Sinful Sunday Week # 24

Welcome back! Today’s judge is last week’s winner, S.D. Ryan!

S.D. Ryan is a writer and self-professed geek. She enjoys waking dreams, pretty words, and things that are bigger on the inside. One day, she will write something that isn’t sinful, but for now, her smutty stories can be found in the first and second issues of Piquezine.

If you’re unfamiliar with the usual Sinful Sunday Flash Fiction contest rules, please check them out. You must use both the photo prompts and word prompt in some way. Have fun with it, and synonyms are accepted! The word minimum is 100, maximum 200, and don’t forget to include your word count and twitter handle!

Word Prompt:

1. Witty; piquant. Synonyms: humorous; lively; racy; sharp; snappy.

2. Crude, uncouth.

(Also accepted is the idea of taste as a definition of “salty.”)

 Photo prompt

Get those steamy thoughts going! You have until midnight EST to get your flash fiction in!


  1. Antonio Angelo says:

    She had said don’t get salty with me. Well I’d ignored that little bit of advice and the saltier I got the sweeter she became. Now we were beyond words and teases. Her breasts peak beautifully as I touch her shoulder and I could think of nothing else but what it will be like to enter her. I didn’t have to wait long.

    She was face down and ass up and I was hard as a fucking rock. My cock Bounced around on her tight little ass a time or two then I submerged it into the warm wet pinkness and that is when shit got weird. Suddenly as I thrust something from within her takes hold of my cock it pulls and twists and turns and folds my whole body up and sucks it right inside that bitches cunt. All of me broken up squashed down and sucked into this fucking demon bitches snatch, One minute I am behind her having the time of my life and now here I am trapped in this fucking dark little prison that smells like pussy and I’ve been here ever since.

    Let me guess you bought that bitch a drink also.
    199 words

  2. Kristine says:

    The bark was rough beneath her fingers, the sun warm on her bare skin. His stubble tickled and his breath was hot as his lips moved against her shoulder.

    “I’m going to fuck you. Hard. Here, where anyone might come along and see us.”

    She whimpered, his crude words and rough voice provoking another rush of moisture between her legs.

    “Dirty girl. You want that don’t you?” he asked, his fingers probing, pushing inside her. “Do you want someone to see me fucking you?”

    Unable to articulate her desire, she bent forward, and rubbed her ass against his swollen cock. He took her invitation and thrust into her, deep and hard and fast.

    “I love your pussy. So hot and wet around my cock. Always so ready for me.”

    He slipped one hand over her hip and splayed it low over her belly, putting pressure there and holding her against him. He hooked his other arm around her neck and traced her lips with his finger.

    “Suck. Taste yourself on me.”

    She sucked, tasting her salty flavour on his skin, before biting down on his finger.

    “Naughty girl,” he chuckled, pinching her clit in retaliation. “Come for me. Now.”

    199 words

  3. Admiring from afar had left her frustrated and determined that she would somehow make herself irresistible to him.

    He was not a God after all. Just a man with too many admirers and she wanted him to admire her. No. More than that. Much more.

    She wanted him to fuck her in every conceivable position and as he pushed her gently up against the tree she longed to scream out in triumph and exhilaration at the feel of his lips caressing her shoulder.

    “You’ve been asking for this for a long time beautiful girl. How I never noticed you before is beyond me.”

    She gasped as his palm closed over her mouth and she inhaled the salty smell of him.

    “You will pay for evading me for so long” he whispered as he eased her legs apart with his knee.

    “This is my victory and I am going to fuck you every which way I can you gorgeous creature.”

    Of course she didn’t want him to stop. But she had taken on the challenge and won.

    “My victory Hugo I think you will find” she smirked as she lowered his hand to her throbbing penis.

    199 words

  4. Elle T. says:

    Curves all around.

    The hair caressing the slope of a shoulder. The erotic rise of the breasts. The soft and smooth journey of a neck, a jaw, a face…

    Contours of fingers that beg to touch, to hold, to own.

    Collarbones that are in need of a kiss.

    It’s all there. Every delicate curve of flesh made to be loved exclusively by him. That’s what I see when I look.

    His rough and unforgiving lips are on my body, anchoring me; reminding me with bites and licks that I’m his. His crude and sharp commands on my ear challenge me to prove myself to our passion.

    He knows I will never deny him. How could I, if I was born to please him?

    Minutes full of teasing torture later, he’s inside me. I close my eyes. He turns my head up with his hand and orders me to look. I reopen my eyes just in time.

    In the mirror in front of us, we paint quite the picture.

    His satisfied smile and thankful kisses are the reason I exist.

    179 words

  5. Gingerandgreen says:

    An ingénue from Britain, Alice was astonished at the number of rules she was expected to abide by in Washington State Park. She made a game of flaunting them impetuously.

    Marc was charmed by the English sprite’s disobedience. Bravely barefoot, he followed her everywhere, risking ridicule for the sake of her adventure.

    Summer solstice was cool in the forest, but that was when he caught her, bare as the day she was born. Magic surrounded her in the form of gentle light, caressing silky flesh.

    “Ma’am,” he said politely – he was well-trained. “ I’m going to have to ask you to come with me.”

    “That would be lovely,” she said.

    Whiskered lips kissed her shoulders; capable hands slid over her skin. She threw her head back, exposing her salty jugular to his teeth, so he was compelled to bite. Her bottom chafed against his cock.

    “You are overdressed, Sir.”

