Sinful Sunday Week # 26

Welcome back for another Sunday of sinful flashfiction!

(Just a little heads up: Sinful Sunday will be on a mini-hiatus for the next two Sundays due to the Passover and Easter holidays, but will be back on Sunday, April 7th!)

Today’s judge is last week’s Honorable Mention, Dooba!

Sinful Sunday #flashfiction week 26 judge

Dooba lives in that small country of windmills and tulips, where she happily feeds her writing addiction. She’s totally thrilled she got an honorable mention last week, and that she gets to judge now. Besides writing fanficiton, she is working on her first novelle, and dreams of being a published author one day.

And because of a little snafu with linkage issues, you have your choice of two photo prompts today!

If you’re unfamiliar with the usual Sinful Sunday Flash Fiction contest rules, please check them out. You must use both the photo prompts and word prompt in some way. Have fun with it, and synonyms are accepted! The word minimum is 100, maximum 200, and don’t forget to include your word count and twitter handle!

Word Prompt:

Coax: to persuade someone gradually or by flattery to do something, persistent but gentle persuasion. To pet, fondle, pamper or tempt in order to achieve something. See also: persuade, manipulate, push (through fears or boundaries), to caress lovingly or erotically, to lure, entice, seduce.

Photo prompt:

Sinful Sunday #flashfiction week 26 prompt


Sinful Sunday #flashfiction week 26 prompt 2

Get those steamy thoughts going! You have until midnight EST to get your flash fiction in!


  1. Kristine says:

    It had taken months of careful planning and persuasion but now she was naked and writhing beneath him, her hot, hungry pussy tight around his cock. After tonight, he’d be done with her and he’d move on to the next girl. Right now, however, he focussed on enjoying his prize.

    Taking the back of her head in his large calloused hand, he pulled and she automatically arched, exposing her throat. He lifted one knee up onto the bed beside her hip, giving him greater leverage to pound into her, his pelvis slapping hard against her ass. She moaned in response.

    He could tell she was close by the way her pussy rippled around him. He pushed in deep and stopped, bending forward. “Don’t you dare come yet” he whispered, circling his hips against her. “You come after I do”.

    She nodded and groaned, a plea for release stuck in her throat. He picked up the pace again, setting a punishing rhythm. She responded just as he expected, meeting his thrusts and grinding wantonly against the bed, her hands clenched in the sheets. He grinned.

    With the right encouragement, he thought, the good girls always turned into whores in bed.

    199 words

  2. She stood at the window, watching droplets of rain weave ribbons down the glass.

    “You think too much,” he said, drawing her attention, handing her a fresh drink. She resisted the urge to argue. He was probably right.

    “And your solution is getting me drunk?”

    His answering smile was sexy, reminding her it seemed like forever since she’d been kissed, held… made love to.

    Warmth suffused her skin as he invaded her space, caressing her cheek with slow fingertips.

    “I can think of better ways to shut off that mind, pretty baby.” He stepped closer, his palm curving to cup her jaw. “Ways that don’t include a hangover.”

    “What do they include?” she asked, suddenly breathless, his simple touch igniting her.

    His thumb stroked her lower lip, his whisky tinged voice turning sinful.

    “You. Me. Skin against skin. Your gorgeous ass lifted while I bury myself as deep as you go. No thoughts except how good it feels when I’m making you come as many times as I can get you there.”

    She swallowed, the images he painted headier than any alcohol.

    “Say yes,” he coaxed. “I’ll shut out the entire damn world for you.”

    . . . . . .

    195 words

  3. I’m back here again. This is the last time I am surrendering my body to his will.

    I’ve never deluded myself. I knew I was just another warm body for him to do as he likes.

    But the moment I learned he was doing me and another one of his puppets at the same time I decided to end it. My body and soul are addicted to him but I have my principals.

    He almost makes my resolve disappear when he grabs my hair and plunges his thick cock into my wet, traitorous pussy from behind.

    I feel his sweaty muscles colliding with my body making it tingle and soon he coaxes the delicious tension into forming in my belly.

    He senses my walls tightening and speeds up his hard thrusts.

    Right before I reach my peak I flip us over and start frantically moving above him.

    I can see his domineering side doesn’t approve but he closes his eyes anyways and revels in the sensation.
    The moment my orgasm rips through my body I get off of him and leave him hanging without looking at him.

    “Red.” I say the safe word and leave, tears streaming down my face.

    200 words

  4. Gingerandgreen says:

    Madeleine came from a small town with narrow expectations. When her one-and-only came home from college to take her to senior prom, he coaxed her virginity from her with promises of glory. Capturing her ring finger with a blood diamond, he was the missionary; she was Africa.

    And that’s how they remained, would be still, if she hadn’t caught him peddling his promises elsewhere.

    Which brings us here, to this room of freedom, atop the rumpled sheets of a western imperialist, beneath the ministrations of a well-muscled dictator.

