Sinful Sunday Week # 23

Welcome to another Sinful Sunday!  Today’s judge is last week’s champion Shellisthimbles.

Thimbles lives on the island continent, where your today is her yesterday. She’s always been fascinated by words, but only started stringing them together herself in the last few years. When she’s not lost in a book, or tap-tap-tapping out her own stories, she’s wandering the shores of the Tasman Sea, or giggling with her husband over a glass of Nebbiolo.

If you’re unfamiliar with the usual Sinful Sunday Flash Fiction contest rules, please check them out. You must use both the photo prompts and word prompt in some way. Have fun with it, and synonyms are accepted! The word minimum is 100, maximum 200, and don’t forget to include your word count and twitter handle!

Word prompt:

Cajole: To persuade by flattery, false promises or deceitful words; to wheedle; to coax. See Also: sweet talk.

Photo prompt:

Get those steamy thoughts going! You have until midnight EST to get your flash fiction in! (And remember, all you virgins, I’m looking for you!)


  1. Antonio Angelo says:

    The haze of alcohol and drugs drifted through her mind, mixing and melding with memories of sensations so wild she could hardly imagine she had been through them. Cajoled into sleeping with a mysterious stranger, one who took complete control, stripping her bare and forcing her face down into the sheets. The sex was forceful but gentle, and she gave freely letting the mysterious lover have free reign of her body. A tongue had slid down her neck; teeth had bit gently into her shoulder. She had felt a hand and then penetration, her pussy had gushed at the aggression and then when she thought she could cum no more a new sensation, forbidden previously unknown to her, a tongue had circled her ass at first she was horrified but then skilled fingers found her clitoris, the hand moved and stroked and teased and just when she was on the edge of coming a third or fourth time the tongue returned, a sensation like nothing else, she was consumed in ecstasy, loved to exhaustion and eventually she drifted to sleep.

    The morning light awoke her and she began to wonder was it a man or woman whom she owed forever.

    200 words

  2. “I promise I’ll be gentle baby,” he murmured as he smoothed his palm over her hip, his solid erection pressed in the cleft between her ass cheeks. “I promise I’ll go slow”.

    He’d been working on her for weeks now, cajoling, sweet-talking, trying to persuade her to let him take her ass. She’d not really required the persuasion, she’d been fantasising about anal sex for a while now, but she’d enjoyed his efforts nonetheless.

    “Be gentle,” she whispered, twisting her head, her eyes meeting his.

    Like an eager puppy, he rolled his upper body on the bed and reached into the nightstand for the lube. He quickly covered his fingers in the clear gel and slowly worked first one finger, then two, inside her. She breathed out on a soft moan, trying to relax and open herself to the foreign invasion.

    He worked her for what felt like hours, opening her to him completely before replacing his fingers with his cock. His nonsensical flattery hummed in her ear. Together they rocked, spooned together, joined in the most intimate way.

    “Oh, fuck…” he whispered, matching her moans, the feel of her tight around him fast bringing the both to the edge.

    200 words (again!)

  3. Hands roaming, hearts racing and a lot of skin.

    Last night’s memories burn my mind with persistence. I know I should feel some kind of remorse for sweet talking my way into getting what I wanted. However, I feel nothing but lust as I recall their touch on my body. Innocence was stripped to the floor the minute they said yes. It joined their dresses on my carpet. There was no room for shame or regret. There was only desire. I got what I needed and they got more than they could bargain for.

    I gave them the freedom they craved without knowing.

    I gave them a story to tell and remember.

    Now, I watch from the entrance to my room how they press against each other while sleeping. Tangled limbs on rumpled sheets create an enticing picture. Blonde and dark hair mix together on my pillow and I itch to bury my nose in that scent.

    As more minutes start to pass, they start shifting, blindly seeking each other’s body. I smile and step inside the room.

    I wonder if I can get them to do it again.

    I’ll take their sighs when they see me as a yes.

    200 words.

  4. Gingerandgreen says:

    The sleep was almost better than the sex.

    You might think I didn’t enjoy myself, but that’s because you have no idea how desperate I have been for rest.

    When I woke, sunlight played silky games across my bare skin – a revelation. I felt safe, peaceful, relaxed, fulfilled. I had no idea these feelings were possible.

    All those nights spent half aware, hidden, calculating my chances. ‘What if he…?’ I’d ask; ‘how do I…?’

    Unanswerable, bitter questions.

    Her fingers drew moonlight patterns on my breasts, making them beautiful. Her breath on my neck cajoled, enticed, tickled me open to more. She painted my belly with her tongue, and when she slipped below, she drank from me with lust and gusto – so I fed her.

