Sinful Sunday Week #1

Welcome to the first official Sinful Sunday Flash Fiction contest! If you’re not familiar with the rules of this contest, make sure to check them out first here! Our contest opens with a guest judge, Tarasueme – author of the well-known fanfics The Submissive, The Dominant and The Training!

Tara lives in the southern part of the United States, in a town without a Target, Starbucks, or bookstore. But during the summer, her house borders a watermelon field, so she figures that almost evens things out. She works full-time in the pharmaceutical industry and writes at night when her two kids are in bed.

As a reader, she enjoys a wide range of fiction and her writing reflects that. She started writing sweet romances over five years ago before making the jump to erotica. Her current work-in-progress is a BDSM romance.

Now for the prompt!

So many yummy possibilities with this one! We can’t wait to see what you all come up with! Get those steamy thoughts going – you have until 9pm EST to get in your sinful flash fiction!





  1. Shearing Time

    Simon pressed his lean, hard-muscled body against her, letting the wiry hair of his chest brush her nipples to arousal. He trailed butterfly kisses down her neck and nipped lightly at the hollow of her throat before trailing his way down to her breasts. Oh, this was truly a lamb to be led with care, he mused.

    He’d been currying favor with this submissive creature for weeks and tonight he would reap his rewards at last. Before he’d finished with her he’d not only have expanded her sexual horizons but the holding capacity of every orifice his hardened member could plunder. How delightfully naïve she was.

    A waitress at the shop where he sometimes stopped for coffee, he’d cultivated her interest slowly and seductively. He knew all of the right buttons to push to play a woman such as her from titillation, to anticipation, to gratification (his primarily).

    He soothed and cooed to her as he tightened the restraints. Before she could query him again as to how the safe word worked, he’d already fitted the ball gag to her succulent mouth. He always found the frantic, disbelieving look as their eyes shot wide open to be the ultimate aphrodisiac.

    200 words @klingorengi

  2. Gingerandgreen says:


    You have to catch your train, I know – but I need to catch you first. Damp and hot, your flesh sings to me; my shower gel combines enticingly with your scent, and my nostrils flare.

    I can’t let you go.

    I trap you against my bedroom door. You don’t resist me. Your bare hips press gently into my thighs; your heat envelops me. I throb into your belly, wanting more.

    Bending to capture your lips, I ask no questions. You offer them willingly. Fuck life. Screw your parents, your job, your sister – I need you.

    When our lips and tongues collide, we fall into a unique space in the universe. You put your hands on me, asking for more, and I give it to you.

    Your sex is wet, inviting, so I lift you. You are open, so open, and the need to fill you is primal. I enter you slowly, thrilling in the extraordinary pleasure. We have only done this once before, but already you feel like home.

    This is right. We are so right.

    “Stay,” I whisper. “Love you. Please.”

    Your reply comes from a space so deep inside of you, it washes me with hope.


    199 words, 200 with the title.
    This was fun.

  3. Weakness

    By randommama
    Twitter: @randommama
    200 words

    I knew we shouldn’t be here together like this. I just can’t help myself, though. She’s beautiful, seductive, and I was a goner from the first moment she aimed that smile at me. I knew then that she’d be the only woman to drive me to my knees.

    However, she isn’t mine. She belongs to somebody else.

    But, damn, if my cock cared. Nor did my heart for that matter.

    At least, for the time we’re together, when she is naked and writhing underneath me from the pleasure I am giving to her, I could pretend that she is mine. After all, it is my name she screams out when an orgasm hits her, not his. I haven’t been with her long, but I know that no one could probably ever make her body sing the way I can. Besides, if he could command her body the way I do, then she wouldn’t be with me in the first place.

    In turn, my body is just as responsive to her. A single touch is like a breath of oxygen. I’ve never been more alive than when I’m with her.

    She’s definitely my weakness.

  4. With a heavy sigh, I slammed my book shut, the sound booming in the quiet dorm room. Laurel’s startled gaze darted around the edge of her textbook.

    “I thought you wanted to study?” The question in her tone and soft brown eyes made me smile.

    “Oh, I want to study.” I just had a different subject in mind. I took her hand and pulled her to her feet. I curled my hands around her hips. “Angles, curves, pressure, resistance…”

    “The Atmospheric Chemistry exam…”

    “Got all the atmosphere and chemistry I need right here, beautiful.”

    “You want me?”

    “Just you.”

    “I…had no idea.”