    The way he takes her is a revelation. Every hand grip a possessive pronoun; each domineering thrust an active verb. Her body is a continent, full of heat and steamy places, dry magic in her bones and wildness in her flesh. His is a language. It speaks to her in a plundering vocabulary she has never heard before, but is all too willing to learn.

    Can a continent submit? Madeleine believes she can, for a while. As he mines her hollows, proselytising dirtily, she dreams her second coming. All things spin apart, and her centre gives way mindlessly; but the anarchy that unfolds inside her is more commencement than consummation.

    198 words by @Gingerandgreen

  5. My eyes stung as he wrapped my hair up in his fist, securing my body to him as he thrust hard enough to push me into the mattress. His body was so strong, so big as it covered mine; the warmth it provided more than just physical. He bucked and he fucked and I took it all, greedy but helpless as I lay face down hoping he cared as much for me as I did for him. His pace was punishing, his force bruising, but I yearned for something more. I felt his fingers, wet and where I needed them most as he coaxed and stroked, my heat aching for him just as much as my heart. And then I convulsed, writhed and shook and trembled in his embrace as he wrapped me up; the softness I wanted arriving in the form of an open-mouthed kiss to my cheek and the slick skin of his chest covering my back like a blanket as he arched over me. His lips trailed from my face to my ear, his tongue peeking out as he spoke lust-laced words that made me shiver.

    “Good girl. Again.”

    192 words

  6. quietdrabble says:

    The gates shut at sunset, and she chooses to enter again. “One last time,” she tells herself, knowing she doesn’t mean it. She can’t deny her buried desires he skillfully ignites.

    Fully aware of her lie, he delights in her willing submission again. Her supple curves fill his domineering hands as he deftly coaxes her to the edge of ecstasy and back. Seizing her sweet spot inside and a firm tug with his fingers wound in her hair, she melts like honeyed syrup in a saucepan.

    “My offer still stands, sweetheart.”

    “This was goodbye.”

    “I don’t think it was.”

    “I can assure you it is.”

    “He can’t give you what you need.”

    She slips on her coat and out the door, delighting in the scent of him lingering on her flesh. Returning to the safety and confusion of her rote world, she enters her steam-filled shower and tries to scrub the remnants away. The reminder of his expertise—already beginning to ripen like small plums on the swell of her hips—triggers tortured tears to escape silently.

    Her fiancé slips into bed, waking her with his tender touch, and she knows she will enter the forbidden gates again. Lies.

    200 words

  7. BellaScotia says:

    It’s been so long, I barely recognise the low moan of pleasure he coaxes from me.

    The warmth of his body seeps into mine as he settles over me, sliding the hard length of his cock along my slick skin.

    His other hand curls around my hair, gently tilting my ear towards his lips. “Tell me how much you’ve missed me,” he demands, his blunt tip nudging my entrance. “How much you’ve missed this.”

    “Please,” I whimper with need, arching backwards, desperate for him to slide home.

    But he doesn’t slide. He slams.

    “Yes!” I cry, my body igniting in the heat of long awaited passion. With lightning speed he has me teetering on the edge of orgasm.

    “That’s it,” he growls, nipping my earlobe with his teeth. “Come on my cock!” Words I’ve heard so many times before and I’ve been longing to hear again.

    The force and speed of his thrusts increase, yet somehow the sensations begin to fade. The heat of pleasure cools into familiar emptiness. Desperately I try to cling to him, but he’s just a memory.

    I awake to find nothing but an empty space where he used to be. Tears come again.

    He’s gone.

    200 words by @BellaScotia1

  8. Pablo had wanted her from the moment he set eyes on her.

    She was extremely aloof, which only made him want to take her more.

    Somehow he had to coax her, make her want to go with him.

    And eventually she did. At his mercy she was no longer the haughty, superior being she thought she was.

    As he gripped her neck, separated her legs and eased his cock into her soft wetness he chuckled.

    “Not so high and mighty now are you? You want this as much as I do.”

    She raised her ass off the bed so he could penetrate deeper.

    “Shut the fuck up Pablo and just shag me. Hard.”

    So he did and with every thrust a satisfaction settled deep in his heart.

    She may be his new boss but he most definitely had the upper hand right now.

    145 words

  9. The decadent lap of sunlight against her naked skin coaxed her from beautiful, violent dreams.

    She arched, stretching muscles and relishing the ache between her legs. Her scalp tingled where he’d tangled fingers and pulled her taut like a bow string.

    Last night was no dream.

    His thick cock was a weapon, defused only by her lips, her cunt, her ass. He’d left her face down, twitching. The rough stroke of his hand over the small of her back, his only goodbye.

    He was air and darkness. She couldn’t hold him. Throat tight, she squeezed her eyes shut.

    She rolled onto her back and traced the curve of her wet folds, slippery as a memory. Drifted a hand over the pebbled tip of her breast, sharp as a recollection. Her legs fell open, an invitation to his phantom touch, and she rocked hard against the edge of her own need.

    “Love me.” Clenching, grasping, grinding the words out with shame scorching her cheeks, her orgasm ebbed.

