Sinful Sunday Week # 25 Results

The results are in! Here’s what judge Jess had to say!

Rebecca, thanks for letting me play along this week. The entries this week were all well done, and I loved how everyone used the parnel prompt. Great work!


Honorable Mention: Dooba


“Not that he was any different. He paid her for her services, like any other man that visited her. A high class escort, she called herself. Deep down, she knew she was no different from the others. A parnel, a prostitute. A common street whore, only she didn’t walk the streets.”


I absolutely loved this paragraph and could feel this woman’s resignation. As I read to the end, I wondered how much longer it would take until she shattered beyond repair, would she ever get his name, would her lot ever change.


Runner Up: Aleeab4u


“’I’m not exclusive.’

He crushes the cigarette and comes to the bed, taking the glass away. A slow pull slides the sheets down her body, making her shiver anew.

He smiles. ‘For the right price, you’re whatever the hell I say you are.'”



From the opening paragraph to the very last sentence I was hooked. Aleeab4U gives us a beautifully painted image right from the start and then leaves me wondering why, what’s this girl’s story. Really well done.



Winner: ElleTwrites


“That picture is the last thing I see before I close my eyes and surrender to his rough touch…”


This entry was absolutely fantastic. About halfway in, I felt like I got a virtual gutpunch, and on each subsequent read through, the feeling never changed. ElleT masterfully uses her 200 words to paint a striking picture using both of the prompts in a visceral way. I still shiver at the last line… and really all the lines leading up to it. Excellent.

Congratulations to the winners! You may now grab your badges, and see you next week!


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