Sinful Sunday Week # 21

Welcome to another Sinful Sunday!  This week’s judge is last week’s champion and second-time judge Rebecca Kovar! As you already know, I like to make things a bit more difficult…erm, I mean challenging for my judges the second time around. So today we have a theme in addition to a word prompts and as two photo prompts!

If you’re unfamiliar with the usual Sinful Sunday Flash Fiction contest rules, please check them out! You must use both the photo prompts and word prompts (and today, the theme) in some way. The  word minimum is 100, maximum 200, and don’t forget to include your word count and twitter handle!


Twist of fate

Word prompts:

Exposed. See naked for synonyms.

Photo prompts:


Get those steamy thoughts going! You have until midnight EST to get your flash fiction in!


  1. He’s so light in his darkness.



    He’s focused and sharp and he has set his eyes on me. I have no choice but to submit.

    I’m helpless in his presence.

    I am exposed to the very core of my soul. Consumed by his alluring magic. No time, or strength, or desire to run.

    I inch closer.

    On my knees, I offer him all of me. He wouldn’t accept anything less.

    His touch on my face is delicate; meant to reassure me and draw me in. He tilts my face up to him, losing his fingers inside my hair. I shiver while my instincts beg me to run, to hide.

    I do neither.

    I clung to his body and reach up to answer his unspoken command.

    Our eyes meet and without words he tells me what I already know; this is it.

    With controlled slowness, he lowers himself closer to me. I can feel the electric waves moving in the space between us. I can feel the irrational desire to touch my own demise.

    His lips touch my forehead while I wait for the sweet nothing that awaits my final kiss.

    He falls to his knees instead.

    198 words.

  2. Antonio Angelo says:

    When we arrived it was as he promised a beautiful summer storm lightning traveled across the sky. All my clothes had been left in a rest area dumpster. My wrists were bound and he was wet and beautiful. He lifted me with a hoist so just my toes could touch the ground completely exposed to the elements and more so to him. The wind whipped across my body and cold rain pelted me and then he enveloped me in his warmth, he made love to me as lightning lit the air. When we were finished he leapt to the top of his van and screamed up to the heavens that I was his and at that moment a bolt of lightning came from the sky.

    I struggled on the chain until morning when a foreman from the yard cut me loose and I ran to Alexander. He was naked and curled and burnt but beautiful in his death. It was the pain he had craved; it was a death he welcomed and that is why when the thunder comes you will find me naked on a hill absorbing the energy waiting for Alexander to bring me home.

    197 words

  3. “Heads or Tails?” He flicked the quarter into the air, watched it spin and slapped it down on the back of his hand.

    We’d played this game for years, Italian or Chinese, dish duty, diaper detail. Tonight, two slips of paper rested on the coffee table. One fresh and folded once. One creased and grey.

    “Heads.” My voice was barely a whisper. I rubbed my palms against my jeans and shifted on the couch. The friction, the anticipation, sparked a tingle between my legs. It’s been too long.

    “Heads it is.” He grinned, still thinking this was a game without losers, still thinking this would be the end of our dry spell.

    I slapped my hand down before he could take it. “ I’ve changed my mind, we’ll do yours.”

    “Now, I’m really curious.” He peeled my fingers up and stole a tiny piece of my soul.

    “I don’t know why…” The lie caught in my throat. It was done now.

    “You want me to tie you up?” His brows knit together in confusion, but not the revulsion I expected.

    Bound, suspended, exposed for him. I shivered at the thought.

    With shaking hands I opened his. “Worship you? I already do.”

    200 words

  4. AwesomeSauce76 says:

    “You know that you have all the control, don’t you?” he whispered against my neck as he fastened my hands above my head to the low hanging branch.
    “You decide how long this will last,” he assured me. “If at any moment it becomes too much to bear, you only have to say the word.”
    Regardless of the falling rain that began to pick up, he proceeded to undress in front of me, exposing his beautiful form in the glistening moonlight. Hard planes and chiseled perfection, he approached me slowly, knowing what seeing him like that would do to me. I know that’s why he left the blindfold off this time.
    His hot mouth scorched me. I felt him everywhere at once and not nearly enough. His fingers sang praises to my flesh, only to disappear and leave me quivering. I knew he would never enter me like this. He wanted me to break first; he wanted me starving.
    It was one final sweep of his teasing tongue that did it.
    “Please!” I cried out over the storm.
    Strong hands cut me down immediately, wrapping me in their loving embrace.

    192 words

  5. Gingerandgreen says:

    As I worked to expose the film I knew: this job would change everything. My existence spun on the fulcrum of their passion, flinging me to the edge of desire.

    It was their anniversary. I spent the weekend capturing perfection on film.They gave me publishing rights – I can see why he’d want to share these. More than beauty, it’s the way the natural choreography of his domination and her submission sing from every frame.

    She treated him like her king; knelt gracefully at his feet, respect radiating from her. He bathed in her worship – cherished it with an unexpected gentleness. I was excited by the idea of domination. I fantasised about control, rough sex, being in command – the power turned me on.

    Reality was different.

    At one point, he had her tied outside, naked, stretched taught. My lights revealed how her skin glistened with the strain she endured because he desired it. Rain fell, and it meant nothing to the three of us. “So beautiful, so good,” he kept whispering to her, and each word fell on her skin like an elixir, opening her to him further.

    This is what I want, with all my being.

    200 words by @Gingerandgreen Hi. x

  6. “I don’t know man, I can’t get anything to load. Data coverage out here is shit.”

    “Keep looking,” I murmured to my hiking buddy, staring at the luminous, exposed beauty suspended in the wintry air before me. “Google ‘nymph’.”

    She cooed, this long, paper-white Persephone, dangling from elaborate ropework tied to a slender branch. Her dainty toes skimmed the grass, just inches from the ground. Moon-pale skin glowed, and little curlicued vines and blooms seemed etched into it, pulsing with light when she inhaled.

    The air was ten degrees warmer around her. The silent February snow melted into rain as it neared her body.

    “Nymph: a nature spirit from Greek mythology, blah blah blah… known for – ah, dammit. Fucking Sprint. We should just wait for the cops, man,” Kevin called.

    She shifted her legs inside her bonds, arching her back slightly and cooing for me again.

    I wasn’t waiting for the cops.

    Climbing the tree with my knife in my teeth, slowly, I cut her ropes. She landed on her tiptoes, waiting with wide, turquoise-blue eyes for me to climb down and free her arms and legs.

    “…known for granting a wish to anyone who rescues them from danger.”

    200 words

    • I fucking love this. That the snow melts before it touches her and the glowing swirls when she inhales! i want to know his wish!

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