Sinful Sunday Week # 16

Happy New Year! Welcome to the first Sinful Sunday of 2013! Last week’s winner was unable to judge, so our judge today is last week’s runner up, PreciousPinks!

 Pinks resides in the heart of love where she wears only baby’s breath in her hair.  Truth is her singular medium.  She walks like snowflakes fall, flanked by a one-dog army.  She’s primitive, pristine, and not afraid of you.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Sinful Sunday Flash Fiction contest rules, please check them out! You must use both the photo prompt and word prompt in some way. The  minimum is 100, maximum 200, and don’t forget to include your word count and twitter handle!

Word prompt: In need of:  To have a powerful sexual urge. See horny for synonyms. (To be-infatuated-with. See love for synonyms.)

Photo prompt:

Get those steamy thoughts going! You have until midnight EST to get your flash fiction in!


  1. Gingerandgreen says:

    “Word prompt: In need of: To have a powerful sexual urge.” – what is the actual word prompt? Is it missing? 🙂

    • Sorry I forgot the link to sexis-lexis! It’s a vague prompt this week, which gives you a lot of options! Our judge chose:
      In need of:”
      1. To have a powerful sexual urge. See horny for synonyms.
      2. To be-infatuated-with . See love for synonyms.
      So you can choose from the actual prompt or any synonym you want! 🙂

  2. It was cold.

    My nose hurt from it.

    But when he cupped my face and rested his forehead to mine…it all faded away, the people, the snow, the painful cold air.

    When he spoke those words,
    “You…I need you, more than I need to breathe, my heart aches when you aren’t here.”

    I melted. I caved. I thought my heart was going to explode.

    As his thumb caressed by cheek and his breath warmed my lips; I looked into his eyes, and saw everything I was feeling reflected back at me.

    We stopped there, face to face, lips millimeters apart, just breathing each other in, letting our eyes speak. The moment our lips finally met, those sweet, tender emotions flipped to ravenous, carnal desire.

    I was in need of…him. I had never felt this amount of desire; so quickly before. I wanted to be consumed by him. I wanted to feel him everywhere – all at once. And I wanted it to happen NOW.

    I broke our kiss, grabbed his hand & began to drag him back to our apartment to do just that.

    184 words

  3. “I miss you so much” she groans as she slides her finger against her wetness. Her head rolls back against the headboard and I watch her breasts rise and fall. Her breaths become irregular.

    “I miss you, too baby.”

    My cock is throbbing, dripping in my hand. I pump faster. She’s what I need, what I want and what I can’t live without.

    I know she’s getting close. I’ve seen it many times but I need her flesh. This is not enough.

    She looks into the camera, her eyes dark with desire, finger fucking herself. Her mouth slightly open and I can see the tip of her tongue. Her eyes roll, her body stiffens and begins trembling as her orgasm takes over.


    Sixteen hours after I close my laptop and travel 4000 miles, I’m walking through the park towards my love. I can’t wait any longer. I’m in need of her.

    I can see her from here. She’s watching the snowflakes flutter to the ground. A small smile graces her lips when our eyes meet. My heart swells at the sight of her. She’s so beautiful.

    I reach out and touch her cheek.

    “Surprise baby, I’m home” I whisper.

    200 Words

  4. She’s air.

    It doesn’t matter how much I breathe her in, it’ll never be enough. We pant in each other’s faces. We kiss and we touch. I take her warm-despite-the-weather face in my hands and live in her parted lips and hooded eyes for a moment. I want to love her as much as I want to break her. I want to beg. I want to fall to my knees and worship her. I’m in need of consuming her; her body, her mind, her soul, her fingertips and her bones. I want to show her that I’m enough.

    Time is never on my side, because I ask too much of it. So I settle for a kiss; a long, languid, fervent kiss that I hope she can feel to the darkest parts of her soul. I know I do.

    Before I’m even remotely satisfied, we stop.

    Time is never enough.

