Sinful Sunday Week # 27 Results

The results are in! Here’s what judge Quietdrabble had to say:


Thank you Rebecca for hosting #SinfulSunday I enjoyed reading all of the entries and had a hard time deciding, so I decided to leave a quick comment about each entry. Thanks for making my decision truly difficult, and congratulations to you all!



The imagery of the painting and the red wine is lovely in this entry. “Let me paint you.” He says, swirling red liquid in his glass. His eyes burn my skin, awakening long lost desires deep inside me.” Great opening.



I am a sucker for a domineering male and this entry definitely qualifies. “The creamy wood between us recaptured my attention. A flush bloomed in my cheeks as I imagined the consequences of screwing up.” Wonderful imagery.



“In reality, I am hers.” This last line is perfect. Nice job.



“My body cries out to his hands, it begs for him to touch me. It’s the only highlight of my week. I feel like I can breathe again when his hand slides between my legs and into my body.” I can really feel her longing and sadness here. Well done.



This entry is smoking hot. And I absolutely loved this line, “… bile burning bitter at the back of my throat.” Wonderful! I wanted to include this entry in the winner’s circle, but but the word prompt was never used! *sob*



Honorable Mention: @kristine76

“She was his assistant in all things, theirs a secret liaison formed in the heat of mergers and acquisitions.” This line is delicious. Great Job!


Winner: @SassyKathy

I love the twist in this entry, and the use of all the prompts are executed perfectly. “But now he’s just another man who’s gone back to his wife.” Great line. Fantastic!


The winners may now grab their badges! Thanks so much for participating! See you all next Sunday!



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