Sinful Sunday Week # 17 Results

It’s so awesome to have a bunch of regulars who come to this site on Sundays now. I really love everything you guys put out there. Thank you so much for participating! That being said, Judge ElleNathan did have to choose a winner, so here’s what she had to say:


Wow. Judging this was difficult as all the entries painted strong, immediate snap-shots that left me wanting more. What is going to happen next to the kidnapped girl in @AntonioAngelo21’s piece? What will be the fallout from reality intruding on the fantasies of the couple in @gingerandgreen’s story? Not to mention the emotional intensity in @darklybeautiful and @Aleeab4u’s entries…


However, in the end @ElleTwrites won out. This tale is carefully balanced between alluding to the intimacy between the protagonists, and the complexity of their history and present, leaving the reader wondering how long it can last.

Thank you all for sharing.

Congratulations! You may now grab your badge and be revered far and wide. Have a great week everyone!

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