Sinful Sunday Week #2

It’s week two of the Sinful Sunday Flash Fiction contest! If you’re not familiar with the rules of this contest, make sure to check them out first here!

Our judge this week is last week’s winner, Jen DeSantis!

Jen DeSantis is a horror and paranormal author who lives with her husband just outside of Philadelphia. She received her bachelor’s degree in English Language and Literature from Immaculata University and studied Medieval Literature at Villanova University. For much of her life, she’s been fascinated with tales of the fantastic, ranging from dark fairy tales as a child to the macabre horror of Stephen King as she got older. Jen has a healthy love of cemeteries, believing they are a resting place of stories waiting to be told. She is a self-professed coffee-snob and a bibliophile; it’s rare to see Jen without a book and coffee in hand. Jen’s two children and her best friend, a chocolate Lab named Dug, fill up much of her spare time with equal parts laughter and mess. When not reading, writing or playing mommy, Jen is honing her skills as a karate master. She’s currently a yellow belt, but has her sights set on black. Jen is currently seeking representation for her first book, Demon Reborn: Leteh’s Quest. Her first published short story, Spirit of the Shoal, appears in From the Depths (Winter, 2011), a journal produced by Haunted Waters.

Here’s the prompt she chose:

You have until 9pm EST to get in your flash fiction! We can’t wait to see how sinful you can get!


  1. That’s it. Grind a little more. Get nasty. Hold it right there. Good. Hands up. Pull your hair a little. Moan if you want to. That catch in your breathing is so hot. Lose yourself to the feelings. Show off. Put on a performance. Lose the shirt. Slowly. Focus on how sultry everything is right in the moment. Forget the camera. Fuck the camera. Harder. Do it. Faster. That’s it. That’s it. Closer. Hotter. Tighter. More. Come on. Do it. Do. It.



    The bodies were found intertwined. She’d been beheaded; he’d been strangled with his own camera strap. The memory card was never found.


  2. “Fuck me, you’re beautiful.”

    She straddled my thighs, appearing through the camera as a goddess rising over me.

    “You know that, right?”

    I filmed every move she made. I would watch these precious moments over and over. Three months abroad.


    Her arms lifted and the white dress shirt she’d filched from my closet parted. Beneath it, her black bra and panties promised wicked sin. Smiling, she sank down until her damp heat stroked the length of my cock. I reached out one desperate hand, gripping her hip.

    “Come back soon, baby.”

    “Oh, I’ll come,” she promised. “So will you.”

    100 words

  3. “Lean forward.” Her thighs clench my waist. “Just a little- like that. Good girl.”
    Sliding a hand free from my camera, I tug her shirt away from her lace-covered breasts. She always looks good, but her outfit today did something extra to me. Every appointment we have, she surprises me. Today’s suit, tie, and black lingerie was beyond just a fantasy. I couldn’t rip it off her fast enough. She loves to show off though, so I have my camera on her. As she writhes on top of me with every click of the lens, I can feel her getting more aroused.
    I set my camera on the floor then pull her hard into my straining cock.
    “I’ve been very patient,” I huff petulantly as I drag her shirt off.
    “Mmmm… you have.” She unclasps her bra, letting it fall away. “What ever shall I do to reward you, sir?”
    “You could think of something,” I whisper, dragging a finger under the lace of her panties. “How much time do we have?”
    She moans and pushes forward meeting my eager fingers. “He’ll be back at six.”
    And with my deadline in mind, I growl, “Then let’s not waste a minute.”

  4. And that’s time! Thanks so much for participating you guys!

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