Sinful Sunday Week # 12

It’s Sunday, and another chance to get some sinful flash fiction in! Our judge this week is last week’s winner, Warren Ashley!

Warren knows she has a boy’s name and she thinks you probably throw like a girl. She’s been writing since she could hold a skinny purple marker, exploring love and searching for truth in poetry, derivative and original fiction, and memoir. She lives in Kansas City, where she dance-walks with Little Buffalo and hangs out with old men in McDonald’s before sun-up. She believes hoods were made to be worn and that where there is tea, there is hope.  Her newest short story, Out of Pocket will be out in early 2013.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Sinful Sunday Flash Fiction contest rules, please check them out! You must use both the photo prompt and word prompt in some way. The  minimum is 100, maximum 200, and don’t forget to include your word count and twitter handle!

Word prompt:

Honey fuck: (Or honeyfuck)  To have-sex-with a (very) young woman.

Photo prompt:

Get those steamy thoughts going! You have until midnight EST to get your flash fiction in! Come on and get a little sinful!


  1. At 45 years of age anyone under 30 falling into my bed could be considered a honey fuck and I have had my share. I don’t kid myself there is nothing sexy about a graying and withered man burnt out on cigarettes and whiskey fucking the mother loving innocence out of some cherry young enough to be his daughter. I know its fucking wrong and I know she is doing it for the rent, or to buy blow for her or the shit stain boyfriend willing to pimp her sweet ass so he doesn’t have to do shit.

    She wanted 200 bucks, I never pay more than 50, the bitch took it, and then somewhere in those baby brown eyes I lost more than my soul. She looked at me for just a moment, fear was in her eyes, she didn’t want to be there, I suppose none ever did but she shook with regret. I put my fingers on her lips to reassure her and she looked down then took them and twirled them with her tongue. A real man would have backed off, but this is what I wanted and it’s always about me. I fucked her right through her tears, I fucked right through her fears, I felt her heartbeat, that sweet gentle pussy I fucked it hoping for that sweet innocence to swallow me up, take me in make me whole. But those baby brown eyes went gray, whatever innocence was there died on my dick, my cock had fucked a million just like her, but never had I seen the youth leave like this. 50 bucks and neither of us left happy.

    277 words yea i know too many

  2. I’m too young to be doing this shit. I know that. But for some reason I can’t find it in me to care. He doesn’t care either. None of them ever do. If anything, they revel in it. Fucking girls decades younger than them. What they don’t know, what he doesn’t know, is that I enjoy this too. It’s not about the money, or the expensive gifts. It’s not about having Daddy issues or kinky fetishes. It’s about the power; the thrill. It’s about looking down at fuck-hot 40 year old men, coming undone under me, for me–because of me.
    It’s about the teasing and the knowing that I’m their dreams come true. This one’s no different. He places two of his fingers in my mouth, making me lick them clean. I whimper and comply, taking my time to show him what my tongue can do. He groans and curses under his breath. I chuckle. Sometimes they’re just so easy.
    He makes me come until I scream.
    He falls asleep right after we’re done and I leave before he wakes up.
    I know I’m just another honey fuck and as I said…I don’t care.

    [195 words. I know. It was close.]

  3. She wasn’t too young. No, not too young. Reaching into the lacy nothing he’d just bought her, squeezing the cool flesh, he ground out a groan. No, 23 was hardly robbing the cradle. She had a job. An apartment. Even a retirement plan. God, retirement? He would reach it a lifespan before her and yet…

    When she drew his hand to her mouth, wrapped her wet tongue around a calloused finger and clenched around his other, lower, hotter fingers…did it really matter?

    No, not too young. She straddled him, removed his glasses from his face and kissed the bridge of his nose. She was precious, gentle, soft. Everything he didn’t deserve, but reveled in, sucked down, licked and bit and ate. She gave without thinking.

    And when he sank into her, she took without reserve, a glowing supernova on the tip of dick. She went nuclear and burst, her luminosity fading until she simply hung on him, impaled & suspended. Zero gravity. Wilted in his arms, her softness lured him into a frenzy more violent than any star’s birth. And she took and took and took.

    No, not too young, this sweetness, this sugar to dissolve on his tongue, this honeyfuck.


  4. Sinking my fingers into her warm little mouth, I could feel the promise of pleasure pulsing against my skin. She hummed as she closed her lips, and it was all I could do to restrain my trembling.
    Control. I wanted to maintain the impression of control.
    I channeled the insistent need into a long exhale, hoping my eyes didn’t give me away.
    How could she be so generous with her body, but so greedy for all of my self-restraint?
    How could she be so adept at seduction at just nineteen?
    Honeyfuck, my mind kept circling around the word the guys at the bar had used. I’d thought it vulgar then, but here, with her toasted almond hair falling over bare shoulders and her soft lips closed around my fingers, hotter than a sunburn…
    Here, now, it felt right.
    My sticky little honeyfuck fluttered her lashes, acutely aware of my gaze as she lifted and focused her maple-brown eyes on mine, swirling her tongue into the pattern of my fingerprint while her pale purple nails dragged so slowly down my chest, hooking into my leather belt.
    She hummed a pout, and the vibration from her throat echoed in my belly.

    201 words, oops.

  5. She told me her name was Frankie and that she was sixteen. I laughed and told her that was a boy’s name. She’s warm and soft and, Christ, her tits are tiny buds – like maybe she just got them.