    “I have to go.” She whispers and I nod. There’s nothing I can do but to let her slip away.

    Frozen, white tears fall from the sky as I watch her go back to him with love-tainted lips.

    She’s air and when she’s gone…I can’t breathe.

    196 words.

  5. antonio angelo says:

    “I can’t believe you thought I was in need of this book.”

    “Oh sweetie I don’t think you need it, I just thought it would be fun.”

    “Don’t you fucking call me sweetie.”

    “Oh is my big strong man mad.”

    “Fuck off maybe I should get you a book.”

    “What book would you get for me.”

    “The bitches guide to fucking up a relationship.”

    “That is just mean you don’t mean that.”

    “We are done, I am getting my shit and leaving.”

    “Don’t be like that, you know I love you.”

    “You love me enough to buy me ‘how to make above average love with a below average penis’ ”

    “Quit being so sensitive, I just thought it might help us out a bit.”

    “No that won’t help us out, is it really that below average?”

    “its not a big deal.”


    “that’s not what I meant.”

    Give me that book.”

    “So you will give it a try.”

    “With my next girlfriend.”

    “That’s so not fair.”

    167 words

  6. Gingerandgreen says:

    The monochrome graveyard looks defiled by the intricately woven floral arrangements. They make my eyes sting, so I turn them to the heavens instead. Flakes of snow settle on my eyelashes, blurring my vision.

    I feel his eyes on me. Scared of pity, I avoid them as long as I can; their insistence burns, compels, urges, until I cautiously comply. I am immediately, irrevocably lost.

    Reality recedes. Leaden eyelids fall to shield my vulnerability. His hands caress my face, anchoring me to his fingertip embrace. His forehead presses to mine as though the touch of skull to skull will channel telepathic knowledge, my desperation to be held, his aching determination to hold.

    Our lips brush with a rush of heat. He opens his mouth and welcomes me home; I sink into his compassionate depths, wet with succour. I want to climb inside, rest on the rise and fall of his gentle tongue, hide behind the glistening slick white of his teeth, bathe in the rushing breath of his groan.

    I succumb, submit, surrender. There is no hiding my need of him. Let everyone know where I honestly belong.

    What freedom, what relief there is in trust.

    196 words by Gingerandgreen

  7. They stood in the snow, nose to nose, their breath steaming in the frigid air, and Quinn wondered why he’d fought against his attraction. Maia pressed her body against his chest seeking comfort, her hands fisting in his coat.

    “It’s all right, Maia. You’re safe. I’ve got you.”

    “You killed them.” She shivered.

    “In defense. As per your request.” He wrapped his arms around her. “We’re safe for the moment.”

    “Thank you, Quinn.” She laid her head against his chest. “Thank you so much.”

    “Let’s get out of the open. It’s cold and I don’t want anything else to notice us here.” He cupped her cheek and gave her his best reassuring smile. “Come. I think we can have a fire now.”

    They settled in the cave and he set the fire, then curled around her, enjoying the scent of her hair. His cock stirred, reminding him he was in need of feeling her skin against his own, her soft moans filling the warming air. He skimmed a hand down her side, cupping her hip, and pulled her closer. Maia whimpered and tipped her head back, inviting him to kiss her.

    Thank God. He sealed his lips to hers.

    199 #WIP500 words

  8. “Welcome back. How long can you stay?” She whispered.

    Their breath warmed the air between them as he prepared to experience the flavor of their joined passion.

    Six months, 5 days, 14 hours and 28 minutes. That’s how long it had been since he’d seen her, since he’d held her, since his body joined with hers and they’d exploded together.

    Trying to keep his composure when his body ached for completion was difficult, but he could wait. Her face told the story…eyes closed, shallow breaths, and the quick fluttering pulse he could see at her throat, she was as needy as he. The future was waiting with soft kisses, deep moans and hard thrusts.

    He needed her smile, her touch, her essence… her being. It’d taken a long time, but he finally had it all.

