted sky

  4. Lisa Bilbrey says:

    A soft giggle slips out of my mouth as I step into the hotel room. The door closes behind me and I look over, smiling at the man watching me. When he reaches for me, I curve myself around him, holding on to him as if I am drowning. Perhaps I am; drowning in a sea of pleasure and adoration.

    “You’re cold,” he whines, but I hear the laughter in his voice.

    “I am,” I whisper, placing a kiss on his shoulder. “Perhaps you should warm me up.”

    There’s no mistaking his laughter this time as his shoulders dance up and down. He shifts his head down so that he’s looking at me. “I love you, Beth. If you’re not ready . . .”

    “I love you, Michael. And I’m yours.”

    The honesty in my handful of words scares me, but I mean them. The way Michael touches me as he slips off my prom dress, holds me as my nerves cause my body to tremble, and loves me as he fills me for the first time. We are cliché lovers, losing our virginity on prom night, but our love will last a lifetime — if only in a memory.

    Word Count: 199

  5. AnnaLund2011 says:



    No need to refuse. He was young. Happy. Ready.

    I was there for him. Anything he needed, it was his to take, to experience, to do.

    This once in a lifetime happening, it was beautiful, it was messy, it was full of giggles, and it was shock-full of sensations, of sweetness, and of excitement.

    And boy, it was FAST! But that was okay, we went again. And again. And again.

    We had time, we had the right smiles and attitude. And we liked it; hell we loved it, it was so much fun.

    He learned fast, discovering me, finding himself, inventing us.

    He was my lovely virgin, absolutely adorable, both peachy-cheeked and excited.

    I loved it. There was a goodness and a sensation of unity that till holds a special place in my heart.

    He will always be the one—the one who asked me to be his very first, because he trusted me.

    Because he loved me, but not in that way, just in the trusting, friendly way.

    Because he wanted it to be me. He wanted me to show him the wonders.

    And I wanted to give him that. I still think of him and smile.


    Word count: 200, on the nose
    Twitter handle: @AnnaLund2011

  6. chocaholic123 says:

    Our gaze holds a second too long, enough for my blood to burn hot, and my heart to hammer against my ribcage. I lean toward him, forgetting to breathe, forgetting to do anything but taste his lips.

    Our mouths clash in a frenzy, three weeks of flirting exploding into an inextinguishable inferno. Hands are everywhere, fingers running through hair, tugging at clothes, dipping into warm, wet, and hard places. He moans and I am gone.

    We climb into my bed, burrowing under the covers, our limbs tangled and skin sticky. He pulls back, almost sitting up, worrying his teeth with his lips.

    “I need to tell you something.” The flush on his cheeks dyes his whole face crimson.

    “Mmmm?” I’m too sensitized to say any more.

    He speaks the words so low, I almost don’t hear them. “I’m a virgin.”

    A satisfied smile tugs at my lips. My nipples harden at the thought of him experiencing it for the first time. I want to give him everything; the wet, slick tightness, the moment before he tumbles into oblivion and spills inside me. I pull him down until his chest crushes my breasts.

    “It’s okay. I know exactly what to do.”

    Word Count: 200

  7. “Buy me a drink.”

    “I don’t contribute to the delinquency of minors.”

    Her head snapped back. “I’m twenty three.”

    “You sure about that?”

    She answered with a “huh?”

    “Prove it?” He grinned.


    “I just watched you hustle a group of guys with a straight poker face. I’m not going to believe a word you say until you prove it.”

    She slipped her hand in her back pocket at produced a Tennessee drivers license.

    Carded by a guy at a kegger. Wasn’t exactly the worst pick up line she’d heard.

    He handed the card back after a quick inspection. Their fingers touched and his smile went from nice to meet ya to how do you like your eggs in the morning. “Satisfied I’m legal?”

    His brown eyes gave her a once over. “Satisfied you’re not jail bait, yes. Legal…” He let his breath catch and sucked in deep. “There’s nothing legal about what I want to do with you under my sheets.”

    She blushed. “What if I told you I’m inexperienced?”

    His teeth clamped down on his lip and he groaned. “I’d promise to go slow, but only at first. When I’m done with you, you’ll graduate to pro status.”

    200 words
    sub. Inexperienced for virgin

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