    “Then you haven’t been paying attention in class,” I chided.


    “Right here.”

    I caught her top in my hands and tugged it up over her head. Mmm, nothing but woman beneath.

    “Now?” The word ended in a breathy squeak as I caged her in against the wall.

    “Right now.” I paused, a teasing inch separating our lips.

    Hers parted in anticipation, her dilated eyes closing.

    “So pretty.” I brushed my mouth across hers. “So sweet.”

    My fingertips drifted over the swells of her breasts. Her blushing nipples peaked, their color deepening with arousal.

    “Kiss me,” I whispered.

    200 words

  5. AwesomeSauce76 says:

    This sounds like fun! Okay, here goes nothing.

    Word Count: 200

    Letting her eyes adjust to the darkness around her, she noted that the clock on the nightstand displayed 3:15; already much later than she’d intended to stay. Tiptoeing across the hardwood, she quietly picked up her discarded clothes and made her way towards the bathroom down the hall.

    She only got as far as the doorway.

    Strong arms spun her around and pushed her back against the wall, causing her clothes to land in a heap on the floor once again. “Where do you think you’re going?” he growled, trapping her nude body with his own.


    “Wrong.” He leaned forward and flicked his tongue over that sensitive spot below her ear that she hadn’t even known existed before he’d found it. “The only place you’re going is back to my bed. Unless you want me to take you right here?”

    At her whimper his mouth crashed over hers, reigniting the flames that had engulfed her earlier and destroying any self-control she’d been holding onto. His hands lifted her up, wrapping her legs around him as he slowly pushed inside her wet heat.

    “Stay for once,” he grunted, pumping his hips forcefully. “Stop running. Please?”

    “Yes,” she gasped, finally surrendering.

  6. Alison Winchester says:

    121 Words

    One hand presses against the wall, holding him upright, tying him to this world. The other hand carefully — so carefully — drags the blade up her side. His mouth close, he inhales her gasp, drawing her in. He wants her pain. He wants all of her.

    His lips meet hers, devouring, his tongue delving inside as his fingers sluice through the slow drips down her side. It’s with effort that he pulls his mouth from hers, bending to his knees to lap at the beads of red, tying him to her with swirling bonds that spin on his tongue.

    She submits, but it’s he who worships.

    His fingers paint the swell of her back, marking her as his.

  7. Emmanuelle Nathan says:

    He’d been teasing her for hours; at work, at the bar, on the subway. Even as they had climbed the steps of his brownstone, he hadn’t relented. His was not an obvious game. It was carefully orchestrated, and somehow he’d skilfully evaded every one of her attempts to touch him.

    She was desperate. It was at the staff meeting this morning that, sitting next to her, he had dropped his pen only to sweep his hand along her calf as he picked it up. She’d been shocked. They’d worked together for two years, and never once had he hinted he was interested. The same could not be said for her. It seemed all bets were now off. Throughout the day she’d found herself increasingly aroused and frustrated in equal measure. The tipping point had come mid-morning when he’d bought her the Dickenson papers, leant over her desk and whispered to her, “The things that I could do to you.”

    Now she was naked, as was he. He’d stripped, and then peeled her clothes from her body, having threatened to tie her up if she touched him. It was nearly unbearable, but would make this first kiss all the sweeter.

    199 words

  8. “Oh, shit … I thought you were gone already.”

    Mia covered her eyes, but not before catching the curve of Ryan’s ‘V’ trailing down into his low-hung jeans. His hair, still wet from the showers, dripped on his chest. She’d been lusting after him for months now, not that he’d ever noticed her interest.

    “Sorry,” she whispered.

    Mia’s back hit the doorframe and she cursed under her breath.

    “Everything okay?”

    Ryan was close, too close. The light spice of his soap tingled in Mia’s nose and she imagined that she could feel the warmth of his skin near hers.

    “Umm, yeah. Sorry. Didn’t mean to intrude.”

    The whisper of his fingertips brushed against her torso, sending goose bumps fluttering over her skin.

    “You’re not.” Ryan’s breath was warm against Mia’s cheek as his other hand moved her arm away from her face. “I was hoping you’d come down.”

    She tilted her head up, her nose brushing the rough, day-old stubble on his jaw. “Why?”

    He answered her with a kiss, his hand possessive on her hip as he leaned his palm beside her face, and she knew he’d been watching her as well.

    193 words

  9. And, time! Thanks for the awesome entries, everyone! What a great first week!

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