Sinful Sunday Week # 13

It’s time to get sinful! This week’s judge is last week’s winner, Aleea!

Aleea exists in many incarnations in the cyber world. You’ll find her in the most unexpected places, using various forms of the Aleea penname, writing her heart out and hoping to one day find her niche. She’s eternally graceful, gregarious and fun loving. A total social butterfly with a penchant for writing naughty adult-themed fiction. At least while her laptop is on. Once the screen goes black, Aleea slips back into her ‘real’ skin and becomes a quiet, shy, happy introvert. Her life revolves around being a wife and proud mommy of two gorgeous kids and one adorable German Shepherd fur baby…and well, that’s all you need to know.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Sinful Sunday Flash Fiction contest rules, please check them out! You must use both the photo prompt and word prompt in some way. The  minimum is 100, maximum 200, and don’t forget to include your word count and twitter handle!

Word prompt:

Voyeuse: A french term for a female voyeur. (Voyeur: Someone who gains sexual gratification by watching others naked or engaged in sexual activity.

Photo prompt:

(Aleea encourages you not to be bound by the perspective of the photo. The point of view is equally as sexy from the watcher as it is from the one being watched.)

Get those steamy thoughts going! You have until midnight EST to get your flash fiction in! Come on and get a little sinful!


  1. “Please,” she said, and I said, “Never.”

    “Please,” she said, and I said, “No.”

    “Please,” she said, and I said, “I don’t think so.”

    She was persistent, my wanna-be voyeuse. Determined.

    I thought I’d feel exposed, flayed to the bone, with her watching so intently. I thought I’d want to cringe away, that my eyes would squeeze closed and I’d retreat into my mind.

    Callused fingertips slide across my belly.

    The tingle under my skin has nothing to do with my own touch, and everything to do with the weight of her eyes on me.

    Her gaze is like a blanket, heavy, smothering. It presses down on me, everywhere at once, every nerve ending sparking as she caresses me with her stare.

    The work-roughened skin of my fingers closes around the softest, slipperiest skin and forces a groan from deep in my throat.

    My fist tightens, stroking hard. Harder.

    She croons encouragements as watches me, studying me like a pinned-down butterfly.

    My hand moves faster, pulling harder.

    The whole world shrinks down into this moment.

    All there is her eyes on me.

    “Please,” she says, and I say, “Yes. Oh, fuck. Yes.”

    192 words.


  2. Gingerandgreen says:

    Didn’t think I was the kind of guy to have a boyfriend until you. You are so fucking sexy, lazing on my floor in the scarce sunlight, listening to Vampire Weekend and dreaming of who-knows-what.

    I can see her – the voyeuse, that greedy girl in the apartment across the way, licking her lips as she watches you. I wish I had her number so I could call her and gloat.

    ‘He’s hot, isn’t he?’ I’d say. ‘Look at his chest, all smooth muscle and puckered nipples. You should see the way that bellybutton shivers when I lick and suck my way around.’

    ‘See those hip bones? That beautiful line from hip to groin, that I love to bite? It’s all mine, Sugar. Look at his arms, the muscles in them – imagine his biceps flexing as he holds himself up over me. Does it make you weep? That hand, hidden down his pants, has the sexiest fucking fingers you ever saw, lady. And the junk he’s cupping? Jeeeesus. Exquisite, is all I’m saying. It’s mine too. Yep, aaaalllll mine.’

    Then I’d wink at her through the window while I bent over to kiss your delectable mouth.