    “I’m here for good,” he murmured. Her eyes opened and lit up as she jumped into his arms. Her legs wrapped around him fitting their most favorite parts together like a lock and key as she found the secret he’d been hiding.

    She quirked her eyebrow at him. “Since we’re both so happy to see each other, let’s go home.”

    195 words

  9. “Come for a walk with me?”
    Six weeks inpatient, another six of physical therapy. This homecoming party was boring and too warm. My bones ached for air, and he knew.
    Four inches of snow wasn’t deep, just enough to obscure the path. We made our own, leaving a million unique little flakes crushed under Timberland logos and Doc Marten’s textured crosses.
    “Want to play?”
    “Okay,” I smiled. “You start.”
    “No more short words!” I stumbled on a hidden curb, but his arm in mine held me up.
    “Foot okay, baby?”
    “Yeah, it’s fine. My turn, right?”
    “Need.” My metatarsals burned, begging for warmth and rest.
    He sighed. “So far we have ‘I-am-in-need-of-your’ … it all comes down to this, huh?”
    He stopped, turning to me, wind stirring the loose snow around us. His hands were so warm, untouched by the cold as he leaned down, bringing them to my face. I closed my eyes.
    Thank you, I thought. Thank you for this moment.
    “Love,” he whispered, warmth bathing my smile.
    I hummed, gratefully, heavenly.
    He laughed, the sound sparkling like a star between us.
    “Wait, can I change that to ‘fuck’?”

    202 words – oh well.

  10. “More”

    Alex ‘s fingertips sweep up Lynn’s spine creating layers of shivers. The sleep-softened sheets feel cool and smooth over her breasts and belly as she hangs off the end of the bed watching fluffy snowflakes floating by outside.

    “Again?” His lips whisper over the back of her neck.

    She starts to turn, but the weight of his body presses her to the mattress. Alex’s thrusts are deep and measured. His hot breath sears her neck and shoulder, their skin sliding deliciously over the silken sheen of sweat coating them. This time he takes her slow and reverent, drawing out their pleasure as long as possible.

    Afterward, Alex’s heart pounds between Lynn’s shoulder blades as he embraces her by the window. Nausea and dread roil in the pit of her stomach as their time comes to a close—their last time.

    Lynn spots her neighbors kissing and nuzzling as they frolic in the freshly fallen snow. Jealousy stabs through her.

    “Change your mind.” His voice is hoarse.


    “I hate this.”

    She needs more.

    More than Alex can give her.

    “Goodbye, Alex.”

    She watches his Audi pull away, returning to her sister.

    A tear slides down Lynn’s cheek.

    200 #WIP500 words

  11. She walks fast, the cold biting at her cheeks. He’s right behind her, his footsteps heavier, purposeful.

    “Dani, stop!”

    Her heart thuds painfully, wanting to crack like the crust of winter that breaks beneath her boot-heels . She slips but he’s there, catching her arm, spinning her to face him.

    HIs breath steams. “Damn it, stop running from me!”

    Denial is swallowed down as he cups her face so tenderly, ungloved hands miraculously warm.

    “I’m afraid!” she admits, snowflakes kissing her lips, melting on her confession.

    He presses his forehead to hers. “Remember last night? How perfect we were together?”

    Memories bring a flood of heat that warms from the soul out.

    “I can still taste you,” he tells her quietly. “I can still feel your skin on mine, hear the sounds you made when you came for me.”

    His grip tightens. “I love you.”

    She slumps against him, bones softening, feeling his strength in the way he holds her like a treasure, so in need of him it hurts.

    “You can’t.”

    He smiles lightly. “I can. I do.”

    Shivering, wanting, she burrows closer.

    “It’s a brand new year,” he whispers. “Take a chance, sweet girl. I’m a safe bet.”

    200 words exactly – wants to be a few thousand more…

  12. Cold lands on my skin, pinpricks of chill that ripple out from their epicenter. Nose to nose, your hands are icy on my cheeks. I close my eyes, feel your frozen smile under my lips.

