Sinful Sunday Week # 28 Results

The results are in! Here’s what judge SassyKathy had to say:

I’m always so impressed with everyone’s unique interpretations, and this week is no different. Echoing what the previous judges have said, it really is a difficult decision. Congratulations to everyone for having the courage to put your writing out there!


Honorable Mention: @Antonio Angelo

This entry intrigued me, reading like a stream of consciousness. I thought this style of prose went particularly well with its plot. Clever interpretation!


Runner-up: @ElleTwrites

I really liked this, a glimpse into the thoughts of a philanderer’s current conquest. He gives her confidence, gives her hope, only to take it away the next morning. “He had started the fire within me and had extinguished it without a second thought.” Nicely done!
Winner: @lellabeth

Ah, loved this take on a philanderer’s change of heart. What started out as one thing turned into something completely unexpected. “But what I really didn’t expect, what I couldn’t even imagine, was how the wrinkled emptiness of my bed the following morning would match the gaping hollow sitting beneath my breastbone.” Makes me wonder if he’s going to do something about it or continue on with his philandering ways. Great job!

And the virgin award goes to @VioletLyte!

The winners may now grab their badges! Thanks so much for participating! See you all next Sunday!






  1. Hi read week 31 on TWCS just trying to see where I start from week one.

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