    200 words exactly by @Gingerandgreen
    Lovely, lovely prompt btw

  3. I wish it was my hand.
    I imagine it is…I can feel the rough denim scraping the back of my hand as my palm grazes the velvety smooth skin of your hard cock. I can hear your sharp intake of breath at first touch, then the hiss as I firmly grasp you…
    I see you hesitantly pump yourself once. I bite my lip to keep from instructing you to do it again…harder. I can sense your anxiety. I see your pulse jumping in your neck. I know this is your first experience with a voyeuse.
    I slide my hand down into my pants. My fingers circle my clit and a small moan slips out. Your gaze catches mine, I make another circle smiling slyly at you. I pull my hand out and use the same finger to beckon you to me.
    I pull your pants down and place your hand on your cock and cover it with mine and begin pumping up and down. I let you set the rhythm. Seeing my small pale hand covering your large tan one over your ruddy cock is such an erotic sight and it enough…for now.

    193 words

  4. They’d played this game for weeks, watching and teasing each other from afar. He didn’t even know her name.

    His hand slid into his jeans to stroke his cock, imagining that it was her hand touching him. Somewhere along the way she’d entered his fantasies, and now she was his only fantasy. Her mouth, her scent, her body, he wanted it all.

    His grip tightened around his shaft and he groaned as he watched her unbutton her shirt, revealing the red lace bra beneath. Her fingers brushed over her lace-covered nipple and he felt his balls tighten in response. God, he wanted her. Having a voyeuse had been a fantasy come to life, but now he wanted the woman. Real, soft, moaning his name as he fucked her. The fantasy wasn’t enough anymore.

    Her hand cupped her pussy through her jeans, teasing them both. In his mind he heard her moan in pleasure. His hand moved faster, gripping tighter as he lost himself to the fantasy. He closed his eyes as he came, and when he opened them again she was gone. Fuck.

    He wanted more than this.

    “My name’s Erica.”

    Her voice was just as he’d imagined it.

    199 words

  5. “You are beautiful?”

    “I know, but you can’t have me.”

    “Just once?”

    “You are so bad.”

    “Haven’t you ever just wanted to fuck so bad you could die, I need to cum, I want too cum so bad right now.”

    “I think you will be ok.”

    “You don’t understand how much I want you.”

    “You don’t need me to cum.”

    “I want you to be there.”

    “I would love to see it.”

    “You can.”

    “Oh my God, put your shirt back on.”

    “I’m sorry I’ll stop.”

    “I will fuck you so hard someday.”

    “You can’t do that to me, it’s not right.”

    “Would you really touch yourself?”

    “You could be my voyeuse.”

    “I would watch you know.”

    “Is it ok?”

    “Oh my god, you are really doing it.”

    “Shhh, I love you. I can’t believe I am doing this.”

    “I can’t believe I am watching.”

    “I am going to pull my pants.”

    “I want you too.”

    “Your eyes are beautiful, the way you….. Oh God it is happening”

    “Let it happen, I want it to happen I love, I love the way you happen.”

    “Someday we are going to make love.”

    “I love you so much and yes, someday.”
    199 words

  6. “Like this?” I ask and she licks her lips before nodding.

    I roam my hands over my naked chest, aware of the cold floor beneath me. I can feel her eyes on me, focused in the center of my chest.

    She wants to look further down where my dick is straining against my jeans. She’s shy about it, hiding behind her pretense and black frames, but we both know she’s a little voyeuse.

    “Lower?” I ask, as my fingers caress my hip bones. I hear her breathing accelerate. She looks up at my face, then back down where my hand is already covered by the denim of my pants.

    I stroke my cock with slow movements, wanting to prolong this for the both of us. I watch her, watching me and there’s no word for how it feels.

    It’s give and take.

    It’s touching with our eyes.

    It’s our breathing coming out in pants as I get closer to the edge.

    It’s my groan and her moan as I come.

    It’s the click of the camera as she makes art out of lust.

    183 words.

  7. Miranda Kate says:

    She squirmed in the closet, but her eyes remained fixed on the keyhole. She was getting damp and she needed to get her jeans off. She pulled them down carefully; not wanting to risk disturbing him.

    When she’d heard him come home, she’d jumped into a closet just in time to see him walk into the room and pull his top off. He’d sat down on the floor in full view of her to read a mag. She couldn’t believe her luck when his hand had crept into his trousers.

