Sinful Sunday Week # 16 Results

PreciousPinks is ready with her picks! Here’s what she had to say:

I had no idea there would be so many choices! And not just that, but so many different *kinds* of choices! I’m grateful to everyone who wrote. Thank you guys, so much for participating!


Honorable Mention: Watching a girl watch snowflakes fall while her lover takes his time because he knows goodbye is coming – MY HEART! SarahAisling’s entry is my honorable mention. I loved this because it was nothing I expected or would have come up with from the prompt and because it pulled at my emo-strings. There is so much left unanswered, but the simple “I hate this” and “Change your mind” left me *in need* of so much more!


Runner Up: My runner up and so close choice was Gingerandgreen’s entry. I loved the setting and the context you put the two of them in! The sadness and the angst adds this incomparable kind of tone to their situation and I love that. “anchoring me to his fingertip embrace” and when they press foreheads and when she wants to crawl inside his kiss. Intimacy is so sexy. So sexy. And even more so when it’s tinged with reasons not to be. I so enjoyed this and would be so interested to read more!


Winner: When it came to choosing a winner, I wanted one that a)gave me the most intriguing backstory, b)worked the word prompt in beautifully and c)left me wanting to keep reading. So, all three of my choice have done that, but the best of all to me was Ellenathan’s. Showing us what he notices and the detail about him waiting and wondering, and then the last line, every word had function and at the same time was so pleasing to read. The juxtaposition and tension of her so ready to go and him so deep inside himself mentally and emotionally felt so good to sink into as a reader, and I want so much to know what happens next. Thank you for writing and sharing!


Thank you again so very much to everyone who wrote! I love Sundays a little more lately because of this contest. Thank you for that Grace

You’re welcome, Pinks! Thanks so much for judging!┬áThe winners may now grab their badges! Thanks so much to everyone who participated! See you next Sunday!


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