    We touched for hours, slipped into sleep and out of it again, never dropping the contact that sang through our skin; a message from a benevolent god.

    I knew then, and I know now, how I was meant to be.

    That’s why, when you come for me tonight, I will already be gone. I have known life; now that it’s over, you must accept the consequences.


    196 words by @Gingerandgreen

  5. It wasn’t something I thought I could be even flattered into.


    But here I lay, and she is curled behind me; her hand at my hip; her thumb tracing lazy arcs over my chilled skin. She is molded to me in a way that no man could be.

    How did this happen?

    The vodka, maybe.


    Through the fan of my bangs I can see our clothes in a messy pile by the door.

    All the air in me is crammed into a pocket over my heart. My blood fizzes in my veins.

    I would not have thought I would enjoy it. I really would not have.

    But I did.

    My thighs pull together as I remember. Her fingers on my collarbone. The scrape of her fingernail pushing the angel hair-thin strap of my dress off my shoulder. Her lips and tongue following behind. The weak, rubbery feeling behind my knees as she sank down in front of me, pulling the sheath with her.

    I burst that bubble of air–crush it–and a cool rush floods through the rest of me, like the opposite of a faint.

    Shivering, I feel the huff of her chuckle on my backbone.

    199 words

  6. “Garden”

    She isn’t one for flattery. Honeyed words. Sweet tongues masking devious intentions. What are words but noise and air?

    She’d been that girl—in the beginning. A sweet young thing. Artless Eve, so very susceptible to the serpent’s tongue, to the cajoling whispers of would-be suitors.

    No naked innocent now. These days, she imagines herself the rightful heir of Lilith, picking and choosing from the throng, taking on lovers as they please her.

    Everyone has a little demon in them, don’t they?

    She’s no longer swayed by words, so how did this happen? How did she end up here, shifting sheets between her legs, wrapped in the wooly glow of morning-after warmth with the original serpent—her first?

    Palm sliding along her hip … smooth fingers dipping low, lower. Hot breath on her neck and seductive words slinking down her spine. Thighs clenched. Resolve bent so far it’s broken.

    Now she’s had a taste of those beautiful, cruel words, and she knows there will be no going back. Slow dive. Slide and swirl. Hummingbird heart. And intoxicating words simmering under her skin.

    This is her garden now.

    189 words

  7. She entered the club with a black heart and rage crawling under her skin. Three vodka shots down, her hands were still trembling around the glass when she felt a stranger’s eyes on her.

    Focusing on the cool liquid entering the empty shell of her body, she only realised he had come closer when his fingers touched her hand.

    ‘What are you looking for?’

    Her laugh was dry and cold. ‘Love’ she spit.

    She expected him to smile awkwardly, to apologize, to leave.

    Instead he took her hand and nodded seriously. His smile was as light as air.

    ‘Let me show you.’

    She stared at him in disbelieve but no further coaxing was needed. Stunned into silence, she followed him into the winter air. His fingers around hers did not let go all the way to his bed.

    Whispered sweetness inspired goosebumps and tender, caressing fingers lifted her top and stroked her breasts. His fingertips teased her nipples, followed the gentle curve of her hips.

    When he entered her, their rhythm resembled soft waves meeting the shore. She dissolved in them, abandoned herself to his embrace.

    She knew the pain would return, but for once she didn’t care.

    198 words

  8. randommama says:

    As light streamed through the curtains, I was well aware of my morning wood pressed up against her supple ass. It was wrong for me to want her again, but I did. Yes, I was insatiable. No matter how many times I’d had her now, it still wasn’t enough. I had to have her body over and over again because I craved it. She’s like my own personal drug and there was no better high for me than hearing her scream out my name in ecstasy.

    I knew she was exhausted and spent. After all, I had kept her awake throughout most of the night with my need. I knew that she must be sore, since we’ve really done nothing but christen every inch and surface of the room. We’d both had quite the workout. My need still persisted, though.

    It was wrong of me to wake her, just so I could cajole her into letting me sink my over-eager cock into her delicious wet heat once more; however, I didn’t care that it was wrong. I just wanted what I wanted. I started spreading kisses all along her neck and she began to stir. Within minutes I was home.

    200 words

  9. She wakes slowly, aware of the warm body curved behind hers. Every wicked, illicit moment from the night before replays in her thoughts.

    She did it for him, or so she told herself. To fulfill a fantasy he’s had as long as she’s known him.

    “I want to see her touch you.”

