Sinful Sunday Week # 17

It’s another Sunday to get more sin in! This week’s judge is last week’s winner, ElleNathan!

Emmanuelle Nathan still can’t believe she won something! She’s an avid reader and editor, and only started dipping her toe in the writing pond over the last couple of years. The experience has increased her admiration for writers; being a wordsmith is no easy path.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Sinful Sunday Flash Fiction contest rules, please check them out! You must use both the photo prompt and word prompt in some way. The  minimum is 100, maximum 200, and don’t forget to include your word count and twitter handle!

Word prompt:

Mysteries of Venus: Literary reference to sexual love and intercourse. See copulation for synonyms.

Photo prompt:

Get those steamy thoughts going! You have until midnight EST to get your flash fiction in!


  1. Venus wasn’t mysterious; she was kinky. After their spark of chemistry over demitasse cups of bitter espresso, she’d asked Mars back to her place, and wasn’t shy about telling him exactly what she wanted.

    And he hadn’t been shy about giving it to her, and taking what he wanted in return.

    She wanted cuffs; he wanted to leave her writhing.

    She wanted to remain a little bit dressed; he wanted her in something demure but slutty.

    Their bodies went together like magma beneath a glacier, explosions of sublimated energy blowing pieces of their passion off like shrapnel, to melt and harden over and over again.

    Venus brought him love; Mars brought her war.

    The coffee never got any better, but the sex made up for it.

  2. Gingerandgreen says:


    Alec staves off his meltdown as he contemplates the collision of sin-laden worlds: work and desire; dirt and heat; aggression and adoration.

    In Sarah’s mind, the cuffs were a logical progression in play. This is what she gives him – her body, freedom, unequaled trust. He recognises the power she seizes by relinquishing herself to him, and he’s fucking grateful. His need to control her pleasure and release is a primal, animal thing. It gets him through the infernal unease of his godforsaken job.

    But the bite of the metal cuffs is a step into reality for him; fantasy for her. The juxtaposition of the mysteries of his exquisite, vulnerable Venus with his unyielding tool of trade – well, it screws things up a bit.

    He shakes it off. Focuses on her gift. He recalls her describing the joy she takes in unfolding her control, opening leaves of herself like a bud in bloom, all for him. She’s so sweet. How can he not bite the fruit she offers?

    “Kneel,” he commands, and the rough domination in his own voice charges his blood with power.

    The instant she obeys, Alec’s world is in its proper place.

    197 words by @Gingerandgreen

  3. “How do you call this?”

    “Mysteries of Venus.”

    “It can’t be. I don’t love you.”

    “But I love you.”

    “I guess I’m sorry about that.”

    “I know you’re not.”

    Without warning, I place the silk scarf over her eyes. Her breathing accelerates and her nipples harden. I take a moment to appreciate the work of art she represents; delicious softness and summer-kissed skin. At the moment, she can’t stay still. I can only imagine the hundredth thoughts running through her mind. She’s a thinker, my little pet.

    I arrange her body the way I want and she lets me. Her precious body knows what her mind won’t acknowledge. She needs this. She needs me. She’s just confused about the reasons.

    It’s not about love…

    She whimpers through the fabric I just placed over her mouth.

    “Shh,” I say, playing with her hair. “Let’s make you soar, butterfly.” I whisper in her ear as I lock the handcuffs in her wrists. She relaxes immediately.

    …it’s about freedom.

    At least, that’s what I tell myself.

    173, words. (What an ugly number)

  4. Sam Overton says:

    The handcuffs were snapped around my wrists, the cold metal cooling my heated flesh. He lets go of my now joined hands and they rest against the soft black lace of my panties. He walks around to stand in front of me, and I hold my breath in anticipation. We were about to perform the mysteries of Venus, an experience I had never felt before. He kneels down before me, his golden eyes blazing with the sexual power that I knew he possessed. He was a god, made in the heavens and placed on this earth to pleasure women everywhere. With deft fingers, he unsnaps the back of my bra and pulls the soft black silk bra off of my chest, freeing my breasts. As the cool air of the room, mixed with his raw sexual passion, hits my chest, my nipples tightened. His hands skillfully maneuvered around my breasts, making my back arch, pushing my breasts against his large palms. A moan slipped through my lips, and my eyes slowly closed. And, with my eyes closed, the outside world was shut out. There was nothing now that mattered except him and his sensual touch.
    Words: 188
    Twitter: darklybeautiful

  5. antonio angelo says:

    “I don’t understand it, women throw themselves at you, I have seen you slip off with super models, movie stars, singers, you have made love to some of the most beautiful women in the world.”

    “The mysteries of Venus my friend, I want someone that doesn’t want me.”

    “It’s wrong, you can’t harm this girl.”

    “This is Russia my friend, nothing is wrong in Russia.”

    “Does she even speak English?”

    “I didn’t grab her for the conversation.”

    “You really just took her off the street.”

    “It’s exhilarating I feel so alive right now.”

    “You are fucking sick.”

    “I won’t harm her, she is so delicate, vulnerable, beautiful I will make sweet wonderful love to her, she will share her body with me and when I am done I will reward her for her generosity.”

    “She isn’t sharing, you kidnapped her.”

    “She will share willingly; have you no faith in my charms?”

    The woman face down handcuffed and shaking she recoiled as a hand gently stroked her back, there was gentleness in the touch but it could not penetrate the fear. This stranger ran his fingers through her hair and over her quivering body, her tears soaked the blindfold.

    200 words

  6. Denied

    I’ve been kneeling for hours. Or minutes. Time is slippery when I am Venus. Each of my seconds belonging only to him. He gathered the loose threads of my focus, and pulled them into a smooth, tight knot.

    The heat of his palm still burns my wrists.

    He pants, staccato and hot, against my shoulder. Close enough to taste my salty skin, but never touching. The rhythmic slap of flesh on flesh is a metronome for my heart. I yearn to turn my head, to watch. But I am watched, not watching.

    Instead, I hold a breath. Swallow the clean-sweat scent of him, sharp and seductive. My body, thrumming, anticipates a scalding blast.

    He stills and I’m denied again.

    Please. Please. Please.

    One touch and I’ll unravel. I am made of wanting, riding a desperate edge, where every subtle shift vibrates between my thighs. Tethered by his command, this rapture lasts for hours. Or minutes. Time is slippery.

    This is love. This moment, suspended in mystery, alive in the space between us. Our desire is infinite.

    Oh, how he breaks me. But, it’s more of a bending than a break, like a green branch twisted to it’s limits.

    200 Words

  7. The weight of the world slips away beneath the weight of handcuffs. Master adjusts them, cold metal sliding over my warm wrists as they tighten, taking my freedom and gifting pleasure in return. Sublime submission settles over me, comfort inherent in release. Here, kneeling in this room, I’m free from all preconceived notions and titles, existing only for Master’s pleasure. I will explore the varied mysteries of Venus at his command, and I will love every decadent moment.

    Master tugs the cuffs. The sharp bite of unrelenting restraint sets butterflies free-flying in my tummy. Awareness heightens as he releases and circles, strong hands skimming my shoulders, searching for undue tension. Master is always careful, and in his care I feel cherished.

    There’s a momentary pause before a blindfold settles over my eyes. Awareness sharpens with the loss of sight. Dormant nerves awaken and pulse, my hidden senses scrambling to compensate. I smell his heat and power, and I’m wrapped further in this alternate mind sense, swaddled in a cloak of lush sex and kink.

    Delicious tension swirls low, curling like a hot palm over my sex. Breathless, I wait for Master’s next move.

    195 words

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