Sinful Sunday Week # 22 Results

Time to see who’s sin got the win! *chuckles* I rhymed!

Okay, here’s what judge Gingerandgreen had to say.

It takes a brave person to share their words in public. I am constantly awed by the standard of writing found in Sinful Sunday flashfiction, and decided that I needed to tell you what I liked about each entry:


Rafe B – why so many words? Your ineligible entry was deliciously sinful. *side eyes you*


Elle T – so poignant, you made me look at the picture prompt with fresh eyes (it’s true, I looked at that prompt a lot, LOL) and you drew out the theme of ‘need’ with great delicacy and skill.


Antonio – another entry that made me laugh out loud, your story telling is excellent and unique.


Siobhan – I love this little vignette of cheeky subservience and needy dominance. I could picture the scene perfectly, and it was steamy in that kitchen!


Kristine-76 – Virgin Award – this was very smoothly written, sexy, light-hearted and fun. Loved it.


Ninnie – Virgin award – mmmmm, you make me wish that was me, I must start baking in my underwear – hot and so good!


Femme Mal – Honorable mention – this entry was brilliant, running through emotions with a story that made me grimace in sympathy and laugh in appreciation. Also, you used Kitchen as it was defined in the smutty dictionary, and that deserves a mention in itself.


Shari Slade – Runner up – your imagery is sumptuous, and I loved the idea of the tenant playing with the sexy landlady. Very subtle and different, and beautiful language.


Thimbles – Winner! I loved the imagery, and the story made me laugh out loud even as I winced. I could feel her frustration as she thumped away at the bread dough, and the ambiguous ending was very clever. The language flowed smoothly throughout. This entry was stylish, full of story and vividly memorable.


Congratulations to all the winners! You may now grab your badges and be congratulated far and wide. See you next week, and bring your friends! There’s always room for a few more sinners around here. 😉




  1. gosh.

    Thank you so much!

    Congratulations to all the other writers 🙂

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