Sinful Sunday Week # 11

Welcome back! I hope you had all had a lovely Thanksgiving, and for those of you who aren’t American, hope you had a great week!

If you’re unfamiliar with the Sinful Sunday Flash Fiction contest rules, please check them out! You must use both the photo prompt and word prompt in some way. The  minimum is 100, maximum 200, and don’t forget to include your word count and twitter handle! Our guest judge this week is Gingerandgreen!

Gingerandgreen is neither ginger nor green; salt and pepper would be a more apt nomenclature. In Real Life she is an adult literacy specialist, and half-heartedly attempts to protect her employers and her teenage daughters from her interest in erotic literature through an obscure pen name. She plays in the Twific universe, and dares you to scoff. She is writing her first not-4-practice novel.

Word prompt:

Salacious1. Arousing sexual-desire or imagination; inciting eroticism. 2. Lustful, lewd .

Photo prompt:

Get those steamy thoughts going! You have until midnight EST to get your flash fiction in! Come on and get a little sinful!


  1. He smacks my hand away. “Don’t touch.”

    My fingers twitch, the sting of his slap only heightens the feeling—like a current is thrumming through them, right to the ends my chipped nails. It’s so potent, it feels like sparks could well fly, arcing from my fingertips to the soft white of her exposed flesh.

    Scraping my teeth over my lip, I swallow down my whimper.

    I wonder what it feels like to be her—and why I’m envious of her. Why my lungs feel too small, and the air too thick. Why I want to know how it feels to be on display—a living sculpture, a monument to the salacious, a feast for the acquisitive eyes of these men, these haughty figures in their stiff suits.

    I wonder if it’s freeing, being unable to hide.

    Tilting my head, I try to see her face. I want to look into her eyes. Are they wide with fear or squeezed tight in shame? Are they heavy with arousal or blank and unseeing?

    But like a crow’s wing, her hair shields her eyes, and keeps me out … keeps them out.

    190 words.

    • domysticated says:

      I LOVED the voyeuristic angle of your story. Because this is a picture I want to look at and look at forever, so beautiful

  2. domysticated says:

    “Leave me alone,” she said. “I’m cooking.”

    He pulled her roughly against him and she let go of spatula and bowl. Her naked, round ass fit perfectly against his hard groin.

    “That’s not what it looks like to me.”

    “It looks like you’re more hungry for cock than for breakfast.”

    “It looks like you’re loving the way my hard cock feels against your needy ass.”

    She whimpered, turned on by his salacious words, by the way he fondled her and teased her nipples painfully

    He undid her apron, letting it fall to the floor.

    “Get on the table,” he ordered. “On your stomach. Ass in the air. Like this, good girl. Let me look at you.”

    He walked around the table, not touching her, awed by the way her back arched perfectly, her hair spread wildly over her shoulders. She was breathing heavily, almost panting, her eyes closed.

    He could smell her arousal and his cock twitched in anticipation of the wet, hot cunt it would soon be claiming.

    “Please,” she begged.

    “Please what? Say it.”

    “Please… fuck me.”

    He smiled as he caressed her ass, burying his fingers in her wetness.

    “Oh I will, darling. I will. All day.”

    200 words by @domysticated

  3. I hadn’t expected a salacious tableau when I walked into the executive conference room. I mean, I had hoped the brass got better coffee and maybe fresh fruit instead of the grocery-store donuts that were the staples at the managers’ meetings I usually worked, but I nearly dropped my laptop when I saw the girl, hard-used and unkempt, practically asleep on the table with her ass in the air.

    I’m not even a leg man, but, man, she had an amazing ass.

    They didn’t remark on her presence, so I didn’t, either, though I did have to play with the teleconferencing equipment to mind the sight lines a bit more than usual.

    But I don’t think any of them caught her smile when I slipped one of my non-business cards under her splayed hand… the one that said that server racks aren’t the only kind I play with.


  4. Job Benefits
    By Lisa McCourt Hollar

    Cleaning the offices of her father’s law firm wasn’t what Serena imagined when she’d asked him for a job. He expected people to work their way up, including his daughter. No handouts… she would earn her pay. Then she caught a glimpse into the bookstore across the street and the owner as he was closing up. Maybe there were perks with starting at the bottom after all.

    The flirting began innocently… a wink, a flash of skin; before long she was fantasizing about him throughout the day. Was he married? She didn’t know… she care.

    He was waiting when she shut off the lights in daddy’s board room, leaving a small lamp on to illuminate her silhouette. The street was empty, but it wouldn’t have mattered if it had been as crowded as Times Square. Standing in front of the window, Serena stripped, her movements slow and seductive. Running her hands across her breasts, she grinned when he reached into his pants, taking hold of the bulge that threatened his zipper.

    Walking backwards, Serena climbed onto the table, spreading her legs and inviting him over. She’d left the door unlocked. Rolling onto her stomach, she lifted her rear and waited.