    He shed the trappings of his profession fast as an otter flits through a dam.

    “I have to take you…” he said.

    “In!” she commanded, bowing to Mother Nature.

    Undetected behind them, a bear rolled his eyes and lumbered off to rifle through the ranger’s discarded pack.

    196 piquant words by @Gingerangreen

  6. Summer love dug down deep, under my skin and straight to my bones. She flaunted innocence, my wicked wild child, all tanned skin, sexy smiles, and legs that went on and on for miles.

    I held her heart for a little while, stealing hot kisses and trembling sighs. Breathless little cries in the garden as I taught her crude words and cruder actions, brought the salt out from her skin up under my tongue.

    Down to the ground we went, tangled in fresh bursts of crushed grass and damp earth. She let me spread the petals of her flower and kiss her pretty pink jewel, greedy hands clutching my hair.

    Pleasure bloomed and grew and her climax tasted precious, as only brand new things can.

    She gave me everything, and I gave her everything, and somehow…we were everything.

    But seasons fade and love curled at the edges like late August leaves longing for a cool September breeze. Whispered lust coos gave way to tear filled goodbyes and forced distance swallowed our promises whole.

    To this day, the perfume of summer brings memory of her and the sweet love we made when forever was still ours to believe in.

    198 words

  7. Thimbles says:

    His whiskers whisper over silken skin.

    She is warm with sun and the flush of blood. Pressed to her back, he can feel her heart thump against his own, their beats syncopated.

    He looks down the slope of her breast. Light and shadow dances across the stage of her nudity, clothing then revealing as the branches of the eucalpyt sway in the summer breeze.

    His fingers curl around her arm, the other hand grips her hip. His nose to her throat, he inhales. She smells of sunshine and days spent drifting in the ocean and lazing on hot sand. Her hair holds onto the faint acridity of last night’s bonfire.

    Her fingers flex against the bark of the tree as his other hand slides lower, between her legs, searching, finding. He drags a gasp from her lips.

    Her head drops back, and his falls forward. He tastes her skin, still salty with her morning swim.

    His lips meet stray grains of sand as they explore. Her lips part as his fingers continue to tease, bringing her closer.

    Like a crystal shatters light, she comes apart in the sun.

    She blinds him.

    191 words

  8. A clatter, and then her tack sharp voice. “Shit!”

    He clenched his teeth. His co-worker’s cubicle was a disaster of teetering piles and dirty mugs. Something always fell. And she always swore.

    He would cure that salty tongue. “Ahem.”

    There was a rustling and then the unsatisfying plink of coins into a nearly full jar.

    I warned you that should the curse jar prove ineffective we would be forced to escalate. You know what to do.
    Mr. Williams

    Her chair creaked as she slipped off her panties and stuffed them into the jar. Another crash and the ensuing “Motherfucker” jolted him.

    He cleared his throat and shifted uncomfortably as a sheen of sweat dotted his brow. She dangled her bra over their wall, flagged with a post-it. “Torro.”

    Insolent Jen,
    The atrium. Now.
    Mr. Williams

    He pictured her nipples jutting against her sweater and stroked his erection once before donning his suit jacket.

    She stood in the shadow beyond the flower beds. Topless. Her skirt rucked up around her waist. He pressed his lips to her shoulder, smoothed a hand over her ass and drew back to strike.

    She arched, wet and ready. “Give me what I need.”

    Word count 199

  9. As an annual rite of spring break, she fixed a Salty Dog—vodka and freshly squeezed grapefruit juice over ice in a highball glass with a salted rim.

    She took a big sip of the tangy-sweet beverage as she made for the hammock slung between palms on the private beach, shedding clothes along the way.

    Emerging from the cabana, tall-dark-and-handsome followed, embracing from behind his lovely snowbird flown south to meet him.

    “Hey, can I fix you a nice, cold—oh, never mind. I can see you’re all set,” he said, kissing the shoulder closest to him.

    She’d set her glass on a nearby table, licking grains of salt clinging to her lips. Wordlessly she prodded him into shedding his board shorts before pushing him into hammock behind them. Her knees met the sand as her long hair tickled his thighs.

    She wrapped her now-cool mouth around his shaft, stroking his growing tumescence between her briny-tart lips until he was fully erect and his breathing irregular. Cupping his sac with her ice-chilled fingers, she mouth-fucked him slowly until he came, shouting her name.

    Releasing him softly she said with a smile, “When you’re up for it, I could use another salty dog.”

    200 words

  10. @mrssiobhanmasen~ 198 words

    “I see you’ve been bad while I was gone.” His voice ran over me like warm water and saturated my body.

    I just nodded because he had not given me permission to speak.

    “Did you think I wouldn’t know?” A thrill ran through me because I knew he would know. My head shook in rapid short jerks. “Well, I know, and you’re going to pay.”

    I bit my lip and kept silent, because I wanted to pay.

    His punishment was the purest form of pleasure; he would keep going until my legs were unable to hold me upright.

    “Hands up.” I held them up without hesitation. My nipples pebbled as his warm breath washed over my shoulder. It seemed to enter my ear and rush straight through my body. Each word caused a rush of moisture to the inside of my thighs. My clit ached from his words alone.

    Large hands clicked the ring that secured me to the pole, then he put a blindfold on me.

    I stood naked, ready for him. His words surprised me.

    “Next time you think you want to be salty for the sake of punishment, think of this night.”

    He walked out.

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