    “Are you really sixteen, sugar?” She’s above me, riding my cock. My thumbs drag across each stiff peak and I tug. I wouldn’t care if she was fifteen. I’ve wanted this little honeyfuck in my bed since I saw her riding her bike in the neighborhood, tiny shorts and a bandana in her hair.

    “Ung…” she grunts. I’ve rendered her speechless.

    My hand skims up her chest and around her neck. She’s riding me faster, dragging her clit against me when her hips glide upward. I skim my fingers lightly down her jaw and I push two into her mouth. Instantly, her walls tighten around me and my hips buck harder.

    She’s close, and so am I.

    “Fuck, baby, you feel so good. So tight.”

    “Oh, God… Oh… What… Fuck,” she screams as her walls flutter and clench around me. Two more rough, deep thrusts and I’m spilling all I have into her.

    I wonder if she’s done this before.
    199 words (according to Word)
    twitter: runtagua

  6. She’s a wet dream. A dirty old man’s fantasy. I’m almost forty five, and I should know better. I do, and I don’t care. Sweet little thing all pretty blue eyes and bewitching smile adorning a body built for sin is my everything. She’s only nineteen, so fresh I swear I can still smell her mother’s milk on her warm breath as she moans my name and licks at the fingers I push in her mouth.

    I shouldn’t be with her. I know. Only how can any man resist a honeyfuck this lush? She’s a fantasy come true in her entirety. Her breasts are the muse of poets, her soft pussy a divine place of worship. The languid corruption of her innocence has become my most sacred addiction.

    She whimpers like a little girl when she comes, gushing on my fingers. There’s nothing little girl about the way she takes to her knees and sucks me down her throat. I’m not into kink, but damn if I don’t want her to call me ‘daddy’ as I fist her hair.

    Little baby love could ask me for the world. I’d fucking give it to her.

    194 words

  7. Her eyes are closed.

    Slowly, my fingertips slide forward, caressing her lips.

    Her gentleness just spurns my desire. I want to thrust my fingers all the way in until they touch her throat.

    ‘Take it, that’s a good girl.’

    My fingers stretch her glistening lips obscenely. I can hear the wet sound of her mouth opening wider, accommodating me far past what she should take.

    She knows that this is just me priming her for my cock. When my fingertips reach her tonsils, she starts to gag, but continues to take them. I feed her all I have.

    The thought of those red, young lips around my dick inspires a jerk of my hips. This is not just a honey fuck, it’s turning me inside out. I am shaking with need.

    It is only when she opens her eyes and looks up under those long lashes that I come undone- understanding that it is really her who has all the power.

    161 words

  8. Gingerandgreen says:


    In the secret after-midnight dark, I dirty dream of you.

    You see me differently here. I am not a child, and you are not oblivious to me. I’m your honeyfuck; your sugar-syrup, dripping from your fingers, every touch you make. Your hands are my hands, and they burn so hot where they stroke so light. Nobody knows what I have you do to me, least of all you. You are in my mouth, and I suck you sweetly before I suck you hard. You are on my breasts, and you love the feel of me, velvet smooth and puckered tipped. You are even in that place no one else has been, and it is so wet for you. Do you want me, Mr Sir? Do you want to pull my panties down, see what’s inside? I’d let you.

    I get so far, so near, so very close…but I don’t get there. Disappointment leaves me feeling foolish, and I know I’ll blush in class tomorrow. Shit.

    167 words

  9. Sam Overton says:

    I smile at myself as the phrase honey fuck echoes in the back of my mind as I lay my body down on the bed. The man climbs onto the bed over me and straddles me with his strong, muscular legs, and my smile widens. He had told me that he was in his fifties, and damn did he look good for his age. He places his huge erection at the entrance to my sex, and I take a deep breath and hold it, waiting for him to go inside of me. He pushes himself inside me and I grab handfuls of the duvet as he fills me up to the brim. He pushes in and out of me in a rhythmic motion, making the bed creak under me,. Within a few more pushes of his manhood inside of me I find my release and my body convulses, letting all that I have spill out onto his erection. Within seconds I feel a stream of liquid shoot inside of me and my head rolls back in ecstasy. He falls on top of me and I can feel my lips against his ear.
    “Who taught you these new tricks?” I whisper.
    Words: 200 (exactly)
    Twitter: @darklybeautiful

  10. Close your eyes my brave girl, my honeyfuck. I’ve given you what you wanted, what I have secretly craved but I want to come on you. I slip a finger inside and, “Oh fuck!” you are so fucking sexy. I pump my cock and watch your swollen-with–need pussy drip on my desk. I shoot my come so close to your entrance that it mixes with yours on my fingers as I watch you cry out in pleasure again.
    Does it do to you what it does to me when I slip my fingers in and out of you, covering my fingers in your arousal and lick? Tell me, I want to know. Taste it beautiful baby. Open your soft-as-petal lips. Let me brush it on like shiny gloss just so I can kiss it off. Push your small pink tongue forward and drag it around, over, under. Close your lips around my fingers and gently savor. Let me feel the slickness of your tongue as I coat it in our wetness. What do you taste, my sweet baby? Do you taste our lust, our need and my greed?
    “Mmmm” you groan, “Thank you, Professor”
    “You’re welcome, Baby. Happy Graduation”

    200 Words

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