    She was able to get her hand into her underwear now, but she had to keep her breathing controlled. His wasn’t; it was rasping and punctuated with grunts; each one bringing a fresh flush of wetness into her hand as she rubbed furiously.

    Ever since he had moved in next door she had fancied him; blushing wildly when they had first made eye contact in the lift, and again when he had asked her to keep his spare key for emergencies.

    Suddenly he shouted out, his hips lifting, back arching; he was spent. Then he turned his head towards her and smiled, having heard the mutual squeal from his voyeuse.

    200 words

  8. I watch them shamelessly, the beautiful men across the way. One long and lean with pierced nipples and tattoos that cover his well defined chest and biceps. The other, broader, shorter, but with a wicked grin and the most perfect ass I’ve ever seen.

    They touch without hesitation, their desire evident. Fingers press and pinch, stroke and pleasure and it makes me throb between my legs.

    I don’t know when I turned into this, a voyeuse, a lonely girl hidden in her bedroom, but I can’t help myself. They’re too gorgeous, too mesmerizing to stop watching. They know I watch … I’m pretty sure they don’t mind. Their performance is Oscar-worthy.

    But it’s not just for show. Their love is so pure, so intense it’s simply breathtaking.

    They kiss long and deep. The lean one lays on the bed, his hand trails down his chest, dips below his jeans. He crooks his other finger, licks his lips, then they’re all arms and legs. I lean my forehead against the window hoping the chilled glass will cool my overheated body. A sip of my wine then a sigh.

    The night’s still young.

    I’ll watch until they turn out the lights.

    199 words

  9. “Êtes-vous un voyeuse, madame?” he growled.

    Lying on the terrazzo poolside, he ran his hand down his chest, following the trail of fine hairs below his waistband. The cabana’s flickering lamp light played along his skin.

    “Oui, monsieur. Montrez-moi ce que vous avez, s’il vous plait.” I threw back the last of my wine, setting the glass on a nearby table.

    Undoing the button, he slowly lowered his zipper, each metal tooth rasping as it released.

    I sank to my knees beside him. The scent of his cologne and sweat, warmed by a day in the sun, taunted me.

    I ran my fingertip along his waist. “Qu’est-ce que tu as là?”

    He rose and dropped his shorts. His flesh sprang free.

    “Puis-je le voir en cours d’utilisation?” I whispered.

    “Bien sûr. Regardez attentivement, madame.” His hand stroked slowly, flaunting his manhood in my face; he rubbed his shaft along my cheek..

    My patience shot, dizzy with desire, I rose and pulled him into the cabana, pushing him back onto a chaise. Robe flung aside, I mounted and rode him until we both gasped in climax.

    “Merci, ma belle épouse.”

    “And my mother thought I would regret marrying a Frenchman.”
    199 words

  10. He doesn’t know when he smiles his special smile or throws his arm over my shoulder that my soul melts. He laughs and teases and hugs and kisses my cheeks and I feel like I am skirting the edges of heaven and hell.

    I’m his friend.

    He’s my obsession and he doesn’t know. Until tonight.

    I pull up in front of his house and I see the living room light on as I make my way up the front lawn.

    I’m about to pass the window when I see him. He’s lying on the floor wearing only jeans.

    My phone rings and I quickly answer. It’s my oblivious love.


    “Hey, pretty girl”

    “Hey, what’s up?”

    “Nothing, just thinking about you”

    I watch as he slips his hand into his jeans. I gasp.

    “That’s funny, I was just thinking of you too” I stutter

    I watch as he rubs his cock, arching his back. I can hear his efforts in shortened breaths.

    “Oh really? What exactly were you thinking of?”

    Holy shit, he’s pulling it out. So beautiful.

    “You first” I whisper.

    “I was thinking that maybe my little voyeuse can hang up, come inside and join me.”

    “Fuck Yes”

    200 Words

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