Sinful Sunday Week # 29 Results

The results are in! Here’s what judge lellabeth had to say!

It felt wrong to not acknowledge how wonderful (and hot!) some were, because in the end the decision was so close!


Kristine – I love how the woman is at his complete mercy, and there was unbelievable tension given they hadn’t even touched. Kristine helped us understand the girl’s mindset and set the scene perfectly. She lets us imagine all the different distractions: the clothes, the room – and then at his command, all is forgotten. Favourite line: “She presented herself for his pleasure”


Violet Lyte – This was great, and the ending was a complete surprise. There’s so many questions here – how long has he been watching? Do they know he watches? Leaving so much open for debate is what makes this entry so clever. Favourite line: “This was my favorite part, her bent over just waiting to be fucked.”


AnnaLund – For me, this entry completely captured the picture prompt. I love how it focuses more on the internal thoughts as opposed to any outward actions, and the message of self-discovery manages to be prominent, even given the context. I only wish the word prompt had also been used so it could have been eligible as a winning entry! Favourite line: “How can it be that I am tied down, yet I feel completely unrestrained”


Elle T – The affection between the couple was clear to see, and the idea of him giving her power she’s usually the subject of as a gift is brilliant. It makes me want to know more about their situation, about what the anniversary is for – a romantic relationship, or merely a contractual one? Great entry. Favourite line: “I could only surrender to him”


Gingerandgreen – I adore the setting of this one. So outside what I expected to get, and that’s perhaps my favourite thing about it. I love the idea of her waiting for his response mirroring waiting for his touch in her fantasy. Favourite line: “You, Professor. Who else?”


melfin80 – This wonderfully depicted how freeing the woman finds her position, even when tied down. The sense of timelessness just added another dimension to the servitude aspect here, emphasising how completely she gives herself over. Favourite line: “This is what I had needed all week”


Aleea – Lovely. The sense of ownership pleases him as much as it does her, and the idea that he protects her even when she’s so physically exposed speaks for the close relationship they must share. What should be crass, even vulgar, is instead an activity of empowerment and a show of caring. Favourite line: “She’s mine”


SassyK – I love how creative this is. Even though she openly admits she’s completely inexperienced, the way she stills at just the thought of a Master suggests natural submissiveness, and the end line makes me want to see what could happen between her and the photographer later on. Favourite line: “The camera clicked away, his voice gruff as he uttered words of lubricious encouragement”


QuinnLark – The swift reprimands and instructions in this make it clear who’s in charge. His words are short, but they’re not cruel, and the term of endearment at the beginning and the referencing to knowledge of his demand make me think there’s a deeper relationship there. Favourite line: “Good girls are rewarded. Do not move.”


Siobhan Masen – Just like AnnaLund’s entry, there’s a undertone of relief in the words here; a deeper thread of feelings underlining the words. The orders he gives her seem just as much for her pleasure as his, and it’s described perfectly. Favourite line: “I’m free, finally”


So, on to the winners!


Honorable mention – Aleea. A wonderful mix of sexy and sweet, and I love the idea of true ownership – he shows her off, he gives her what she needs, but above all else he possesses her, cares and protects her. 200 words was the limit, but I could read thousands of this story and not be bored.


Runner-up – Siobhan Masen. I’ve gone back and forth over whether the therapist aspect is a role-play or reality, and the fact that I can’t decide makes it even better. The change from her desperation toward her cravings at the beginning, to the complete acceptance at the end is actually quite touching. Beautiful use of the prompt.


Winner – Violet Lyte – I just kept coming back to this entry. The idea of him watching adds another dimension to the story, and the windows makes me think the couple wanted people to watch but even so, it seems so taboo. That he so openly does it and admits to an addiction makes it even more forbidden. I loved it, and I only wish I could have all the questions I now have answered!


The first time players can also snag the Virgin award below. The winners may now grab their badges! Thanks so much for participating, and see you all next Sunday!



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