Sinful Sunday Week # 18

We’re doing things a little differently this week. Our judge today is second-time winner ElleTwrites, and I like to make things a bit more challenging for my judges the second time around.

Today we have a theme in addition to a word prompt, as well as two photo prompts!

If you’re unfamiliar with the usual Sinful Sunday Flash Fiction contest rules, please check them out! You must use both the photo prompt and word prompt (and today, the theme) in some way. The  word minimum is 100, maximum 200, and don’t forget to include your word count and twitter handle!


Sweet Darkness. Our judge is looking for entries dealing with what would normally be a dark, or evil situation, but manage to convey intimacy, sensual-ism and even sweetness. Make her swoon over a dark character!

Word prompt:

Inhibition: The conscious or unconscious blocking of certain natural behaviors or impulses, usually resulting from such factors as emotional insecurity, fear of consequences, moral qualms, social or cultural forces, guilt; the condition inducing this restraint.  Synonyms: barrier, block, hang-up (hangup), shyness.

Photo prompts:



Get those steamy thoughts going! You have until midnight EST to get your flash fiction in!


  1. antonio angelo says:

    She said I was a racist, well that isn’t entirely untrue. I was born and raised and did most of my learning under people who thought that way. Now you would think with my narrow world view and her high minded all girls eastern college attitude that we wouldn’t have a thing in common and you would mostly be right.
    She come storming into my office demanding I address her concerns all fire and anger over some perceived injustice. I listened and agreed that the circumstances did indeed seem a bit unfair, but this was Alabama. Well somewhere between the cussing and the complaining she caught hold of my eye and she didn’t back down one bit. She got more determined than ever and she stuck her pretty little face right up in mine and that is when passion took hold and inhibition packed its bags and left. It started with a kiss, and before I knew it I had her bound up in her clothes and was sinking the great white hope into a chocolate dream and Sheriff before you got involved I was thinking of asking that fine lady to marry me and that’s the God honest truth.

    200 words

  2. Gingerandgreen says:

    Re: Your emails, calls, texts

    Hey Martin,

    Bet you’re surprised to hear from me? My therapist made me write to you after the ‘incident’ in my office.

    I’m good at many things, but not emotion. Not for 18 years now. Long story.

    The feeling I strive successfully to engender in others is fear. Never worked on you, did it? Your teasing frustrated me, so I pushed.

    Your anger thrilled me. You dropped your inhibition like a radiation suit in a shower, which is ironic, because you lit an inferno inside me.

    You took my mouth; stole it. As soon as you did, I gave everything else away. Everything. All of my ice and ire still floats in the atmosphere of my company, but I am left bare.

    I submitted to you utterly. You stripped me open, exposed my flesh, flayed my secrets raw, consumed my foolish borders and entered my frozen enclave with your fire. What there is left of me is now yours. I genuflect to your genius.

    Perhaps you should know, I wasn’t on any form of birth control. You own more than me, Martin. More than the both of us.

    Take your time to respond.


    200 words by Gingerandgreen

  3. Sheviking says:

    ”Do it.”
    ”Please, wait.”
    ”No.” My answer is short, clipped. “Undress. I want you. Now.”
    “Please. I can’t!”
    Panic in her voice, in her eyes. I soften everywhere, except for my cock.
    “Love.” One hand tangles in her hair, the other grips her chin. Against her lips I whisper, “Fucking do as I say, or else.”
    I force my mouth on hers, my tongue in her mouth. She moans, wants this so badly. Yet I’m not surprised when she sobs:
    “I can’t! I’m sorry!”
    The sound of her defeat is heartbreaking.
    She struggles feebly as I tie her hands, yank down her top and expose her tits. When I slap them, she gasps. When I pinch her nipples, she groans. Bent over the back of the couch I see true evidence of her want. She squirms under my scrutiny and probing fingers. Still. I blame her parents’ teachings: Sex is sinful. Before me, she couldn’t come. She needs this. Needs my firm hand. Needs me.
    “Gonna fuck you now,” I say, unzipping. “You’ll come. Understand?”
    She nods, sobbing.
    I thrust, she arches. I spank, she moans. Finally, she lets it go.
    There is no room for shame here.
    Only love.

    200 words

  4. In a way, it wasn’t as if she ever said ‘no’ to him, now had she.

    Or maybe she did. But in the end, it didn’t matter. She was his to own, to take. And under his control, she was stripped bare of all her inhibitions. No excuses, and no room for shame.

    In his taking, she knew, he gave. Gave everything she needed from him. Hard, demanding kisses that made her yield, finally, finally. Her legs weak from the power of his commands. It became more and more easy to give, until she didn’t question herself anymore. Didn’t wonder why she craved these dark depravities.