    “I want to watch her please you.”

    He cajoled her sweetly while heady French merlot stripped away inhibitions. Surprisingly, somewhere in the hazy moments of clothing divested and tentative first kisses, she forgot she was doing it for him.

    Her eyes open, and he’s the first thing she sees. Early light softens the edges of pure masculinity. Her heart hurts because he’s everything, and she worries he’ll regret what he asked of her, knowing now that she secretly craved the very thing she denied.

    “Do you know how fucking beautiful you are?” he asks, voice a morning rasp of sex and sin, hand sliding beneath unbuttoned denim, long strong limbs spread out from the chair.

    Lust and tender-sweet love, no recrimination.

    The body behind her stirs, gentle fingers caressing her hip. Perfumed hair tangles with hers on the pillow, and she’s lost…

    And absolutely found.

    . . . . . .

    198 words

  10. @VanCanuckGrl says:

    It was a game we liked to play – pretending to be strangers in a dimly lit bar. I bought her a drink, smiled and flirted in front of the other patrons. My hand too high on her thigh; hers ghosting inappropriately over my bulging jeans. Her tongue traced the shell of my ear. Sideways looks; knowing stares, aroused us both.

    Brushing her long, dark hair off her shoulders, I pressed my lips to her neck, easily cajoling her into coming home with me, leaving the smirking bartender behind.

    In our bed, I ravaged her. Licks, kisses, and playful nips over her skin. My tongue circled her breasts, biting at perked nipples. Dragging my raspy cheeks against her inner thighs, pushing her legs further apart. With my mouth on her swollen clit, my fingers slid in and out of her warmth; my name fell from her lips. After she was writhing under my touch, I took her again, my cock replacing my fingers. Pounding into her hard until we were both spent.

    We awoke in the morning, her back to my front, my hand on her hip. A nice way to wake on a Sunday morning with my wife.

    199 words

  11. He roused slowly from a dream in which he was enveloped in her warm, lush scent, lying in beneath the tickling tendrils of a living willow. Blinking, the trailing teasing of the leaves above his face remained. He’d awakened with her hair twining over his nose and brow.

    The sensation of her dark locks winding their way over him recalled their last joining, during which he cajoled her to ride him until he could take no more. Her hair enveloped them in a dark tent as she leaned forward, moaning into his mouth as she came again. The rich, breathy sound called forth his own orgasm, as if a siren had summoned his manhood to her bidding. He was hers, emptying his loins and his heart as she sighed her pleasure.

    The recollection pulled at him just as her moan had last evening. He wrapped himself around his sleeping siren, his own heat next to the wetness of hers, hoping she would emerge from the depths of her torpor soon, to call him to her service again.

    He would gladly dash himself on her bewitching vessel if only she would awake, and soon.
    193 words
    (don’t know if I made it in time, my network is burping!)

  12. she had cajoled me back to bed, even though i needed to go out to work. the hotel had been waiting for me for hours. i was taken away by her beauty at the reception and ended up ensnared by her amorous glances. i really thought i was just walking her to her room, like i would any other guest…but something was different. when i looked her in the eye, i knew, right then that i had to have her. i had never wanted a woman before. sure, i noticed beautiful women – who hasn’t, but this was different, this was hot. i was twitching inside looking at her. my pulse was racing and not just in my wrists. i could feel her everywhere. i was so amazed when she leaned over and kissed me tongue first. it was sweet and soft and , yet, so incredibly sultry. i was ready right then. i guess the desk would have to wait as i couldn’t.

  13. “Why don’t you ever say hi?” She asked. “I say hi to you.”

    “Hi,” I swallowed more than said.

    Don’t look.

    Don’t touch.


    We fell into step on the stairs.

    “Say something more,” she coaxed innocently. “Something sweet. Something true…”

    I pushed my hands into my pockets as we stopped between my door and her parents’.

    “Say you’re beautiful and I can’t help myself.” she continued, tilting her head into my line of sight. “Say I need to see you.”

    I looked into curious eyes for half a second before turning my key. When she slipped into my apartment before me, all was lost.

    Three months of my stolen looks and her lip-bitten cajoling melted into slow touches and slower fulfilling. I didn’t even push completely inside her until late into night.

    I was helpless, and once laid bare, it was she who was shy for me.

    “You’re beautiful,” I whispered between breaths, just before dawn.

    She cooed and curved, soft, smiling, seventeen and –

    “I can’t help myself,” I continued, gathering her closer, guiding her back underneath me, lovingly embracing all possible consequences. “I need to see you.”

    200 words @littlegreyache

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