Sinful Sunday Week # 26 Results

Yesterday was amazing! Dooba had such a hard time choosing, she decided to share her deliberation with everyone!

Judging was nearly impossible to do, as all entries were fabulous!


Kristine: “With the right encouragement, he thought, the good girls always turned into whores in bed.”

What I love about this entry is how you can’t be quite sure whether he actually cares about his girls or not. Very nicely done!


Aleea: “Warmth suffused her skin as he invaded her space.”

Aleea always strikes the right chord with me, and she knows it. The delicious promise of being able to forget the world, have it be drowned out by sensation… Hmm, yes.


Sanja: “I can see his domineering side doesn’t approve …”

Oh, where to start with this entry? Such heartbreak, and then at the end that twist that left me wanting to shout out loud. The woman doesn’t seem particularly strong at first, until she reverses the roles and safewords out of a destructive relationship. Well done.


Gingerandgreen: “…the anarchy that unfolds inside her is more commencement than consummation.”

I will admit that at first I couldn’t really get into the metaphor used in this one, but then I read it again and it completely blew me away. It’s a piece of writing that demands to be read slowly. It’s a stunning string of words!


Lellabeth: “…helpless as I lay face down hoping he cared as much for me as I did for him.”

The girl in this piece craves so much more than the hot sex she is having, and the small tokens of affection he shows her probably rattle her more than the sex. Amazing.


Quietdrabble: “The reminder of his expertise—already beginning to ripen like small plums on the swell of her hips—triggers tortured tears to escape silently.”

Was this your first entry? What an amazing little story this is. This is written in such a way you can’t automatically judge the main character for cheating on her fiancé. But oh, there is so much more behind these words…


BellaScotia: “I awake to find nothing but an empty space where he used to be.”

This starts out, dare I say it, as an almost mainstream piece of erotica. And then at the end comes the twist that left me with goosebumps on my skin and a lump in my throat.


The Fiction Vixen: “She was extremely aloof, which only made him want to take her more.”

What I like about this entry is that both sides seem to battle for the upper hand. It’s not just rough sex, it’s rough sex with an edge of desperation that clearly seeps through the words. And then in the last line it’s explained why this battle is going on. Nice!


Shari Slade: “He was air and darkness. She couldn’t hold him.”

The sentence I quoted here had me moaning out load when I read it. Such a beautiful way with words! She dreams, she wakes, she dreams again, it seems, and in the end it turns out her dreams are nestled in a vivid reality that is hers once more. Beautiful.


Siobhan Muir: “Such was the curse of the incubus.”

An amazing entry. I loved the portrayal of his inner battle. Apparently he cares for her, or wants to care for her, but in his world it will be impossible for them to be together. I love the hint of drama that lies underneath the surface here.


Elle T.: ‘Please don’t make me choose.’ I beg, breathless. He doesn’t.”

I love how my prompt has inspired you to write this story. Hard and soft – both in her lovers but also in herself. Fire and ice, the theme of this main character’s life. They co-exist perfectly in her soul, but also in this little story. Very nicely done!


Siobhan Masen: “I can’t appear too eager because then he’ll hold back.”

What I loved so much about this entry is that it isn’t exactly clear who is coaxing who (or should that be whom?). It’s an exchange that goes both ways – eagerness is reprimanded. He can’t go too fast or he thinks she will pull back; she can’t be too forward because then he won’t give her what she wants. An amazing play of words.


RR Kovar: “Thus do I keep the balance and in doing protect all.”

Gotta love a piece of well written fantasy! I love how both pictures are used and how each plays one half of the whole. And what a sacrifice to make, huh… *swoon*


Antonio Angelo: “He thought there would be more kisses but he tore her clothes from her as they entered the front door.”

Is that a male author? That alone deserves extra attention! I like how real this is. The promise she makes, the fear when he isn’t gentle, the relief when it is what she had hoped it would be.


Okay… *drumroll*


Choosing a winner was incredibly hard. I read all entries at least 5 times before I was able to make a decision and even now I’m biting my nails. Let me just say I feel extremely honored you have written such amazing, beautiful pieces to the prompt I chose!


Winner:  Quietdrabble. Beautiful. What can I say?


Runner up: Siobhan Masen. Wonderfully played with the word prompt.


Honorable Mentions:


Bellascotia. Amazingly written. It left me wanting for more.


Gingerandgreen. I love the dreamy way this was written.


Sanja. I am in love with the way the broken, hurt woman takes back control of her life.


The winners may now grab their badges! Virgin awards go to all the newbies! Thanks so much to everyone who participated! Just a reminder that Sinful Sunday #flashfiction will be back in two weeks, on Sunday, April 7th! Happy Passover and Easter to all who celebrate!






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