    A shadow fell across her body and the bed dipped against a foreign weight. He folded her against him, his flesh a hot brand, sliding deep with one thrust. “Siren, you lured me back.”

    200 words

  10. He’d coaxed her to his room with sweet words and soft touches, encouraging her to trust him. Once he’d gotten her on the bed, he’d lost all pretense to anything other than domination. Now he held her hair in his tight grip, thrusting into her slick heat with a punishing rhythm, his concentration centered on her gasps and moans.

    As her pleasure mounted, the thick, syrupy energy suffused the room, soaking into his skin. The Beast within moaned with satisfaction, lapping up the sustenance of her life source. Regret for his needs faded before the rush of satiation as her pussy clamped down on his cock and she screamed her release. A surge of crisp autumn spice of the woman flowed beneath the hot burst of lustful energy, and sent him over the edge.

    As his own orgasm hit, he stumbled through his ritualistic prayer of thanks. “Dear Goddess, thank you for this life sustaining bounty and may the pleasure continue for all.”

    The woman spasming around his cock whimpered through her aftershocks and he twisted his mouth with sorrow. To allow her to live, he could never have her again. Such was the curse of the incubus.

    198 #WIP500 words

  11. “Were you with him?” He asks, standing in a dark corner of our room.

    I place my coat in a nearby chair, aware of the smell clinging to my clothes. Sex and cigarettes mix in the air of my memories, taking me back to merely hours ago. Just a few miles away where I was on my back being adored by another.

    Flashes of hands holding me down, the ghost of fingers grasping my hair, make me shiver as I inch closer to my sweetest love. Such a contrast to my inescapable addiction. They are like fire and ice, but they co-exist perfectly inside my soul.

    I’ve crossed the room and I’m standing in front of him, coaxing him with light touches to accept the turmoil inside my heart, to replace my fresh memories with ones of his own. His eyes are wary, but eventually he gives in and pushes me against the wall. His kiss is angry but it melts into love. This is why I can’t let him go. Even in anger his tenderness shines through. He will never hold me down, even if I ask him to.

    “Please don’t make me choose.” I beg, breathless.

    He doesn’t.

    200 words

  12. @mrssiobhanmasen (194 words)


    He thinks he needs to coax me, he thinks I need to be talked into this. He doesn’t know that I’ve delved into this world before. I say delved because I wouldn’t allow myself to step all the way in. I couldn’t.

    I didn’t trust Liam enough to submit myself fully and without full submission there’s no point. But with Andrew…he inspires total trust. I more than trust him, I desire him, crave him even. He’s my new addiction.

    The feel of his hands on me, his rough finger tips against my much softer skin.

    How his full cock thickens as I suck on it.

    The deep moan that slips out as I take him into my body.

    How he holds my hair when he fucks me deep and slow from behind.

    I want him, all over me, in me, everywhere at once.

    Can he make that happen? Probably not, but I’d love it if he could.

    I can’t appear too eager because then he’ll hold back.

    I don’t want that.

    I do know that I want him to be mine, always mine, I will submit to him, no need for coaxing.

    I’m his.

  13. Celebrant

    My sunlit god loves me like flowers – heady and sweet – my knees drawn up to deepen his thrusts. He kisses my lips, forehead, eyelids. Tender ministrations to taut nipples, followed by words of blessing. It’s in his eyes, how much he loves me, appreciates my worship, how important my giving him a Name. Without my prayers, he could not be here. Without my devotions, we could not merge, our mutual pleasure a benediction. Together, we make the world brighter, stronger. We fill it with Love.

    My darkmoon god takes me like thunder – overwhelming and loud – my back arched as his fingers tangle in my hair. He rides me without restraint, bruises forming on my hips, ass, legs. Feral bites to my straining neck, followed by harsh incantations. It’s all about the physical, our bodies slick, locked in a battle I know I cannot win, do not wish to. This is my supplication, and he takes it as his due, knowing all the while that he, too, is here at my behest. He gives what I can take, then coaxes me, expanding the world, making it stronger. Fear teaches caution.

    Thus do I keep the balance and in doing protect all.

    200 words (sans title)

  14. Antonio Angelo says:

    There was something in his eyes and a desperation she had almost forgot he had. He wanted this, he wanted her and that was something she hadn’t felt in a long time. She had offered him her ass as a seventh anniversary present. She thought there would be more kisses but he tore her clothes from her as they entered the front door. His powerful arms held her down and she felt his oil covered cock enter the one part of her that had been forbidden. It hurt but it was a good hurt, a healthy hurt her pain was a gift and she felt him like she never had before his cock stretched her and she cried out but she felt his leg shake he had once again found heaven in her body. He gripped her and came almost instantly into her tightness she was grateful, for the pain was significant and as his cock went flaccid she found joy in him still being with in her.
    He lay on top and blood dripped onto her cheek from his nose startling them both. Thank you he said.
    “You’re welcome” as a finger slowly circled her clit, she would cum.

    under 200 words probably

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