Sinful Sunday Week 27

Welcome back to Sinful Sunday! I missed you all so much! I hope you had lovely Easter and/or Passover holidays, and if you don’t celebrate, I hope you had nice…Sundays!


Today’s judge is Quietdrabble!

Consumed by words, lost in music, and inspired by art in an attempt to find my relative position amongst the chaos.

Our judge liked two photo prompts, and they’re both so yummy I just couldn’t say no!

If you’re unfamiliar with the usual Sinful Sunday Flash Fiction contest rules, please check them out. You must use both the photo prompts and word prompt in some way. Have fun with it, and synonyms are accepted! The word minimum is 100, maximum 200, and don’t forget to include your word count and twitter handle!

Word Prompt:

Word: liaisonA close bond or relationship ; a bond of union ; an intimacy . 2. A secretive or illicit love-affair.

Photo prompts:


Get those steamy thoughts going! You have until midnight EST to get your flash fiction in!


  1. Kristine says:

    “I need you.”

    She stood, dropped the phone back into its cradle and headed straight for his office, notepad in hand. Just inside the closed door she paused, waiting for instructions. She was his assistant in all things, theirs a secret liaison formed in the heat of mergers and acquisitions.

    “Take off your skirt.”

    She dropped the notepad and slipped off her skirt, revealing lace topped stay-ups and a bare pussy.

    “Lay back on the credenza.”

    She perched on the edge and he guided her back, lifting her leg and opening her to him.

    Without further comment, he thrust his fingers up into her heat. She writhed, his fingers overly familiar with her secret places. She took one hand and released his cock, taking him down her throat as he brought her to climax. He followed soon after, taking the edge off his anxiety.

    Later she lay naked on his couch, spread open with a glass of red perched on her knee. She watched him pace the floor. His focus now solely on his conference call. Soon that would change. He would return to her and bury himself between her thighs to celebrate another success. Together, they were truly unstoppable.

    200 words

  2. “Let me paint you.” He says, swirling red liquid in his glass. His eyes burn my skin, awakening long lost desires deep inside me.

    He walks closer to me, moving with the ease and grace that powerful men like him do. He makes me take both of our glasses in my hand, while he takes my clothes off.

    He lets his fingers linger on every inch of my skin, arousing me further. I shiver in nervous anticipation.

    “Drink,” he orders, taking one glass and placing it in front of my lips.

    Next thing I know, I’m on my back, and he’s behind a piece of paper, transforming my flesh and bones into his art. The red liquid perched on my propped up knee, threatens to spill with every shaky breath I take.

    When he’s finished, he watches me with a devilish smirk. In an instant he’s on top of me, holding the glass over my breasts.

    “Now we play.” He says, pouring the wine over my body and licking me clean.

    He imprints me in all over his sheets.

    179 words.

  3. Gingerandgreen says:

    “Mrs Dux.” He leant forward over solid oak. His eyes, almost lavender-grey, burnt with a cocky, arrogant wickedness.

    “Yes, Sir.”

    “You understand that if I give you this exceptional position, I expect a great deal in return. Attention to detail is paramount; mistakes won’t go unpunished.”

    The creamy wood between us recaptured my attention. A flush bloomed in my cheeks as I imagined the consequences of screwing up. I’d seen ‘Secretary’ a dozen times.

    “I expect unprecedented commitment. My work is stressful, and you must relieve my tension. Am I clear?”

    His voice slowed, deepened. My panties would’ve been soaked. I nodded, breathlessly determined.

    “Good. Let’s test. Stand; take off your skirt.”

    Blood pounded. As I rose, he sat back, caressing the underside of his chin with long, manicured fingers. I slid the zip down; wriggled ‘til I was bare.

    He grinned like a wolf, and rose fluidly from his leather chair. Gestured for me to join him at a low shelving unit.

    “Glad to see you came so well prepared. Lie down.”


