Sinful Sunday Week # 19 Results

I was completely blown away by the sheer talent in the entries yesterday. Really, amazing stuff. Here’s what judge ShariSlade had to say!

I can’t believe the number of ineligible entries. (I’m seriously shaking my fist at YogaCat, because…damn.) But this isn’t just an exercise in storytelling, it’s an exercise in precise language, tone, implication…And I am blown away, because the entries that *do* qualify are seriously great. Each story was a unique take on the deliciously ambiguous prompt. Nun, Addict, School Girl, Prostitute, Wife, Victim, Predator.  Really, this was a near impossible task. I stalked the posts all day, chewing my nails and wondering how the heck I was ever going to choose. You all rock. But, needs must…


Honorable Mention: Gingerandgreen, Every. Single. Word. in this entry counts. And it sets my teeth on edge. Much the same way the prompt image did the first time I saw it. While I can’t call it “sexy” it was an emotional gut punch, beautifully written, that I thoroughly enjoyed.


Runner Up: Aleea, I kept coming back to this entry, the defrocked nun really captured the innocent/erotic nature of both the word & picture prompt. Such a tightly woven vignette, such a compelling image…the willing victim. Totally sinful.


Winner: Lisa McCourt Hollar, under the wire. I love the power shift, the image of the young woman as the debaucher. Also “I can’t…my vow.” *squee* so much conflict packed into that little protest! Two compelling characters, a strong narrative, a sexy interlude. Oh, Father de Briccassart, that was hot. Congratulations.

The winners may now grab their badges! Congratulations and thanks to everyone for participating! See you all next week!

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