    Word Count: 200

  5. “Head down,” I whisper, brushing my thumb along her cheek. “Rest, baby. It’s okay.”

    Little cherished hums. Worn-weak and wholly-fulfilled, she lets her eyes finally close. I tuck long black behind her ear, pink with blush that reaches every end of her, but the strands slip as she nestles her temple along slick-sticky hands.

    The corners of my mouth twitch upward as she lifts dripping fingertips to longing lips.

    She tried so earnestly to hold my come inside, just as I asked when I pushed her shaky legs up, further open, and slowly, heavily pressed the head of myself to her bottom. She kept me inside with both hands as I rode her through her orgasm and another of my own.

    I’m don’t stop her tongue now. Little cherished was flawless for me, and she has to be hungry.

    She whimpers as I lift her onto display, but stays perfectly in place when I open the curtains facing *his* store and spread her legs the slightest bit.

    Our come leaks, slowly-salacious revenge from between pink cheeks, swelled-pinker lips, and down the insides of pink-with-my-grip thighs.

    I smile as slide my thumb along her left little sole.


    200 words @soWarrenAshley

  6. The call came once again, the deep demanding voice. The voice had scared her at first, it told her on the first call that it wanted her to touch her breast. She had called him a creep and hung up. The next day a dozen roses had met her on her desk along with a note.

    Your hair of black dances
    Your silhouette entrances
    All day long I steal glances
    Longing for undeserved chances

    She blew off the flowers, and perfume, and more poems, but everyday the phone would ring and on the other side a salacious invitation more daring then the day before. These invitations largely went ignored but she found herself drawn to the voice.

    “Misty, my mystery I need to see, the parts of you that should belong to me, lose your dress and climb upon the table, release your inhibitions if you are able.”

    The speaker phone crackled as she closed her eyes she couldn’t believe the way her nipple felt rigid on the cold wood, she could almost feel him enter her as his breath quickened and he came, now that she had surrendered would he call again?

    193 words

  7. She activated FaceTime on her iPad.
    Though thousands of miles away, they still connected, reacted, ached for skin to be on skin.
    Technology was their bridge to finding the most salacious behaviors they could imagine for each other to perform.

    “Slowly pull the edges of your dress off your shoulders, and push it to the floor.”

    Every inch she moved it down she could feel pressure and wetness flood between her legs. Her lips moved apart.

    “I can see you’re beginning to enjoy this my dear…”

    “Now climb up on the table on your hands and knees with your ass up in the air like I like it. The window will reveal your desires if anyone should look across the way, and I have a surprise for you.”

    She heard the front door open.

    His hands were suddenly caressing her skin, tingling, moving his fingers between her legs, dipping into her wetness.

    “Fuck me now, please, it’s been so long.”

    Patience my pet.
    Running his lips over her lower back and moving down, she moaned knowing he would tease her with his tongue.

    It was to be a long night outlined by the reflecting lights of the night…

    Words: 199

  8. It didn’t feel like what her imagination had promised her. As her right cheekbone sunk down onto the dark polished wood, the sudden thrill of the power was so much more than she had anticipated.

    When Sebastian had told her that submission was fueled by power, she had laughed at him But this… oh, this was something else all together.

    Knowing that eyes were taking pleasure in her salacious pose, staring at her from the opposite building, sent a hot flush through her.

    She was the one in control. She was the one driving them to lick their lips and hold on to their clothed cocks, desperate to touch themselves but not allowed to in each others’ company.

    They were trapped but she was free.

    Goosebumps spread on her rosy skin right from her flat hands on the table to her raised arse and beautiful hips.

    She knew that they were looking when she spread her legs a little bit further, revealing the pink folds between. She could just see them: The stares were stroking into her, caressing her thighs and arse longingly. Her body felt the desperate heat through two panels of glass.

    They all belonged to her.

    200 words

  9. Emmanuelle Nathan says:

    “She is something, is she not?”

    “Yes Sir.”

    “Look that skin; just waiting to be smacked. She’d mark up well wouldn’t she?”

    “Yes Sir.”

    “And that rump, just ready to be used. Tell me, what do you think she’s feeling?”




    “Tsk. You can do better than that.”


    “Are you telling me, or asking me?”

    “She’s feeling exposed, Sir.”

    “Better, but so unimaginative. Am I going to have to do something about that? Now, one last try. Take your time.”

    “… She’s aware of us around her which would make her feel vulnerable. But she’s relaxed and… yes, she’s wet so she’s enjoying being on show.”

    “Much better, I’m impressed. Now look at the others around us. What are they thinking?”

    “Judging from the salacious looks, I’d say that they’d like a piece of her.”

    “Can they have her?”

    “No, it’s a hard limit for her.”

    “So what is the thing allowing her to get wet even though she’s vulnerable, open and exposed in front of six men?”

    I smile as I realise the object of my mentor’s lesson.

    “Her trust in me.”

    186 words


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