Sinful Sunday Week # 18 Results

I was secretly cackling yesterday, knowing how the awesome mix of prompts was going to make judge ElleTwrites‘ job even harder. That’s what you get when you win twice at Sinful Sunday! *evil laugh*

Onto the results…

It was so hard to choose one, but I don’t want you guys to think I’m just saying that. It really was difficult for me. I’m extremely thankful to everyone who participated. All of the entries were a joy to read. Now, I’ll shut up…here are my picks.
Honorable Mention: Aleea. “Shh, you know I won’t hurt you.” *squirms* Why do I find that sentence so sexy? I really don’t know, but it’s so up the alley of the theme that this entry deserved its HM. I had a really hard time choosing who to place here, but here it is. The concept was interesting to me and it could be explored so much further. A really good one.


Runner Up: Clara Farnell. This entry came so, so close to winning. The theme was so beautifully balanced. The prompts were used in a very artistic but simple way. The concept was so intriguing. It left me wanting more. And the last two sentences made swoon-sigh-tingle-smile. So, so good.


Winner: Shari Slade. This entry is definitely the winner of this week for me. It’s well written, compelling, intriguing, and powerful. Every sentence subtly tells us the story of both the present and the history of the characters. The commands were strong but managed to convey intimacy at the same time and that last sentence…God, I wish you could’ve had more than 200 words. Awesome work. Congratulations!

Thanks so much to everyone for participating and congratulations to the winners! You may now grab your badges! See you all next week, and don’t forget to stay sinful! 😉


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