    Now, the kinky liaison with Mr Dux’s commanding fingers is a thrilling memory, only hours old. My pussy and I can’t wait for him to get home.

    200 words edited to death by @Gingerandgreen

  4. I see her lying down on my bed. A glass of red wine perched on her knee waiting for the moment I acknowledge her. Waiting for the moment I make her mine.

    I slowly make my way towards her looking straight into her eyes and shedding my clothes on the way.

    By the time I lie next to her perfect body the glass is gone and my hands and lips follow her every curve.

    “Your skin- the smell, the taste.. It’s perfect. You are perfect.” I whisper in between kisses and lingering touches.

    Usually I tell women only the things they want to hear. But this.. This I actually mean. Everything about her consumes me, she holds me in a liaison so strong I can’t find my way out.

    My fingers make their way to her folds where I push them in and feel her writhing underneath the power of my touch.

    I carefully straddle her and push myself repeatedly into her warmth.

    Soon I feel her walls tightening around my hardness and order her to tell me who she belongs to.

    “You! I’m yours..” She breathes as we reach our climaxes.

    But she’s wrong.

    In reality.. I am hers.

    200 words

  5. lellabeth says:

    “Prop your leg up on the desk, that’s it. You want to tease me? Two can play at that game, sweetheart, and you’ll lose.”

    His fingers trace over where I’m wettest, dipping inside before brushing featherlight up towards my hips. I writhe and pant but he just chuckles, the sound raspy as it echoes around the office.

    “I should punish you for this, you know, for making me need you so badly. I’ve been hard all fucking day. I’ve bee-”

    He’s cut off by the shrill ring of his phone, and his fingers leave me completely to dig it from his pocket.

    “Hi, darling! The meeting’s run over, I’ll be late.”

    I turn my head to the side, unable to bear the smile on his face that makes me feel more vulnerable than being spread eagle on his desk ever has. I’ve never had to hear this part – how I’m killing his marriage. I pull my skirt down and grab my bag, bile burning bitter at the back of my throat. He doesn’t stop me, doesn’t even flinch, and as I lay alone in my empty bed that night I can’t help thinking that he’s punished me after all.

    200 words

  6. @mrssiobhanmasen
    199 words

    Our liaison begins the same as our other meetings. We meet at a hotel downtown; arrive separately and leave just the same. No one sees us together. I check in, text him with the room number, he knocks on the door and is admitted without fanfare.

    His suit jacket is immediately removed as he makes his way to the corner to make a drink. It’s a real mating dance between us, it’s a different brand of intoxicant and I live for it. He likes it when I wear black with heels, so I make sure to go out of my way for him. I always aim to please because he always pleases me.

    I perch on the sleek white bar built into the corner of the room. My body cries out to his hands, it begs for him to touch me. It’s the only highlight of my week. I feel like I can breathe again when his hand slides between my legs and into my body.

    After I’m satisfied, he brings me a glass of wine as I lay naked on the chaise.

    “Same time next week, Mrs. Newton?”

    I smile and pass him the money as he leaves.

  7. “What would she say if she saw us now?” she asks, lifting herself onto the table. She spreads her legs and allows him to see she means business.

    He swallows hard at the boldness of her exhibition. “I don’t know,” he answers truthfully.

    “Would she be turned on?” she asks, reclining back, opening herself wider. Her eyes stay on him while his gaze follows the descent of her hand. All he can do is nod.

    “What about you?” she asks. “Are you turned on?”

    “God, yes.” It feels so good to admit the truth.

    “Then come here.” She beckons, and after a momentary pause, he moves to her, reaches out to cover her slick skin with his eager hand. When he penetrates her, they moan in unison, and he wonders why he’s never felt this way before…

    Across town, a woman patiently waits for her lover. After he texts her to tell her it’s over, she quickly finishes the bottle of wine meant for two, and wonders what happened.

    He was the perfect liaison.

    But now he’s just another man who’s gone back to his wife.

    187 words

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