Sinful Sunday Week # 29

Welcome back to Sinful Sunday! I’m so excited to have Lellabeth for this week’s judge!


Sinful Sunday #flashfiction week 29 judge

 Lellabeth is a lover of words – especially the dirty ones. She lives in the land of tea, scones and The Beatles but her heart resides with the characters of every book she reads. Her days are spent studying psychology and defending the Oxford comma, her nights consumed by the writings of others.

If you’re unfamiliar with the usual Sinful Sunday Flash Fiction contest rules, please check them out. You must use both the photo prompts and word prompt in some way. Have fun with it, and synonyms are accepted! The word minimum is 100, maximum 200, and don’t forget to include your word count and twitter handle!

Word Prompt:

Lubricious: lewd, lecherous; sexually unrestrained.  From the Latin lubricus, meaning slippery.


Photo prompt:

Sinful Sunday #flashfiction week 29 prompt


Get those steamy thoughts going! You have until midnight EST to get your flash fiction in!


  1. Kristine says:

    She didn’t know how much time had passed since she had entered the room. She had no sense of how long he had watched her. But she knew this wasn’t about her. She presented herself for his pleasure.

    Taking a deep breath she sank further into the quiet. She felt the net of her stockings cut into her knees, the soft leather of the couch beneath her hands. She felt the heavy leather of the cuffs that confined her wrists, the cool of the satin that covered her eyes. She felt the soft lace that cupped her breasts and hid her centre. Soft lace that she could feel becoming wet as her arousal flowed, lubricious, between her legs.

    “Beautiful,” he murmured from across the room. “Are you going to come for me just like that?”

    “Yes Sir'” she whispered, giving herself over to the sensations of his eyes on her body and his vibrator humming inside her. She braced herself, locking her elbows and focusing her attention on that place deep inside. It didn’t take long.

    “That’s it,” she heard him mutter, as she broke apart with a shudder and a lewd moan. “Come for me.”

    196 words

  2. Violet Lyte says:

    She looked absolutely stunning in the moonlight that drifted through the ceiling to floor windows. Her skin glowed and the dark lingerie hugged her curves beautifully. As she moved, the restraints pulling taut at her wrists I watched as she visibly shuddered.

    This was my favorite part, her bent over just waiting to be fucked.

    My mouth watered just thinking about her taste: sweet honey and cream that would slide over my tongue, coating my taste buds in sin.

    When he walked up behind her, braided leather in hand, I sighed and momentarily dropped the binoculars from my eyes and palmed my needy erection. Knowing that I wouldn’t be able to stop I brought them back to my face, delving into my lubricious addiction that consumed me.

    Word count: 127

  3. AnnaLund2011 says:

    I’ve never done this before. Never been restrained. Never felt the need to be. Never thought I’d even like it.

    But the truth of the matter is blatant, staring me in the eye. It is right in my face.
    I adore not being in control. I thrive on losing it, and having to shut up, bulk down, and just take it.

    Starting out with underwear of a kind I have never owned before, this is all new, and I love how I see myself. I feel sexy.

    What I never understood was what being restrained would do to my mind. What not having a say could mean to my libido. How it would fit into my tight scheme of things.
    You hold me down with a single look and one raised eyebrow.

    How can it be that I am tied down, yet I feel completely unrestrained?


    Word count: 146

  4. He touched my skin with reverence, sliding his hands up and down my body. He took his time igniting my skin on fire with his touch. I could only surrender to him. I obeyed his every command. It had always been this way. I was his and I loved it.

    I felt owned.



    I was helpless in his arms, craving the way he made me feel.

    “Look at her,” he ordered, gripping the back of my neck. I stared at the black-haired beauty kneeling on the leather couch. She moaned a breathless sound, searching blindly for his voice.

    She looked so enticing, so powerless. I wanted nothing more than to kneel behind her and make her scream. I wanted to feel her tremble under my touch. I squirmed at the thought.

    “Do you want to be in her place or mine?” He asked, yanking my hair back, licking the side of my neck.

    “Yours. Hers. Both.” I begged, unable to decide. I was drunk on desire.

    He chuckled and softened his grip on my hair before turning my head to face him.

    “Luckily for you, she’s your new toy,” he whispered and kissed my lips. “Happy Anniversary.”

    199 words

  5. Gingerandgreen says:

    “You’re a writer; it’s normal to have vivid fantasies, to wrap them in beautiful words and share them. It must be as much of a natural drive for you as it is for me to unravel people, help them grow. Why are you so conflicted about it?”

    He smiles at me from his wingback chair, peering indulgently over reading glasses as though he’s asked me the most reasonable question.

    “Because they’re so lewd!” I burst out, before I can control my tongue.

    “Are you ashamed?”


    “Share one with me. Your most lubricious fantasy. You’re quite safe – I won’t judge. Trust me?”

    Goddamned soft, velvety, unravelling voice; I’ll do anything for it, and he knows. It’s an abuse of power.

    Alright. “ I’m blindfolded, almost naked but not quite. Scraps of lace cling to vulnerable places, revealing more than they cover. I kneel on all fours. My hands are chained. I wait for a touch, and strain to hear how it will be delivered. A soft caress, a hard smack, a tingling push or pull, a whip crack – I’m open to anything, everything. It’s the waiting that’s so erotic.”