    I sigh, and you think I’m caught up in this moment you’ve worked so hard to manufacture. That I’m overwhelmed by the romance of sweet kisses in the snow, lost in our postcard-perfect kiss.

    But I sigh because I’m weary. I’m tired of being courted.

    A surfeit of sweetness, my stomach turns at yet another oh-so-amazing gesture.

    Fuck you, and your gestures.

    Or more to the point, fuck me.

    I don’t need your tenderness and romance.

    I need you cursing and spun out of control. I need your lips hard on mine, consuming.

    I need to watch you push inside me. I need to see sweat bead on your brow, and the tendons in your neck pulled taut as your jaw clenches tight.

    I need to sit above you, your hands on my tits, your eyes squeezed tight like you can’t bear to look at me for a moment more.

    I need to feel that rush of power as you come undone beneath me.

    199 words

  13. Emmanuelle Nathan says:

    The Moment

    Looking at his watch he sighs. She’s running late again. Or will this be the time that she doesn’t show? He looks across the square and sees a couple sitting on a bench holding hands and talking despite the light snow that falls.

    “Sorry I’m late.” She’s breathless from hurrying, the cold air capturing her words. She looks up at him. “I’ve missed you.”

    He saw her yesterday for a snatched hour and he’d teased her mercilessly, leaving her unsatisfied and yearning. He knows what she needs and that, unlike before, he isn’t going to give it to her. They’ve been doing this for too long. He’s sick of the game, the uncertainty, and wants to step back into reality.

    He cups her face and kisses her deeply.

    “How is my pet today?”

    “Good. I’ve been good. ”

    He doesn’t need her to tell him this. By the look in her eye he knows that itch from their last meeting still needs to be scratched.

    “Shall we go in?” She asks.

    “Not yet. First you have to tell me something.”

    This is the moment. This is when she must choose between him or her lover.

    195 words

  14. She felt the snow on her forehead, his hands on her cheeks, his breath against her face. He held her with such care, looked at her with such admiration. Leaned in to kiss her, and she let him.

    Velvety softness touched her mouth, and she closed her eyes at the sensation.

    This is what she wanted, needed. Craved. She remembered their encounter earlier, when his fingertips had trailed over her skin, leaving no inch of her unexplored. Acutely aware of his touch, she had soaked in his affection. They had come together so perfectly, her body bloomed at the memory alone.

    “I wish I could stay here forever,” he said longingly when he pulled back. He blinked away a snowflake that clung to his lashes, and she wanted to cry at the beauty of him. “You know,” he mused, “I don’t even feel the cold.”

    She merely smiled.

    Of course he didn’t feel the cold. He didn’t yesterday, nor the day before that, or the day before that. Caught in her time loop, he was unaware of the spell she’d cast.

    But she wasn’t remorseful.

    Her need for him was so much stronger than his right to freedom, after all.

    200 words

  15. Jan Meredith says:


    Snow pelted the windshield of Blake’s CRV as he navigated the treacherous highway. He wouldn’t curse the inclimate weather because the heavy snow had canceled her flight. Leave it to Nan to go on her honeymoon alone after leaving her groom standing at the altar.

    Six months ago, Blake had laughed when his childhood friend lifted her arms and shouted to the universe, “Send me a good man!” Today, less than six hours ago, he watched her walking down the aisle toward that man, and the hollow ache that formed in his chest threatened to take him to his knees.

    Pinpointing the actual day he’d fallen in love with Nan was impossible, but as he stood beside the groom, his best friend, Dale, all he could think was, She’s marrying the wrong man.

    He spotted her standing on the curb, hailing a taxi. He didn’t care if he was illegally parked, just jumped out and thrust his fingers through her hair.

    “Why, Nan?” he whispered.

    “I couldn’t do it.”

    “You asked for a good man, and they don’t get any better than Dale.”

    “A good man, yes,” her lashes drifted down, “but you’re the best man.”

    199 words

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