Sinful Sunday Week #1 Results

Judge Tara says:

First of all, I’d like to say thank you to Rebecca for having me as a judge. I feel vastly under qualified, but honored all the same.

I’m a scientist by trade, so I decided to approach judging in a scientific manner. I gave each entry a score of 1-5 in three categories: Technical, Story, and Picture Interpretation. Everyone was close, but there was one clear winner when I added up the scores:

#8 Jen DeSantis

“Oh, shit … I thought you were gone already.”

Mia covered her eyes, but not before catching the curve of Ryan’s ‘V’ trailing down into his low-hung jeans. His hair, still wet from the showers, dripped on his chest. She’d been lusting after him for months now, not that he’d ever noticed her interest.

“Sorry,” she whispered.

Mia’s back hit the doorframe and she cursed under her breath.

“Everything okay?”

Ryan was close, too close. The light spice of his soap tingled in Mia’s nose and she imagined that she could feel the warmth of his skin near hers.

“Umm, yeah. Sorry. Didn’t mean to intrude.”

The whisper of his fingertips brushed against her torso, sending goose bumps fluttering over her skin.

“You’re not.” Ryan’s breath was warm against Mia’s cheek as his other hand moved her arm away from her face. “I was hoping you’d come down.”

She tilted her head up, her nose brushing the rough, day-old stubble on his jaw. “Why?”

He answered her with a kiss, his hand possessive on her hip as he leaned his palm beside her face, and she knew he’d been watching her as well.

What I enjoyed about Jen’s entry was how palpable the emotion was. It was as if I were Mia, unexpectedly coming upon the person I’d been wanting AND having that person be in a rather tempting position. The smell of his soap, the feel of his stubble, the kiss…I was there. I truly enjoyed all the entries, like I said, everyone was close. And I find it amazing how different they all were, even when based upon the same picture.

Thanks again, Rebecca!

Congratulations, Jen! Come grab your winner button! And thanks to everyone for participating and tweeting! Be sure to check back next Sunday for another sinful prompt and some great entries!



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