    She offered him all, was his to use. His need for her fulfilled her like nothing else had ever done. When like just now, he bared her with a force she knew would leave bruises on her skin. Bent over the desk, her wrists captured behind her back, her butt bared for his hand to strike or caress.

    She moaned in desperate want.

    As his hand hit her flesh, she suddenly knew again why she thrived. For deep down she knew she wasn’t just his. She’d conquered him in return, as well.

    198 words.


  5. It was only when she pushed her way through the crowds towards the bar that she realised that this one might be her last time.

    She could feel life pumping around her as the bass line resonated in her heartbeat. The EKG had made the same sound.

    ‘Let go, life has no further need of you’ whispered a voice in her ear and the thought made her bite her lip until it bled. The cut burned when the whiskey touched it.

    Forgetting was easier then and when a stranger’s hand closed around her fingers, inhibition disappeared. His hips against hers spoke of freedom and his mouth next to her ear reminded her of times long gone.

    ‘Let me take you away.’

    His right grabbed her hair and didn’t let go.

    She gasped, instinct kicking in with force. When she started to struggle, his hands on her were firm, holding her mouth in place.

    ‘No’ she gasped, all sound lost against the backdrop of the ever pounding beat.
    ‘Now’ he answered. ‘Let go!’

    His voice against her lips was as sharp as the command.

    It was only when he pushed into her that she understood the sweetness of his request.

    199 words

  6. Misguided Amelioration

    I fuck his ghost repeatedly, convincing myself of exorcism, sure the next thrust will drive him out.
    “Harder,” I gasp into your open mouth.

    Each time my hand involuntarily grips the sweaty flesh where buttock meets thigh, I’m pulling his cock deeper into the once-sweet center of me. Your face melts into his and this becomes an exercise in futility.
    “Don’t look at me.”

    I am ruined; tenaciously clinging to the duplicity of touch. I am twisting your caresses into curses. You, who will be anything for me.
    “Rip them off.”

    Gritting my teeth, bent over and bare, I wait. I am still unwilling to fully voice this need, to admit this degradation will cauterize a wound. My desire is violent and long buried. I buried it with him.
    “Make me.”

    “You don’t have to forget.” You say it over and over, like a psalm.

    That you would have me, knowing it’s him I feel, is torture. You have slipped past my defenses, one careful finger exploring my cunt’s liquid folds. When you capture my clit, my inhibitions are undone.
    “I can’t forget him.”

    But I do. And you are finally inside me.

    196 words

  7. She’d known he’d come for her. As he’d left the courtroom a free man his gaze had been full of dark promise. Finding him on her couch drinking her whiskey wasn’t a surprise.

    You couldn’t cage someone like him.

    Running didn’t cross her mind. She’d seen the photographic evidence of his strength. The iron muscles under inked skin beneath his suit haunted her dreams.

    He rose and came to her, pressing close and fisting her hair. One tug and his mouth was on hers, stealing every inhibition. She whimpered.

    “Shh, you know I won’t hurt you.”

    She did know. He’d killed three men, but they’d deserved far worse.

    He spun her around, yanking her blouse open. Buttons scattered as he pulled the material, binding her arms. Dragging her panties down, he touched where she already wept for him. She nearly came.

    “Don’t hold out on me now, Prosecutor.”

    “You belong in jail.”

    “I think I belong ‘in’ you.”

    She felt him there, hot, insistent.

    “Say no and I’ll stop.”

    Her hips pushed back, needing him, this. He gave, oddly careful, fingers sliding over her clit softly. Then he took, hard, and her careful world of right and wrong disintegrated completely.

    200 words

  8. That little black book
    Although the names in that book aren’t for my pleasure, they are for my benefit.
    22 names. 22 of the sexiest men I have ever seen….until him.
    Number 23. He stands above the rest and miles beyond my expectations.
    His hair, his face, his hands are magnificent but that smile and those eyes are out of this world.
    His body is killer and his voice, like sex.
    I lie to him. I tell him he needs to prove his skills. He must make me believe he means every touch, every kiss.
    He turns and locks the door. With his hand on the knob, he looks at me over his shoulder with darkened eyes, parted lips and no inhibitions.
    In an instant he pulls my hair back and grabs my face. His mouth is on mine, tasting me.
    He kisses my neck while ripping my top open and swiftly turns me around.
    He lifts my skirt and yanks down my panties. I hear a zipper just before he slams into me.
    He leans forward placing his lips by my ear and grunt-whispers,
    “I’m not here for a job. I’m here for you.”
    I smile
    Back to 22

    200 words

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