    “And who are you waiting for?”

    “You, Professor. Who else?”

    200 words by @Gingerandgreen

  6. melfin80 says:

    It felt as if I had been waiting for hours. In reality it was only a few minutes, but the anticipation and arousal I felt waiting, restrained, blindfolded made the time seem to stop.
    I could hear him moving behind me, preparing for our scene. My ears strained to recognize the sounds of what he was laying out. I smelled the sulfur from a match strike; my skin immediately pebbled in hopes of feeling the delicious burn of wax. My heart pounded as lubricious thoughts ran wild in my head.
    Finally, his footsteps moved closer to me. I heard the echo of tails falling against his skin only seconds before they lashed across the backs of my thighs. My mind began to clear as the pain began its steady consumption of my body. This was what I had needed all week. To turn off my brain, release it all & give everything over to him.

    Word count: 156

  7. “Your girl’s lovely.”

    Garrett selects a stack of chips, tossing them on the pile. “Raise,” he challenges, ignoring the compliment. He’s hyper aware of his submissive behind him, pleased with her perfect obedience, though he doesn’t show it. Tonight she’s an object, his fuck toy on display. Besides, ‘lovely’ doesn’t do her justice.

    He hears the jangle of the handcuffs and her stockinged knees against the leather couch, shifting minutely. The other players lose focus, lubricious gazes flashing from their game to her. Garrett nearly smirks as their hands likewise shift, discretely adjusting erections.

    The man across from him, the giver of praise, taps his cards. “Would you consider her a side bet?”

    It’s a ridiculous question. Garrett doesn’t share. He humors the man by not putting his fist through his face, flashing him a warning glance. “She’s mine,” he states firmly. In reaction she breaks for the first time tonight, emitting a quiet whimper of pleasure at his claim.

    Garrett folds a killer hand, rising and turning.

    She’s pleased him immensely. He’s going to reward her well tonight.

    He glides his hand over her hair, freeing the blindfold so she can appreciate her audience.

    “Time to go home, pet.”

    200 words

  8. “Don’t move. Stay just as you are.”

    “Sorry. I have to admit, I’m a little freaked out. I’ve never done anything like this before.” I giggled nervously.

    I’d taken this erotic calendar gig at the suggestion of a friend. She said it was quick, easy money, and since my textbooks weren’t going to pay for themselves, I’d applied. What she failed to mention was how gorgeous the photographer was.

    “It’s fine, I understand. I only need a few shots, but you have to keep still, okay?”

    “Yes. Okay.”

    The camera clicked twice before I heard him sigh.

    “You’re fidgeting again.”

    “I’m so sorry. I’m trying, really I am, but I feel ridiculous.”

    “Do you want to take a break?”

    “No. Give me a minute, I’ll work through this.”

    He stayed silent while I composed myself. Even though I had zero experience with bondage, I pictured myself waiting for a faceless Master, remaining motionless as per his bidding.

    “Mmm, yes, that’s it. Perfect.”

    The camera clicked away, his voice gruff as he uttered words of lubricious encouragement.

    “By the way, you don’t look ridiculous. At all.”

    And with those words, the Master in my fantasy now had a face.


    198 words

  9. “You’re so wet, darling.” My fingertips pressed against her lubricious flesh, and I watched as they easily slipped into her body. Her throaty moan echoed in the empty office, resounding off the glass walls before being swallowed up by the leather sofa and the thick curtains.

    God, she knew how much I loved her crotchless panties and the black fish-nets; I would certainly have to recompense her for this. “You’d better hold tight to the arm of the sofa,” I threatened, promising both pain and pleasure. Jolting, her body reacted to my voice. She attempted to press her thighs together to gain some friction, but quickly ceased at my command. “Spread your legs apart. Now.”

    When her legs were widened to the distance she knew that I demanded, I gently tied the blindfold over her eyes. The metal links of the handcuffs clinked loudly. “Now, now,” I reprimanded. “Good girls are rewarded. Do not move.”

    Finally, I pressed into her heated center and fucked her beautiful body. I couldn’t wait any longer; I needed to feel her pussy milking my length. “Come now,” I ordered, bringing my hand down hard on her ass and exploding within her.

    198 words

  10. “Why, can you tell me that?” I beg.

    “No, I can’t. Doctor’s have done studies, people like what they like.” He takes his glasses off and drops them onto the large yellow pad he documents my issues on.

    “So…what do I do?” He smiles, it’s not the small of a man pleased with my question, it’s the smile of man who’s please with the answer.

    “Follow me.”

    We get into his car. No questions asked, no words spoken.

    He unlocks the door and we step into his apartment, it smells exactly like him.

    “Strip.” He speaks with clarity and authority once the door is closed and locked behind us. I obey without question. “Leave the shoes, stockings and the underwear.”
    When I’m down to the outfit he’s asked for, he blindfolds me and straps on two leather wrist cuffs.

    I want to protest, simply because my brain thinks it should, it screams how wrong this is.

    But my body tells me how right this feels. I’m wet between my legs and I feel the blood pounding through my veins. I’m alive and happy. I’ve never felt sexier.

    “Now, crawl to me and suck my cock.”

    “Yes, Sir.”

    I’m free, finally.

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